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Hi to all the readers. After going though many stories of sexual experiences I am writing to you my true life incident. I am Ritesh (name changed), am presently 27 yrs old and a business man in Kolkata. This incident took place around 13 years back. At that time I was just 14 and had no previous sexual experiences. I enjoyed looking at women and was especially attracted towards their big breast. I am the only son of my parents. They both are into business and used to travel a lot when I was small. During those times I used to stay with my mama (my mother’s brother) and his wife (mami). I was very close to my mami as she used to pamper me a lot since she had no kids. Since my mama was very rich, they had a very big house with several servants and all possible facilities. Whenever I went to stay with my mami, she used to get me new dresses and even dress me up many times. During those times she used to apply powder to me and even did on my penis. Sometimes I even remember her changing her clothes in front of me. I used to like seeing her big boobs and very well shaped body. She looked stunning as she used to work out at the gym every day. Once when I was 11 yrs old, she was giving me a bath and got wet in the process. To this she even stripped and joined me in the shower. I was totally taken aback at this. She was looking stunning and her big pink breasts were very attractive and seeing this I got an erection and felt very good in my dick. Seeing my erection my mami started laughing started soaping me and she even soaped my dick a lot. I was feeling out of the world when she did this. After that I told my mami that I want to soap her. She willingly gave me some soap and told me to soap her back. I was thrilled to this and did so. During this process my dick was erected and was touching her different body parts. I even soaped her lower back and when I proceeded towards her big rounded ass. She stopped me and took the soap from me. I told my mami that I was feeling very weird in my dick. To this she laughed and said that I had got excited seeing her naked. Then she asked me “did you like seeing me naked?” To this I just nodded my head and smiled. She told me that she could shower with me daily and told me not to tell this to anyone. She then dressed me and told me to go and play in the garden. I was very overjoyed and was happy for the rest of the day. Next day again in the afternoon, I went to the shower and my mami joined me again. This became a regular feature. But I was just allowed to soap her back. Sometimes I used to touch her boobs and ass and pussy on purpose, to this she never objected but never let me enjoy it fully. I used to everyday wait for the shower time. One day while soaping my dick, my mami started rubbing it more than usual and I said to her, “I feel like peeing very badly” to this she just smiled and increased her pace. A few seconds later I cummed for the first time in my life and that too in my mami’s hands. She gave a big smile and told me “hope you enjoyed this baby” I was thrilled and told her that I loved it and want it again. To this she told me to wait till next day and again told me not to tell anyone about out afternoon shower. The next afternoon I was eagerly waiting for my shower with mami. When we started I asked me “mami, what happened to me yesterday in the shower ?” To this she just laughed a little and said “ you have started becoming a man” and saying this she stripped both of us and got in the shower. She than got to her knees and started soaping my dick. It was stiffer and more erect than ever before. She said “ your dick is becoming bigger everyday, it is good” and within a minute she made me cum again. I was getting too much pleasure and asked her “ mami, please can I soap your ass today.” She didn’t say anything and just moved her ass towards me. I grabbed her ass and started feeling it and soaped it for 10 minutes. During this time I even put my finger in her ass hole once and I kept hearing low moans from her. But I was not allowed to touch her pussy. She strictly kept me away from her boobs and pussy.

