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20 minutes of rain and miracle

Hi to all. I am Rahul. She was Shruti. She took me to the world of ecstasy and excitement…. Through sex. Now I am familiar with every inch of her 38-26-40 smooth silky juicy body that merged with mine. I lived with my parents in Chennai. We had a two storey house, with the ground floor given for rent. Shruti, her parents and her younger brother stayed there for nearly two years before Shruti got married. That was again two years back. So now Shruti is third year into her marriage. She was beautiful and a figure so astonishing that I wonder how I had missed her for two years when she lived just so close to me. I used to speak to her on films music, cricket and all. I called her Shri while she named me Alu. Now I am familiar with her juice filled thin lips, firm round tits, beautifully curved back, full round arms, shaved and unshaved lovely hole. Recently she was to return to her parents from her husband’s house. It was around 5.00 in the evening. I was busy to go out to my friend’s house. I had told him that I would take food in their house and sleep there only as my parents were going to near by village for five days. We had thought of having some great fun with XXX movies. After my parents left home I was just locking the room as our phone rang. I thought it may be my friend and cursed him. Why cant he call my mobile?

I took the phone with angrily. It was Shri’s father. He asked for my father. I told him he went to native, and then he asked if I was free. I hesitantly told yes fearing he would tell my father I didn’t help him. I asked what the matter is. He told Shri is coming by 5.30 from her husband’s house and as he is having light fever he wouldn’t be able to go. So he asked me to pick her up and drop her to their house which was nearly 2 kms away from our house. I agreed without willing to do so. I was at bus stop by 5.20 waiting for the bus to come. It was getting cloudy. At around 5.35 bus came and Shri was wearing a navy blue chudidar with white veil. She was surprised to see me to pick her up. Her father informed her that my father would go and pick her up. When we started from there it was almost too cloudy and would rain any time. I asked her to hurry and tied her bag to rear stand of the bike. Shri sat behind me clutching my shoulders. When we were almost near our house it started raining heavily and I couldn’t drive. So I told her I would drop her after rain stops. As we ran to our first floor house we were wet. Standing in the small place available for opening the door I bent to open the key. Shri also moved there just behind me with my butts touching her crotch. As I bent forward power got cut off and in the darkness I was unable to open the key easily. I noticed Shri rubbing her crotch against my buts.

I thought it may be just my feeling and kept quite. Once inside I removed my t shirt and went inside to dry my hair with towel. When I came out I noticed Shri drying herself with veil. I told sorry and went into get another towel. I gave her a towel and she smiled at me. Taking the towel she touched my fingers and her looks had lot of meaning. As I stood there Shri slipped her veil down and started drying her face and neck with towel. She sexily looked at me and started slipping the towel towards her breasts. Then only I noticed her big boobs. As she rubbed then gently they started bulging. Under the wet chudidar they looked like big mangoes inviting me to bite them. I started staring at them. I don’t know when Shri moved close to me and don’t know who started kissing first. In minutes we were in each others arms. I started massaging her breasts as hot air exchanged from our nostrils as we kissed deeply. I slipped one of my hands in to her chudidar, rubbing her soft firm boobs while my tongue explored her mouth touching all interiors. Shri lead one of hand of mine to her back locating her chudidar’s zip. I slowly unzipped it down and started rubbing her curvy back and her butts. I removed her top and Shri started removing my t-shirt. Then we were in nearest sofa completely naked. As I sucked her boobs she rubbed my hard cock. She asked me to suck her boobs harder and bite her red, juicy nipples.

After some foreplay Shri took my hard cock and into her pussy and asked me to force it inside. As it was first for me I couldn’t. Shri asked me “is it for first time? I told yes and Shri kissed me hard on my lips and said thank you. Then she guided me through the course. Lifting her butts and waist as I banged her naked pussy again and again. My cock was completely inside her pussy. I felt as if current is flowing through all my body each time I moved into her. She was moaning. After 10 minutes I felt something suddenly flowing out from me, my body convulsing and eyes couldn’t see anything. I heard Shri cry out louder and hug my hard and kissed me again and again. She had an orgasm too. As we finished MY first experience Shri kissed me and asked me if I love to have more. I smiled and winked at her. She told she would be here next day by noon. And then I dropped her back to her house. All through the dark road to her house Shri hugged me from behind pressing the beautiful boobs to me and in between kissing my earlobes. My cock never slept that day. All thru night I masturbated again and again thinking of my Shri. I was eagerly waiting for next sex class. When Shri arrived it was 1pm. She told me she always wanted to have me. She saw me exercising in the terrace and once she had seen me with huge bulge in the underwear. From than day onwards she wanted to feel the bulge in the pussy. But opportunity had knocked her door after her marriage. She didn’t want to miss the golden chance. Telling all this Shri kissed my lips while allowing me to play with her boobs.

Then I took off her blouse and bra. Sucking her boobs I pushed my hand through her midriff to feel her pussy. To my surprise Shri had shave her pussy. It was beautiful brown pussy, now filled with juice. Shri told me she shaved it for me only. I kissed her. Then Shri told me she likes to shave me too. I agreed and allowed Shri shave my pubic hairs. After that Shri asked me to lick her pussy. I ate her fully she was screaming. We had sex three times in different angles all taught by Shri. For all days my parents were out we had a session together. Since we were close from beginning nobody suspected her and that was helpful. Even now whenever we get a small opportunity we kiss each other and I molest her. For so many days I haven’t got opportunity to fuck her. Shri is my sex guru. Though we had sex lot of times after my first one I can’t forget the first experience. Please send your comments to crazzy_forr_u.

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