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21 yr old Renu in Mangalore(hoooot)

I am sumanth from Belgaum. This is my first story on net,, I need ur responses,,this iwas my 5th encounter,,any girl or lady who need me for anykind of sex can contact m by all means,,sumanthmathh is my mail id, ,anywhere anytime k,, everything will b kept secretly.. will b waiting for ur reply,,

This is incidence which I am writing had happened to me around 3 months back. Due to some official work, I was required to go to Mangalore for around 15 days. My father told me that he has had work with his friend who he is in Mangalore and I can stay there. Initially I asked my father that I will stay in Hotel.

But my father was not ready to allow me to stay in Hotel. I start my journey next morning and reached Mangalore at around 11.30am. I reached the given address and push the door bell. The door was open by a lady around 45 I said Hello to her and had given my details. She welcomed me and asked me to sit in sofa. It was nicely decorated.

After five minutes, my uncle came and we had shake hand. He introduced me with his family; sarla aunty, his son (Rohit studying in Class 12th) and his daughter (Renu) who was around 21. Renu was gorgeous. She was wearing black tight skirt and cream top which was very tight to her body. Her nice boobs and body curves were nicely visible.

I was stunned for a while seeing the white clean legs and her beauty. Then my uncle took me and showed me the house. It was a three bedroom flat, one room was occupied by my uncle & aunt and another two rooms were for two brother & sister. My uncle asked Renu to stay with Rohit for next 15 days and asked me to use that Room. I found Renu little disappointed.
Uncle asked me to get fresh and then we can have lunch. I place my bag on table and sat on bed. I plan to first take bath and then start working on my schedule. I removed my shirt and pant and I was in my underwear. When I was trying to open my bag to get the towel and my cloth suddenly the door open and there was Renu, seeing her I got shocked and stand motionless.
Her eyes were open and she was caressing my body with her eyes. I said sorry to her and immediately put towel covering my body. She told that she has just come to collect her books and other stuff as now she has to live in other room. She starts collecting her books and I was caressing her hips and legs from back. She turned and noticed that I am caressing her body.
I said sorry that due to me you have to live in different room, she smiled and told its ok, but I observed she is continuously caressing my body. There was something in her eyes & mysterious smile which was attracting me towards her. While seeing her beauty, there was something going on under the towel and she noticed the movements going on under the towel and smiled.
I was in mood to grab her in my arms and hugged her but I was afraid to do so. She left and I sat down on bed. I start searching in caboard about her cloths. On search I found her panty and bra lying in cupboard. I kissed her panty and bra and closed the door. I start masturbate dreaming about Renu and loaded my cum on her bra & panty and went to washroom to take bath.
After taking bath I wore kurta pajama and come to drawing room. We had our lunch and my uncle told me that he and aunty are going to Jammu for three days to attend a wedding for Aunty Brother. Both Rohit and Renu are not going due to Rohit board exams. They were having their train in the evening at 4.00pm.

We all went to drop them at station and came back home at 4.00PM. We all went to our rooms. When I lying on my bed, I suddenly recalled about the bra & panty of Renu and found that they are not in bed. I was afraid that whoever have taken the bra & panty must felt my cum on that. In evening I went drawing room. Both Renu & Rohit were watching TV.

I was not able to see in Renu eyes but somehow I said hello to both of them. Renu gave me a smile and asked me whether I would like to have tea/coffee. I said a coffee will be fine. She stood up and while going towards kitchen her body touched my body and there was big shivering. I sat on sofa near to Rohit and we start chatting.

Renu came after 15 minutes and we had our coffee. In evening, I went out with Rohit but Renu refused to go out and told that she will cook the food. We had our dinner at around 9.00PM and both Rohit and Renu went to their room. Since Uncle & Aunt was not there, Renu went to their room. I was watching TV. At around 10.00pm,I switched off the TV & lights and went to my room. Rohit room was in dark, but still the light in Renu room was on. I went to my room and open my Laptop to work on the presentation. It was around 11.00, when I was busy in Presentation, I heard some noise. I come outside and found that the noise was from Renu room. I slightly push the door and it was open.

I saw inside and found nobody on bed. When I went inside I found Renu was standing opposite to dressing table. Her gown was up and her hips and long white legs were clearly visible, I was stunned to see the white back and round hips. Renu was finger fucking her and her eyes were closed. Her body was shaking and she was enjoying the moment.

Suddenly she opens her eyes and saw me standing behind her in the mirror. She shouted on me how dare you are in my room. I told that I heard some noise in your room and have come to check whether there is some problem. She moved towards me and I was able to see her naked belly, thighs and the golden treasure. She was still having her gown in her hand.

She noticed all this and come close to me. She told that she understand all about my feelings and have noticed cum on her bra & panty in the morning. I was speechless but I know that I will get this girl as I found her bold and her sex desires. She again told me to move out and not to disclose all this anyone.

Next morning I woke up and after taking breakfast went to out. While I was on the way, all time Renu’s white body was moving around me. It was around 1.00 pm, since I was not having any work to do, I plan to go back to home and take some rest. When I reached home, I found Renu was sitting in Drawing Room. I asked about Rohit, she told that he has gone to his friend house for his study and will come by evening.