I had started enjoy my stay with mami and sometimes when no one else was around I used to pinch her on her ass and rub my dick over my clothes in front of her. Soon my parents came back and I was back in my house. To my dismay my parents and I had to shift to Delhi as they had developed some new business there. I left for Delhi with the memories of my mami with me. A few years had passed and I had not met my mami. I was now 14 and a lot more mature and used to masturbate a lot thinking about the glorious showers I had with my mami and I wanted to get back into the shower with her and rub my dick on her ass. My summer break had come and to my luck I was going to Kolkata for 6 weeks. I was thrilled when I heard this. When I got to Kolkata, my mami gave me big warm hug and a soft pleasing smile. As my mom was also staying with us I knew that shower sessions were not possible and even my mami never uttered anything about this to me since I had come back. A week later my mom and mami called me and introduced me to Sheela, she was my new caretaker and would be taking care of my stay for the next 5 weeks. My mom left the next day for Delhi. Now I was there with my mami and mama and Sheela. My mama was hardly home because of work, but whenever he was home, he used to play a lot of games with me and talked to me too. The next day in the afternoon, I went to mami and saw her watching TV in her room. I asked her “mami, can I go for a shower.” She looked at me and said “yaa… go for the shower, I have switched the hot water on also.” I said “ mami, wont you make me have a shower like old times..?” To this she got up and locked the room door and came and sat beside me and said “ look beta, few years back you were small and I just did those shower sessions to please you and enjoy myself a lil too, but now you are a grown up boy, I will just shower with you once today, don’t ask for it again.” I felt a little sad but was happy to see her naked once again. Now mami was even better that before, at 42 yrs she was stunning for her age. She stripped down to her panties and got in the shower with me. I asked her what about the panties, she just said, “they will come off when required.” Her boobs looked bigger and better than before. My dick had grown a few inches in size too and was 6”. Big enough for a 14 yr. My mami was pleased to see my full erection and started soaping me once again. While doing that I said “ it will take some extra time for you to make me cum now. I have been doing it myself in Delhi.” She smiled and said “ feel my breasts, you always wanted to fell them naaaa…” I jumped on them like a wild beast. As I was about to suck it, she stopped me and said “you can just feel them gently” I kept sqeezing her breasts for a long time and then she again soaped me and this time I cummed within seconds. I then said now I want to soap you too. She stripped her panties and I was surprised to see that she had shaven her pussy area. I said “ mami you are looking great with a shaven pussy” and I grabbed her ass and gave it a pinch and was soaping it and I even rubbed her pussy a lil. To this she did not object for the first time. She was moaning a lil all the while and I was soaping her and enjoying feeling her boobs with one hand. Soon our shower session ended and she dressed me quickly and gave me a small peck on my lips and said “ that was all ritesh, from now on you have to shower alone.”
I was a little sad and said “ please mami, I enjoy having a shower with you a lot and I always follow what you say” She didn’t say anything and wend out of the room. The next day Sheela came to me in the morning and told me “ritesh babu, I have make you have a shower, your mami has instructed me everything.” She said this with a cruel smile. I was totally astonished. Let me describe you how Sheela looked, she was around 38 yrs old, weatish complexion and was fit. She didn’t have any extra fat anywhere and had good ass and nice breasts. We both got in the shower, I was naked and had a hard on. She was in her saree and didn’t do any move to strip or soap me. To this I said “ didn’t mami instruct you properly about the shower session” she started giggling and told me that she like my dick a lot and was instructed everything. She then removed me clothing and was just in her bra and panties and started stroking my penis. I said. “ please Sheela, can I have a look at your boobs, they look very inviting and big.” She flung her bra in the air and said “ my breasts are for you, they are 38D.” I was totally astonished to see her size and started pressing them. She then told me… you can suck them also. I was not believeing my luck. I ate her breasts like a wild bear and even put my finger in her panties and felt her ass and pussy. After a few minutes she stopped me and said that it is soaping time. I was thrilled. To my surprise she soaped my whole body but my penis. She then got down and started shaking my dick, I then asked her “ why have you not soaped my dick. Don’t you like it” she didn’t say anything again and just took my dick in her mount and started sucking it like a lollypop. She was just too good and in just a few seconds I off loaded a huge load of cum. She made me cum on her breast and then told me to soap her whole body. It was my luck day. I did it and then finished the shower after some time. My mami asked me later “ did Sheela give you a good shower” I said, “ yes mami, and her breast were better that yours cause she allowed me to suck them and she even sucked my dick to make me cum,” Mami was happy that I was getting sexually satisfied and she just kissed me on my lip a little and said “good, I want you to become a man before you go back to delhi.” The next 2 days were amazing, my shower sessions were better and longer. Sheela made me cum twice each time and