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2 desi 1 bideshi = Party

Although I am not Indian, I love India. I visit Calcutta every year and I truly worship Indian women. No other women can compare with their beauty. Although I have always adored India, after my last trip there, I have to say that I love it even more. Please read on and find out why.

I am an American but am not very tall. Basically I am just taller than the average Indian man. I am very handsome and have deep green eyes that girls really like. But my best asset is my cock. It isn’t absolutely humongous, but for my size it is very large. Moreover, it is perfectly formed and utterly beautiful. I’ve seen some fucking ugly dicks in my day, but mine is very different. In fact, I would bet that you have never seen one so nice. It’s simply perfect.

I love my cock. It is a work of art and every woman who has seen it has gone ape over it. Girls have taken photos of it and have told me to go into porno. So many people brag that their cocks are 8 inches and 10 inches long and I seriously doubt that. Mine is exactly 7 inches long when fully erect, quite thick, circumcised, and it has a lovely pink hue that turns deep red when excited. When ready to shoot a load, his head gets really big and looks like a ripe fruit full of juice. If 7 inches doesn’t sound impressive, take a scale, go to your kitchen and find a 7 inch long cucumber. Shove it where the sun don’t shine and tell me isn’t enough! Sometimes girls like to watch me jerk off and they love seeing it excited like that. Hell, even I love it. I can look at it for hours on end. It looks so plump and juicy that sometimes I even feel like biting it!

I have not slept with too many Indian women, but all have commented on the size of my “purple veined custard chucker” and they appreciate it even more than western bitches. I haven’t slept with a white woman in a long time and I doubt if I ever will again. They are all trash.

I have something of a girlfriend in Calcutta. Not a real girlfriend but a partner. She and I hooked up two years ago and we fucked only twice that trip. When she first grabbed my unit, she had laid down next to me and put her hand on my package, over my underwear. Her eyes were closed and she still had on her panties and bra. I was enjoying the sensation of being so close to her but all was happening so suddenly that I wasn’t erect yet. She felt around curiously for a bit and then her eyes opened wide, exclaiming, “Ei boro?!” That night she kept staring at my dick and repeating “Shavash,” over and over again.

Well, the sex was OK and she really has a great figure. Just about perfect, in fact. She’s very dark, but I don’t mind. I usually like very buxom women, but my girlfriend’s stomach is perfectly flat and her breasts are high and tight. A nice handful and no more, but as perky as a teenagers. I could honestly say that any 16 year-old would be proud of such a figure. Indeed she considers her body the yardstick by which all other women are measured! Maybe that’s a bit much but everyone has something of which they must be proud. (Can you guess mine????)

Well, my last visit to Calcutta was even more interesting. I ended getting married to a beautiful Bangladeshi girl. She had radiant skin and the most luscious full lips you have ever seen in your life. Better than any Hollywood movie actress. She didn’t like to give head but I managed to get her to do it once and it was really nice for the short time she did it. Her figure was nice; a touch heavy, but more muscle than fat. She had great, powerful thighs that she use to hold my head tightly with while I licked her juices from her pussy. Her breasts were very full, but not so tight as my girlfriend’s. My wife was expert at finishing me off by hand and I would straddle her while she pulled on my cock so that my juice would splash all over her. She also was impressed by my dick. The first time she held it, she nearly shouted, “Atho mota?”

Well, the “Bitch from Bangladesh” was only after a green-card and when I figured that out, I refused to take her to the US. She packed her shit and left, which was probably a good thing. I miss her lips and beautiful face, but there are more fish in the sea. And that’s where my girlfriend re-enters the scene. More precisely, this is where she and her girlfriend give me a bachelor party to celebrate my new freedom.

They picked me up nearby my house late one afternoon. We rode in a taxi to my girlfriend’s apartment, stopping on the way to pick up some alcohol for her. Once inside the small flat, she began drinking and her girlfriend and I were getting along quite well. My girlfriend finished her bottle and made for the shower.

Using the fact that the wall was very cold as an excuse, I moved closer to her friend on the small bed and soon we began kissing. She told me to take off my pants and I did so. I am certain that my girlfriend had told her about my American dick as she was very curious. Just then my girlfriend emerged from the shower with just the top of her salwaar on. As she approached the bed, I pulled off my underwear and she promptly took off her top. Turning off the main light and just using the dim “night light,“ she joined us on the bed and surprised me by grabbing at her friend’s tits and demanding that she remove her clothes, too. Soon she was naked as well and my girlfriend was obviously enjoying pawing at her buddy’s tits. She flashed a big smile as she fondled the heavy jugs. I enjoyed watching her get her jollies like that and my cock was soon hard. Her friend stroked me excellently and even sucked it a bit. She fitted a condom on me and I was just about to enter my girlfriend when the doorbell rang. Shit!

It was my girlfriend’s cousin who had come by to visit. I wouldn’t have minded throwing her in the mix, but she’s married and wouldn’t have been amenable to such an arrangement. She was told to come back in ten minutes and we hurried to finish the job.

Taking off the condom and laying it on the floor, the friend really began jerking me off nicely. As I laid back on a pillow, she began rubbing my cock on her large breasts which felt really great. Soon I was at full erection and she called to my girlfriend, “Kacche esho.” Arching her back, my dick was soon being rubbed on her perky tits. Both of them were silent as they enjoyed watching my member swell and grow as it neared climax. I knew there wasn’t much time and I really wanted to cum all over my girlfriend so I just let things progress naturally as I watched her beautiful figure in the dim light.

My big white cock up against her lovely breasts was a really nice scene. I was feeling her friend’s big jugs as well and soon I felt the point of no return coming close. “Shesh korbo,” I announced. “Koro,” came the response and soon I felt my juice run through my cock. My girlfriend reached out with one hand and covered my mouth to keep me from making too much noise. My dick was just enormous now, the head bulging like a ripe plum ready to spill its sweet nectar. Soon I let a yelp through my girlfriend’s fingers and I watched as a healthy amount of my jism pumped forth all over chest and onto her shoulder. I noticed that she kept her head down and was enjoying watching my throbbing red cock pulse its sticky jungle-juice all over her own chest.

We quickly headed for the shower and got cleaned up before the doorbell rang again. After turning on the lights, we sat back on the bed acting as if everything was normal. Her buddy was talking with the cousin while we relaxed and pretended that nothing unusual had happened. Suddenly my girlfriend reached out quickly to pick up the condom that was laying on the floor by the bed and wrapped it up in some scrap newspaper that was laying near by. We had totally forgotten about it. Thank God the cousin didn’t see it! My girlfriend flashed me a nervous smile and we shared a silent laugh.

I left India soon thereafter and was sorry to go. I felt bad about the failed marriage but was happy enough with the way things turned out now that I’d had my first threesome. Maybe it was a bit rushed and not quite as I had hoped, but it was fun nonetheless!

If any ladies would like to see my beautiful dick, just write to me and I will email a pic for you. If you would like to chat or even get to together with me that would be very cool. I visit India every fall and have a trip planned for this September. You are welcome to write anytime at: custard.chucker

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