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A Conservative Woman On Train

I was going to Ahmedabad . I got a closed compartment. I thought I was going alone.But before five minutes a man came and dropped his wife in my compartment.I was stunned to see her. She is Vasuki my neighborhood girl when i was 25.I had a crush on her even at that age.but i did not propose my love to her.I also had a great lust for her.she came and sat opposite to me.at once she saw me she recognized me and we shared some some conversation as the train goes.She has a great structure. she wore a yellow saree and red blouse.that blouse was low neck revealing a large amount of sexy flesh.Saree is well below the navel.Most of her hip is visible.I could not control my fire burning inside me.But i don’t want to rape her.

she noticed that i am looking her navel.She became restless.May be she might not have been in this situation before.A man other than husband eating her beauty with his eyes.i closed the door of the compartment.She asked why do you close the door?.I saw a great fear in eyes and nervousness in voice.I said i closed for our privacy and to avoid disturbance.She did not say anything and started reading a tamil magazine.

i don’t know how to start.I was burning inside.Now she got up and placed her bags upside.At that time I was sitting and she was standing and soft hip is so close to my face.I cant control further.I kissed her hips and placed my hands on her navel.She moaned as ‘aaaaaah nooo..’.Her hips is her most sensual part.She came to senses and asked me “what are you doing?”
i said your hips are so soft.I cant control myself from kissing it.She became angry and said she is married and she don’t want anything more.I became angry.She was standing before me .I stood and started moving towards her.

now she became frightened and i came so close to her so that she could feel my breath.Now she was full of sweat and her lips vibrating with nervousness.I kissed her very very softly.She did not respond.She was beating me with her hands.She can only move her hands and not any other part of the body.I now gently kept my hand on her hip and squeezed it.It was too much for her.Her beating hands started to hug me and her lips opened to take mine.She forgot who she is.She was kissing me very passionately.I could taste her tongue and saliva.
Our hug become very very tight.

Now i brought my hands down to her butt and pressed her ass.She broke the kiss suddenly and asked shall we stop with this?.I told NO. I let her pallu fall down.OH!! What a beautiful boobs and sexy navel.She said “no no please…”.i knelt down and kissed her navel.that sensual part kissed by me aroused her too much.Her body became badly pleading for sex.She started submitting herself to me.I stood up kissed her lips.She willingly kissed with lust.I kissed and drank the sweat on her forehead,eyes,cheek,ears,neck and shoulders.

I removed my shirt and banyan . I turned her back and moved her hair on her neck and deeply kissed her neck from backside.She moaned with beautiful sounds.I placed my hands on her boobs . She took a deep breath.Her boobs have become very large now.I squeezed her boobs , she shouted like “oh!whats happening to me.Is this heavenly feeling “.I brought my hands down and took of her saree from the petticoat . I slides my hand inside the petticoat and reached her pussy.Slowly i inserted my finger into her pussy and touched her G spot.She cried in ecstasy.She could not stand now and started falling over me.But i concentrated in finger fucking.She cannot hold for too long.She screamed “aaaaaahhhhhhh……….nooooooooooooooo….ssssssh”very very loudly for her first orgasm.She fully fell over me with half closed eyes and body full of her sweat.

I brought her and made her lie down on the seat and i came to lie over her.She saw me very lustily.She said no one except her husband had touched her.She said she cant control herself today.I said don’t control,see the heaven.She said “i love you”.That word was enough for me.I started kissing her and started opening her blouse hooks.Blouse is already wet with her sweat.She broke the kiss and said i was crossing the limits.I said there are no limits for us and slowly opened the blouse and the bra.She was hesitant to become topless but however i made her topless.I saw her beautiful naked boobs.I came so fast to suck it.But she caught my face and said to do slowly and softly.

I took the right boob and sucked it very slowly.She moaned softly.then I took the left boob and sucked it vigorously.Now she moaned “oh you are killing me da idiot” very loudly.I took her hands up and kissed and licked her armpits.Her armpits are cleanly shaven and she smelled a sexy perfume there.After tasting boobs and armpits , I again came to her lips.She herself kissed me and looked at my eyes.She asked still anything more?.I said many things more.Just burn in sex.