even let me eat her boobs as much as I wanted. I told Sheela to shave her pussy as it would look better that way. She told me “why don’t you do it tomorrow, you can do it the way you want to, afterall it will all be yours.” That night my mama was going to got out for work for a week. Since mami was sleeping alone, she told me to join her, I was more than happy and was sure that I am going to enjoy the night also as I did my shower sessions. After dinner I wanted to cum badly, so I went to Sheela and told her to make me cum. But she said that she will do it in the morning only. It was sleeping time and I was in my shorts and t shirt watching some movie, when my mami entered in her night gown. She was look too good. I commented her “you look very sexy in the night gown, but I like you better in the shower.” To this she replied “you are becoming very naught, come one, show me your dick, let me see how well Sheela is following her instructions.” Mami came and pulled down my shorts and then started feeling my dick. My dick was up in the sky in a few seconds and I said “mami, I want to cum badly, please can you make me do so tonight.” Mami thought something for a few seconds and said “ok, I will even suck you tonight and you have to tell who sucks better, Sheela or me.” I knew I was being luck, so I went for a little more by saying “Sheela will be better as she also lets me suck and eat her big breasts, you wont let me do that, will you?” Mami instantly stripped naked and pulled my head towards her boobs and said “suck them as much as you want you little son of a bitch.” I ate her big boobs like there was no tomorrow. She was liking it and put her head back and let out low moans and with one hand held my dick. I slowly put my hand on her pussy and started fingering it. To this she stopped and said “I told you not to touch me there, if you do that again then I am not making you cum tonight.” To this I replied “come on mami, how can you deprive me of such a lovely pussy, I am dying to get my hands on the best pussy I have ever seen, please let me finger it… please”. She said “ you cant finger me, you have to eat my pussy.” I was just too happy. I quickly got down between her milky thighs and started working with my tongue on her clit and pussy. Mami was moaning and letting out loud noises, I didn’t waste any time and started to lick and eat her pussy like a maniac. A minute later her body stiffned and she wriggled and shivered for a few seconds, I didn’t know what was happening to her, I just stopped. She just grabbed my head and pushed it back in her pussy saying “don’t stop sucking you mother fucker.” 10 minutes later we both were lying there naked on her bed when she said, “ let me relief you now.” I said “ mami can I fuck you tonight” She got very angry and said “ I am not your whore, don’t cross you limits, just wear you clothes and get out and sleep in the other room.” I was astonished and didn’t want her to be angry, I instantly said “ sorry mami, I just could not control, I wont ever ask for it again.” She said “its ok, now come to you mami and get your first boob job” I mounted on her and put my dick between her huge mounts and she told me to move to and for. I started doing this and after a few minutes she got up and started eating my dick. Man, was she good, I told her “mami you are much better that sheela, please teach her to suck like this also.” To this mami said “ I am sucking a dick after many years, your mama doset like to get a blowjob, I used to suck a lot of dicks in college, I was known as the job queen, I love your dick, it is so fresh and good to taste, I will now suck it everyday for you my sweetheart.” I was about to cum. She felt that and quickly engulfed my whole dick in her mouth and swallowed my whole load. She then said, now let us sleep, enough for tonight. We both got into the bed and slept naked. Next morning mami woke me early morning and told me to get dressed as other servants will be coming to clean the room. I wore my clothes and slept again. In the afternoon when I was going for my shower I saw Sheela talking to mami. Then she came smiling to me and said “ritesh babu, today you are going to get more of me, are you ready.” I said “ I am always ready for bigger and better.” We quickly got in the shower and I just jumped on her and started kissing her and feeling her everywhere. She even did the same to me. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and my mami entered. She told Sheela “ I want you to fuck ritesh in front of me.” I could not believe my ears. I didn’t waste any time and instantly positioned my dick near Sheela’s pussy. Sheela didn’t object and without waisting time I was entering her. It was my first time and I was finding it a little tough. To this my mami sucked my dick and lubricated it and then I went in easily. I could not believe myself. I was fucking a sexy woman and another sex goddess was looking at me doing so. I didn’t last long and within 2 minutes I offloaded my biggest load in sheela’s pussy. Then I just laid on her inside the tub and sucked her boobs. Sheela’s pussy was now filled with my cum and mami could not stop laughing. Within minutes Sheela told “please ritesh babu, fuck me again, I want more you inside me, I have not had a dick in 2 months and I am dying for more fucks.” Saying this she started to suck my dick and just then my mami striped too. I think it was getting too hot for her to handel. She ordered both of us to go to the room and latch the door. We did that and waited in the room. Mami came out with a bottle of some kind of liquid. She told me to lie down. Then she poured that liquid on my body and then stated to lick me all over. It was strawberry flavoured syrup. Sheela joined her too. Now I had to sexy, horny women in my command and wanting to be fucked.
