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A Fallen Angel

A JJ Submission:

A Fallen Angel

A big, hi to all of you. JJ back with hot story this weekend 5.00 am 9th October 2009 the rain devastated AP resulting in a cool pleasant morning here in Chennnai. Teacher’s colony in Adyar witness the news paper boy and the milkman crisscrossing the road delivering their duties, Dev apartments security guard fell prey to sleep sitting in his chair. The partly commercial building was still in eerie darkness & silent except for the occasional sound of traffic in the distance.
Inside the three bed rooms flat on the third floor slowly Vasanthi’s hair fell across the bed, her body shifting slightly across the white cotton sheets, the velvet soft curve of a milky white leg, thrown carelessly across her lover’s own. A soft and gentle sigh left half parted lips as her body turned towards his, slowly, sensually, though she slept on. Vasanthi was blessed with perfect body counters aged mid 40’s & neglected by her husband led to this affair she had with her subordinate at office. Her secret lover ravished her body on occasions like this when her husband was away from town.

Dark eyes opened, tussled bedroom mussed hair fell to his shoulders, as with a still sleepy eye he watched Vasanthi, slowly as she edged her body closer. To him she appeared to be sleeping, gently with one hand he reached out, caressing the soft curve of her milky white velvet thigh, he heard her softly exhale a whimpered breath. Arching a well sculptured brow, he waited.

Her sleeping form softly nestled into him own wakeful one, the softness of Vasanthi’s curves lightly pressing against his own nakedness caused his manhood to twitch, softly yawning he blinked, wondering if she really was awake or sleeping. Either way, he found this a pleasant way to spend the morning, Vasanthi’s softness pressed against him, nestled in tight, he dipped his head nose hovering over her vanilla smelling hair, he breathed in, the delightful scent filling his thoughts, the delicateness of it’s perfume serving to only heighten his slowly building excitement.

Vasanthi’s body remained curled into his, soft gentle movements against him, slight touches, soft caresses of silken flesh against flesh. His lips slightly parted as he held in a softened moan of sensual delight. Sleeping, he thought she might be, but he was enjoying the outcome all the same. Slowly he lifted a hand, using the ridges of his fingertip to caress the slender curve of Vasanthi’s hip. His eyes watching her softened movements as she turned slowly, easing herself out from him, his hardening manhood no longer pressed tight into the softness of Vasanthi’s sensual sweet smelling skin as it swept up over her lush behind, as Vasanthi nestled herself onto her back.

Dark eyes filled with lust for her, trailed a sensual path up over the delicate curve of her ankle, slowly up over her calves; he loved how Vasanthi took care of her skin, leaving only milky white flesh everywhere, trailed up slowly along the breath taking curve of Vasanthi’s thighs, and lingered on the jet black hair, softly he drew in a small breath as he continued up over her sensual hips to her firm taut stomach; he reached out a hand holding it lingeringly over Vasanthi’s stomach, wanting to touch but not to wake her, not yet. His eyes continued upwards, over the soft expanse of flesh and slowly to the soft full curve of her breasts, his hand trailed upwards, very close to touching, but still just hovering, the tip of his tongue drew a slow wet path over his lips as he slowly swallowed, it was exquisite torture to have Vasanthi so close, and to not touch, to not caress that body which he adored, worshiped the previous night.

Finally his eyes lingered on those features he knew so well, he noticed her eyes still closed as Vasanthi moved softly on the white cotton sheet, he smiled, shifting silently down the bed, hands with air between them and her silken flesh glided down till they softly settled onto her thighs. He looked up, the dark eyes ever alert as the beauty laid out on the bed before him like a sensual banquet softly drew in a breath, silken legs slightly parting, his eyes trailed slowly back down the wonderful curves of Vasanthi’s body eyes once again settling onto the neatly trimmed black hair between her thighs as he slowly breathing shallowly dipped his head down.

From between softly parted lips his tongue gently caressed Vasanthi’s silken petals, a soft movement as her thighs slowly parted a little more, a softened breath of a barely audible able sighing moan leaving her lips as Vasanthi seemed to remain relaxed. Lifting his head, and with careful movement he moved in between her legs slowly shifting his weight about, and settled himself contently, head dipping back down slowly to once more touch at the trimmed almost musky honey sweet flesh as his tongue gently parted her folds. With softened slow strokes he gently lapped at Vasanthi. Soft, gently sounds of a slowly building arousal fell from between her slightly parted lips. As her silken legs parted a little more, as her body moved ever so slightly in a vague sensual arch.

Gentle hands curled about Vasanthi’s hips, gently caressing her skin with his fingertips, as he moved closer, the soft warm tip of his tongue softly flicking against the softness of her flesh, as slowly he felt her body quiver at his touches. Vasanthi’s body moved gently to a rhythm of it’s own to each softened touch of his tongue to her.

Long fingertips stretched out slowly, nails gently scratched the white cotton sheets, and softly the sounds reached his ears. Soft fingers twisted through the white cotton sheets, softened moans left the still slightly parted lips.

Softly his tongue touched Vasanthi gently over and over again; slowly he lifted his head, eyes running up sensual curves. Her body softly moving, silken legs slowly parting further, his hands smoothing down her thighs under the curve of her knees and slowly down over the delicate curve of her calves slowly caressing her ankles, his hands slowly moved over and up her luscious long legs.

