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A Guy Experience In Bus

Hello readers, I am Dev. I am not new to here. I am a regular reader of ISS for years. But this is for the first time I am writing something here. As I am not a writer, please forgive if you find my language is not interesting.

Talking about me, I am slim 5.5 inch tall. My cock is dark and measurement is 6 inch length and 3 inch width. I am working in a MNC so i am in night shift. I usually return to home by bus as it is risky to drive after duty.  Once I was traveling to home as usual. I was bit late but somehow I got a bus. It was not much crowded. I sat in the back seat as it will be comfortable to sleep laying on the seat if nobody else. I was laying and was preparing to sleep.

Suddenly someone patted on my hands and saw a young man standing near me and he asked me whether he can sit there. Though I was irritated, i offered the seat as he asked politely. It was a three seat. Again I closed my eye lids for a sleep. After sometime I felt something hot on my thighs. I opened my eyes. As the bus was travelling in a bad road, I was not in a sound sleep.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked what is happening. I could see the other man’s hand is placed over my thighs. I could see his eyes closed. I thought he accidentally put his hand in sleep. I didn’t care much and closed my eyes. But it was the beginning of an unforgettable event. I could see this hand slowly moving close to my pubic area. I am hyper sensitive. I need little things to stimulate my sexual feelings.

My cock was already aroused when he put his hand over my thighs. He was slowly moving his hand to reach the target. I began to breath heavily. I didn’t know whether to stop him or not. I have had some experiences that some old men try to hold my cock in bus. I had stopped them by changing my seat. This time I thought not to stop him.

Soon he found his destination. He touched my cock over my pants. As I was returning from office shirt was inside pants. Also I was keeping my bag over my thighs. His hand was then between my bag and pants. My heart was beating heavily as that was my first experience. I was not a gay.

But always I fantasized about someone touching my cock. In home I had some experiments with banana. I tried to put banana into my ass hole sometimes. First time it got hurt and got bleeding. Next time onwards I tried to put banana after having a blowjob so that it will be more smooth to enter. Now let’s come back to the event.

He was holding my cock now. I slowly took my bag and put it on seat. As I took the bag he withdraw his hand soon. But as it was a positive sign, he got more courage and put his hand back. This time he directly put his hand over my cock. He slowly touched over it. He then tried to open my zip. I afraid a bit. But as there was no one near our seat and the bus didn’t had much stops, I didn’t stop him. I leaned back to adjust my pants so that he can open it.

Pants’ front part was congested as my cock was aroused! ;) He could unzip my pants soon. I think he had experience in it before! Though he opened my zip, my underwear was blocking him from touching my cock directly. It seemed he is not able to manage it well as I was paining in his attempt to remove my underwear. He was like mad to get my cock. I hold on his hand and removed. He looked at me.

As it was dark inside bus, our faces were not visible, so as the facial expressions too. I got up from my seat and put my underwear down below my balls. But I was not ready to remove my pants downwards as that is risk. I put my cock through the zip hole and sat again. Now he could directly hold on my cock. He must be happier to get my big cock that night ( Six inches is not so big, but I have got many such comments from ladies when I am getting nude in web cam!)

He began to move my cock up and downwards. I was feeling so good. He continued to do some more strikes and suddenly he put his head downwards to my cock. He took it in his mouth fully. I was not shaved. I could feel his beard is touching with my pubic hair! He began to do his blow job. Now I was sure that he is an expert. He was sucking my cock many ways by turning his head or turning his lips around and so on!! I was breathing heavily. As that I was first time and I was so horny, I felt I will cum soon and it happened soon.

I gave him a cum not bad for his work. I thought he might have spit it. But he managed swallowing it and even he licked the missed drops. He put my cock in house till it become normal. He was still sucking to see if any missing drops there. He gave my cock back cleaned. I felt tired, but still was not able to believe what happened. I have heard many such instances, but never believed. But I could feel it fully.

So guys, this was my experience. How was the narration. I have not included any exaggerated words to stipulate you. But I feel you will feel horny while you read it. However, please let me know your comments. Also, you are welcome to chat with me on yahoo! My yahoo id is devthehunk I also expect mails from ladies.

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