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8 yearrs of desire

Hello friends (words enclosed in brackets are in Telugu) my name is Ajit. I live in small town in Andhra Pradesh for various reasons I will change the names of places and names. This is a true incident that happened to me a week before. It all started when I got married and we shifted to a new rented house. It had two portions side by side and we a had connecting door in the hall. Ok I am coming in to the topic my neighbors wear a couple in there early forties. They add a son studying 1st yr degree. The lady of the house was a woman in here forties maybe I thought she was 5’7 almost my height. She was pretty and had voluptuous figure. The family was very conservative and we talked less but I use to watch her whenever possible while doing work. It was Ashadam and my wife went to her house as it was a custom in ap. I was longing for sex jerking off 5 times day but I sill missed my wife. One day it must be the 4th day after my wife went home that aunty came to my house to give some sweet. She was in her nighty she called my wife but I went and told that it was Ashadam. she smiled and said you must be alone. I was surprise because I never talked with her but she was smiling in a different manner. She went and came again now in saree.

She told me that her TV is not working if I mind watching in my house. I said yes but I sensed something fishy. she at in a chair next to me. then I slowly stared watching here. she was not that old she looked pretty young. She was wearing silk type saree which was very thin and her petticoat was visible. I was just wearing my shot and t-shirt ad as everything happened so fast I had no time to change. I never wore a underwear in my house. she was real sexy with 38 boobs and huge ass as she watched TV she spoke with me and told me than she used to be a auyrveda teacher before but is staying at home. I asked her what to do for my leg pain. She told that massage was a good remedy. Then to my surprise she suddenly asked if I want massage. I was surprised almost gone mad with that offer. in seconds I was with a oil bottle in my hand. she said that I should lie down to have a massage I was almost convinced that she was making the move. I took her to our bed room and I lie on his bed. She poured oil on my ankle and slowly started to massage. The first touch of her hand and I was 90 degrees. She was slowly doing massage and I closed my eyes to hide my feelings. I could feel her hand on my knees now and I opened my eyes. She was looking at me straight and smiled.

She looked at my erect cock and laughed. I said sorry and was about to rise when she soaped me and said it’s enough lets do it (inka chaku atalu cheddama.) I was waiting for and took her lips immediately. she was big but her face was so soft and lips were real tasty. We kissed like teenagers and then suddenly to my surprise she got on to of me came towards me and lifted here saree and petticoat and said lick it (mundu oksari naku) I was once again surprised but looked at it. It was big hairy mound trimmed and two big lips pink in color. She thrust forth mound to my face .I eagerly went on to it and thrust my tongue deep in to her hole .she screamed with pleasure and started pleading to lick harder.”Lick me lick me please lick me it has been 8 years licked me please.”(naku baga naku 8 samvathsaralu aindi ajit naku puku rasam vashtadi thagu) she was crying in ecstasy and telling me drinks her juices. I started licking her harder first around the lips then the lips and slowly took her bulb like clit into my mouth. I sucked as if like cherry. She was having orgasms one by one but I continued. After 20 min or so she rose from me and hurriedly took my cook into her mouth. She sucked me real hard licking my balls my bulb with passion .she feasted on my precum and went on.

Now I slowly opened her blouse hooks no bra of course and fondling her breasts. she sucked me till I came load after load in to her mouth. she swallowed it gradually and when she rose up her lips and face covered with my cum. she shared it with me. then I stared fondling her boobs and I sucker nipples. large black circles that tasted great .after 20 min. Off fondling and breast sucking she removed her saree and petticoat. She slept on he bed and said fuck me ajit fuck me (dengu ajith bag dengu ee aunty puku gula theerchu”) I parted here huge legs and ram in one thrust entered her fully. I fucked her in and out as she moaned and was saying all filthy things. I fucked for 10 min and came inside her. She told me to bring my dick to her face and she licked. Friend this is the first time I am writing I hope you liked it. I and aunty are doing it daily. I will tell about it in my next letter. Anybody interested mail to ajitforsex.

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