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16 yr old girlfriend

Hi all iss fans just goin 2 rite d first story on iss hope u njoy it mail me your comments on love_india1989zapak.com. Here goes d story this happened to me wen i was in class 11 i had a beautiful girlfriend i loved her very much one day usally on a date at lonely place in a garden v ver jus chattin nd holdin hands b4tht also manier times v sat in tht positon but nthing furthur u kno 16 yr old girls nd guys bt tht day v both were takin nd suddenly i luked into her eyes nd i don no wat happened v both came closer nd closer nd our lips touched nd then only ting i remember is tht v both stood up nd my eyes wer closed our kiss was on nd on nd on i gently put my hand onto her back inside frm her tshirt god man i felt d smoothest thn in d world i felt so gud v kissed for 20-25 min nd all tht time my hand was experiencing her back i felt d strap of her bra man her boobs wer touchin my chest though i was completly lost in d kiss i (realised later in night tht day) ten v brok off d kiss nd loked in eachothers eyes v wer feelingud nd ten we left d garden nd i left her on my bike to her place tht night i codnt sleep i was thinking of her juicy lips ten for few days nothin much v met jus chatted on phon it happened then after 15 days she called me up nd usally while chattin she said she was alone at her place i enquired bout her parents nd his small bro she said tey hav bn 2 out station 4 his aunt is ill nd will back after 2 days nd she is slon 4 two days
ten she said she wants me to c her new dress i said ok ten i reached her place nd v sat on her sofa chattin i held her close to me nd suddenly my hands went to her face i jus rolled my fingers over her face she was njoing it i started from her head rolled to her nose nd ten intensionally i guided m finger to her cheecks ten i went to cheecks directly rolling furthur 2 her neck nd to her breast she was desperate i could c her on face her eyes closed nd a demanding positon ten i rolled my finger on her lips she holded my finger wid her lips. i removed mah finger from thr nd started kissing her all over her face nd neck i was tasting her neck nd by tis time she breathed heavily nd i new today was THE D-DAY kissing continued till half an hr i tink ten i pick her in my hands nd went to her room i made her lie on her bed nd was on her body nd having d taste of her body ten i slid mah 1 hand on her soft breast bt it was nt soft until i slid mah hand under her bras she was monaing heavily hmmmmmmm hmmmm i 2 was enjoing ten i removed mah clothes nd hers 2 i was in mah undergarments nd she was in bra nd panty i guided mah face 2 her breast nd started liking her she liked it nd i felt in heaven it went on for sm time bt i realised tht my thin was 2 hard nd was throbing nd touching her pussy she was desperate too was i ten i removed her bra nd panties and gave a kiss on her lips nd with 1 hand i removed my undergarment nd i kept my tool on her pussy nd i pushed it gently she moaned nd grapsed mah hair in passion nd i hd entered in her fully i no it was hurtin her she was shouting in my mouth nd i was moving my hips portion in nd out nd after few minutes she started 2 moan nd after a few jerks i loaded her with mah pussy nd v both gt relaxed i laid on her 4 few minutes ten v had a second round of it again ten after second round v ver exaust nd v felt asleep wid same pos. i had already informed at my place tht i am at my frnds place for a overnight stay wen in morning v voke up nd v kissed nd i went to our place after that v had sex 3 more times after our 11 exams at my place ill narrate u later. i hoped u all enjoyed v r now gd frnds as she is doing barch in diffrnt city nd i m studing pilot in different city!!!!!.

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