They were looking gorgeous and seeing their boobs and ass my erection was never going to go off. It was too much for a 14 yr old to handle. I said “what are you stats mami, and what about you Sheela?” Mami replied “I am 36-30-38, do you like it” and just then Sheela said “I think I am “38-32-42” I could make out that sheela’s ass was much wider that mami’s but mami’s ass was tighter and looked more inviting. I said “Sheela, please let me fuck you now.” To this mami said “you bloody bastard, your mami is dying to get fucked and you want to screw this whore maid servant.” Saying this she slapped me and ordered “enter your mami’s pussy and fuck her like your best whore.” After that there was no looking back. I would fuck mami and Sheela at least 4 times during a day. This was on till suddenly my mami’s sister came to stay with her also. I was very happy to see her sister. Her sister was the best looking bitch I had ever seen and guess what, she was 36 and unmarried. Her stats were “38-26-40”. Man was she a hot bitch. Any man on earth would do anything to be in her pussy. My mami introduced me to her, her name was Kirti. Then mami told me that we have to stop our fucking sessions till Kirti was staying. So the next 2 days I just got to fuck Sheela once a day. I was getting frustrated to fuck mami and specially get Kirti too. I told mami that I wanted to have a go with Kirti, to this she said “I will try but cannot assure you.” The following day I was going to the garden when Kirti called me and said “Ritesh, I heard that you like me a lot.” I blushed and said “who would not like you aunty, you look really beautiful.” She then said “I came to know that you like to take showers with beautiful ladies.” My eyes lit up and I was sure that mami had told her everything. I just said “mami take care of me very well, she is too good, specially in the shower.” Saying that we both started laughing. Suddenly then Kirti got hold of my dick and said “I can be better that you mami in the shower, you wana try.” I knew it was coming, I just grabbed her and we started smooching, god was she hot, she was licking my face and I was biting her lips. We could not resist ourself and got into the room and called mami and Sheela and told them to see our fuck session. I stripped Kirti down and then myself. Mami and Sheela stripped themselves too. Now I was in a room with 3 mature ladies waiting for my dick. I ordered them to put on some music and do a cheap naked dance for me. Kirti did that and others followed. I could not help but stare at Kirti aunty, she was beyond my dreams. I grabbed her and started eating her ass. She was now moaning and howling and said “ oh, yes ritesh, eat my ass hole, lick it clean and, I have never had anyone eat me there. Then she grabbed my head and we started smooching again. We 4 went on for hours that day and I lost count as to how many times I had fucked. This fuck session lasted for another month for me. I had mastered every position and every trick to make a woman come to bed with me. It was now time for me to get back to Delhi. Once I got to delhi, I missed all of them. Then after a month, one day the door bell rang and Sheela had been sent to Delhi by my mami to help mom assist in her household work. I knew for what she had come. We again started to have sex everyday and Sheela later even helped me fuck other ladies in the locality. I still enjoy sex with Sheela now and am posted in Kolkata for work. My mami and Kirti aunty still visit me for a fuck once in a while. Nowdays I have started giving them sex pleasure maggages and they love me for it.

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