Slowly he bent his head down, his eyes drinking in the luscious scene before him, extending his tongue he touched her gently, fingers caressing the gentle curve of her thighs, softened sounds fell from Vasanthi’s lips, grey eyes flickering softly open, a slight lift to her head, before she lowered it, sensual body slowly twisting, pleasure flowing through her body. Enticing Vasanthi’s senses, caressing her sensually with every gentle touch of him to her.

Low moans left her lips slowly, softened cries of his name tumbled from her lips, as he buried his head, his tongue gently parting the folds, sinking down into the soft folds of her petals. Gentle gasps slipped from between Vasanthi’s lips, as her fingers twisted into the white cotton sheet tighter. Her hands gently sliding down over the gentle curves of her bared breasts, touching nipples softly, teasingly, her head turned gently to one side.

Legs parting fully, as Vasanthi drew them slightly up, bent, allowing him full access to her softness. His hands lovingly ran fluttered over the sensual curves of her thighs, tongue softly teasing Vasanthi, as he gently played her like a musical instrument, bringing soft sounds from her lips, his name leaving her lips between low sexy moans, as the pleasure Vasanthi felt curling like a coil down in the pit of her stomach.

Slowly in increased deep within, her legs, her body slowly quivering, as Vasanthi shivered with the anticipation of each touch, each caress, he gave her lovingly. Softening the touch of his tongue, brought slower quivers, as wave after gentle wave of pleasure ran through every inch of her body, the feeling tightening slowly, before heated waves left Vasanthi, he suckled her gently, drinking of her nectar, slowly savoring, as she whimpered softly.

Waves after wave passed through Vasanthi as her body gave into the release that passed through it, the coil seeming to have snapped deep within her, bringing her exceptional pleasure, her breath quickened, the cries becoming softer, as words ceased to be audible, mingling into softened moans, and sighs of his name.

Slowly he lifted his head, finding her long fingers which twisted lovingly into his hair, as slowly he drew himself up her little body, hands uncurling gently from about her thighs, Vasanthi’s body still quivering, his lips softly coming to rest on the curve of her breast as slowly he ran his tongue over it’s curves, moving to circle her nipple playfully. Her hands came up under his jaw line, slowly with softened low whimpers drawing him up to have lips softly touch lips.

The sensual taste of Vasanthi, mingled in the kiss, as lips parted to lips, and they kissed deeper. Her hands uncurling fingers from his hair, moving softly down over the curves of his shoulders, fingers teasing him slowly. As tongue met tongue their hands entwined, and Vasanthi ran her foot slowly up over the curve of his calf muscle, the other leg slowly curving over his hip. Slowly her sensual legs wrapped comfortably about his hips, moving against him like silk. Kisses became deeper, softer, and more lingering. More sweet. Pleasure from the feel of Vasanthi’s hands on his sides, runs through him like a sweet spring time river, the feeling ebbing through his body slowly. Her touch soft, sweet, like silk drawn softly across his skin, each time her fingertips moved.

Softly he moaned under the touches of Vasanthi’s silken hands against his flesh, ripples of pleasure ran through him, softly, coaxingly. His hands delicately danced along her sides, fingertips caressing the sides of her breasts. The feel of them pressed tightly, lovingly against his chest, the feel of that silken skin a pure delight to feel so close.

Slowly with a subtle shift of Vasanthi’s hips, she felt his hardness gently tenderly enter her softness, white teeth slowly nibbled at the tip of his tongue, fingertips gently entwined within his hair. The lovers a delicious tangle of limbs on the sea of white cotton sheets. Softened sounds as slowly they moved together as one, each one feeling the exquisite rumbling building within at each soft movement.

Teasingly he ran his fingers through Vasanthi’s hair, his lips softly searching along her jaw line, sliding lovingly down her neck, to nibble, and kiss the softness of her skin. Her back softly arched underneath his attentions given to her. Softly Vasanthi’s sensual lips parted as she shivered. A small fire of pleasure building deep within the pit of her firm stomach as small shudders of pleasure, caused her inner muscles to delightfully, tighten about him, driving him slowly towards distraction, as he easily lost himself within the folds of her.

The two melded into one, each feeling, giving and receiving pleasure. It was intense, it was beautiful, wonderful, and more. Much more. It was the joining of two souls, two soul mates. In the union of their love. As pleasures spiraled higher, both riding the edge of their mutual union to the brink and holding it there. Kisses were fevered, touches were roughly tender, and each bringing the other closer.

Softly mewed sounds left each set of lips as hands twisted into the tumble of white cotton sheet beneath them. Softly murmured words, more sounds, sweet in sound as each reached the edge time and time again, before tumbling over the edge, falling down into the sweet sublime ness of the feeling, the touch of softened skin to hardened muscle.

Softly the lovers lips parted, softened but hurried breathing, bodies mingled together in a sweet tangle of limbs, the air tinged with the soft scent of their love making, the dawn’s light lifting slowly in the sky, as lover’s hearts slowly began beating slower. As kisses softened, to bare touches, the heady scent twisting about them.

Slowly the two parted, hands slowly relinquishing the hold on the white cotton sheets as eyes met eyes, and soft deliciously bruised lips curved slowly up into smiles, as Vasanthi turned slowly from him onto her side, the white cotton sheet splayed over the paleness of her legs as he curved his lean body in behind Vasanthi, molding in against her, lips softly brushing a shoulder, as slowly the couple drifted off. Passion and lust sated in the act of their mutual love.That’e it folks now it’s time to send in your feedbacks to seekcompany

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