I opened the knot of her petticoat.I said you are going to be nude before me.I can see her tense state and fast breathing.She said she was afraid.I said “OK , then i will stop”.She said”No please, don’t stop ,please take me.I had not had sex with this much intensity before.I really need you.Please don’t stop.”I opened her petticoat and panty.To see her completely nude only with her mangle sutra(sacred thread) on her neck and bindi on forehead made me extremely horny.I opened my pants and underwear.She was so much frightened to see my cock.I said “8 inches” .She took a deep breath.I came near her.I could smell the whole nude body.Her pussy is well shaved.She saw my naked body with pleading eyes.I parted her legs and kissed her thighs and then legs and then foot.She said”I love you so much da”.

I brought my lips close to her pussy.She caught my head and asked what are u going to do in my pussy.I said you are innocent.Your ultimate beautiful body needs heavenly pleasure.Just enjoy.Take our hands from my face and hold the seat bars.I touched her pussy with my tongue.She twitched her body and gave the loudest moan”aaaaaaaaahhh..nooooooooooooo…pleeeease…I am dyingggg…whats this … i cant believe…”.She clutched her hands on seat bars so tightly.I licked her pussy , encircled it, went deep with my tongue.My two day beard hairs started pricking her in her pussy.She pushed my head deep inside which made my beard hair to pierce much deeper.At last she shouted extremely, the compartment echoed her sounds for a long time.She screamed”noooooooooooooooooooooo…..oooooooooooooooooooohhhhh…….greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat….aaaaaaaaaah”.The second orgasm was much louder than first orgasm.Tears are flowing like flood from her eyes.

My face filled with her juice.I drank it.IT was the sweetest juice I had ever drunk.I cleaned my face with towel and asked her to sit on the floor and i sat on the seat. I gave my cock to her mouth.She did not object because she was thankful to me for the ultimate pleasure I had given to her.She took my cock and placed in her mouth.OH….. what a feeling.She sucked that like an ice cream.She started doing it fast.The wetness of her mouth and the scene of her sucking my penis was too much for me.I ejaculated shouting “vasukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”.She spit out my sperms as she was used to it and I asked her to swallow.Then she swallowed a little and said that it is little tasty.

Then i said I want to fuck you.She said “I cant … please I am so tired…”She lay down on the seat facing other side.I lay on top of her and turned her towards me and we started kissing each other not lastingly but lovingly.She said she had not loved anybody like this.I hugged her and smelled her.She kissed me in forehead,cheek ,ear,eyes,lips,chin,neck,chest in regular intervals.We are extremely loving each other.

I placed my hands on her pussy.She suddenly saw me . I said”Pleeeease allow me to fuck you…”.She said “OK, but yours is very big, so do it slowly or else i will die.”I kissed her.I separated her legs ,placed my cock head over her pussy.She was very nervous.She again said”Pleasureful it slowly.”I pushed my cock slowly into her pussy.She moaned “sssshhhhhhh…aaahhh”.Then i inserted little more.She moaned “noooooooooooooooooooooo…..”.Then i inserted litle more,she said”Thats it ,enough”.I said “Please dear.”She closed her eyes.With one sudden push i went very deep inside her tight pussy.She shouted “OH noooooooooooo….I am going to die…pleeeeeeeeeeeeease stop”.Tears were flowing continuously in her eyes.Noe i started to fuck her slowly.She moaned “Oh I cant take thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss….You are so big”.Then i made her to si up and lean on place at the side of the window .Both are in sitting position .She is over me…She lost all her senses of who she is and what she is doing.I fucked her in the express speed.She moved her neck and head backwards and she cried ,cried and cried”OH…fast…DO it fast…fuck me da…yesssssss….yessss…aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh…….nooooooooooooooo……….ssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh……I am dyingggggggggg…”.All her water in the body flowing now as ecstasy tears.The seat started shaking as we fucked each other.I was really going deep inside her.She is in the verge of dying in sex.

At last she shouted with all her rest of the strength “ooooooooooooh…noooo……. coming………dyinggggg.”She became totally exhausted in her third orgasm and i also came shouting “vasukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”
She laid her head on my shoulder totally exhausted.I kissed her lips.She cant open her eyes more than quarter size.I made her lie down and I lay next to her . She hugged me and said”I dont know sex has this much pleasure.Thank you da.I fell like dying now.”.Ihugged her and smelled her.WE hugged very tightly and slept with complete satisfaction.

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