She asked me for lunch but I refused and went to my room. I removed my clothes and I was in my short nicker. I plan to take some rest and was trying to sleep but Renu was all there in my eyes. There was knock on my door, I open the door and there was Renu. She told that can I sit in your room as I am feeling bore. I welcome her and she sit on chair lying near to bed.
She was wearing white shirt and blue jeans with open hair, she was looking beautiful. I told Renu don’t mind but you are looking very beautiful. She smiled and asked me do I really found her beautiful or I am just doing leg pulling. I told her that she is really very beautiful and any boy will be ready to take her hand.

There was big lust in Renu’s ey
es and she asked whether I found her sexy. I told that while I saw her first, I got crazy about her and have masturbated thinking about her. During discussion Renu asked me that had I ever seen a woman’s body naked. I said no. She smiled and told that I am telling lie and yesterday night I have seen her nude.

I got shocked and thought that I might be able to grab this girl today. I respond her that I have not seen you nude as there was gown on your body and I was able to see only few parts of your body. While saying all this there was shivering in my voice. I got some courage and told her that it would be a pleasure if I could see her nude.

Listening this she don’t react at all went outside. I thought I lost the opportunity. After five minutes, Renu came to my room and told Naveen I think it would be nice if you will make me nude. I was like in seven skies; I came forward and took her in my arm and kissed on her cheek, neck and earlobes. It was nice feeling which can’t be described here in words.
Renu pushed me and told I had asked you to make me nude not to kiss me. There were not words spoken for next 5 minutes and we both were seeing in each other eyes and our hands were caressing each other body parts. I start removing her shirt by opening her buttons one by one. Here my dream girl was in her white bra.

I placed my lips on her boobs over her bra and her fingers were moving in my hair. I removed her bra and took both the boobs in each hand and started to massage it. One by one I took each of her nipples in my mouth and started to roll my tongue over it. She started to moan with joy, caught my head from behind in order to press it into her chest.

I sucked here boobs till they became red. Then I start kissing her neck, earlobes and then we had big smooch for around 10 minutes. Our tongues were playing in each other mouth and hands were busy in pressing and caressing each other body. I came down and start kissing her belly button. It was nice deep belly. I put my tongue in her belly and start sucking it.
She was moaning and her nails were scratching my back on her joy. I start removing her jeans and she helped me to remove her jeans. Now Renu was in her Red flower panty. I kissed on her panty and start kissing her thighs. I asked her to lay on bed and then I start kissing her body from head to toe.
I came to her foot and sucked her foot fingers and she was shivering on bed like a fish outside the water. She told that she want to see my body. I removed my T-shirt and niker and now I was in my boxer only. I was kissing her legs which were very beautiful, after kissing and sucking her body I came to her pussy, I removed her panty and placed my hand over her cunt.
Parting the cunt lips, I inserted one finger into your pussy, which was already wet. Your juice had started to flow uncontrollably over my fingers. Renu was enjoying the moment and her hand was touching my dick on my boxer. Renu pushed me back removed my underwear and now we both were totally nude. She took my cock in her hand and start rubbing it with her soft fingers.
I was pressing her boobs and kissing her lips. Without wasting any time she went down to take my prick into her mouth. Oh my God, she was good cock sucker as She was rolling her tongue over the head of the cock and then taking the whole of my dick into her mouth. She then proceeded to lick my balls.

Now it was my turn to show what I have with me to satisfy a horny girl. I now placed my head between her thighs, opened her cunt lips with my fingers and ran my tongue up and down in her clit. I pocked my tongue deeper into her hole and sucked hard to taste the love juice. The smell of her pussy was driving me crazy.

With one finger, I was rubbing her magic button, slowly rotating my finger over it. She lifted her bums to force her Pussy onto my face. We placed our self so that we could be in 69 positions with my cock into her mouth and my face digging between her thighs. We enjoyed the 69 position for around 15 minutes and then we both came.

Renu was moaning, Naveen now don’t waste time and go for final blow. I need you badly and she start rubbing and kissing my cock to make it erect again. Like a bullet my cock stands and I placed my cock head over her cunt, I moved my cock up and down in order to excite her further.
I slowly pushed my dick into her cunt hole on reaching the limit of the depth, I withdrew my dick outside and then with one motion penetrated deep again into your nest. This action had given her some pleasure as she raised her waist to meet my next thrust. I asked Renu have you had sex with someone else in past.

She said no but she used other instrument in her pussy to satisfy her sex desires. I was happy to know that my cock is first who is entering the sweet juice tunnel. Now the speed of my thrust were gradual, with both of us clinching to each other body and with our free hands pressing, pinching and massaging whatever we could lay our hands on.

As I fucked her harder and harder, my cock flying in and out of her pussy with lightening speed, bringing me closer and closer to my own climax. Renu rotated her ass stylishly and sexily which made me hornier and I started to bang her more vigorously. Both of us were slowly attaining the climax.
She discharged first and as I was about to cum she pushed me from back and I poured my semen into her hot and sore pussy with a moan. That was the enjoyable day of my sex with Renu. It was around 4.00PM and Rohit was about to come. Renu went to washroom and I followed her.
I kissed her, hugged her in washroom and then I got dressed and went to drawing room. I enjoyed Renu in next two days 3-4 times but not got opportunity after the arrival of my aunt & uncle.. But still we are in contact over mail and shared all between us.

any girl/lady need still more satisfaction then contact me,,

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