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A Never Ending Friendship

Then I was in class 11. I Abhi was always good in studies. Always had a knack for literature, music and art. Although I took up Science but it was literature which always caught my attention in academics. I was then around 5”8 inches slim body with a kid like face. My friends used to often tell me “grow up yaar”. Aditya my best friend and till date he is my best friend. We were like inseparable. He was a complete opposite of Abhi.

He was more into Science, outdoor sports, too talkative. We were together as best of pals since class 6. We always used to sit together in the first bench. He was athlete in built, 5”10 inches, with sharp features. I was pampered by him to the hilt. He was more of a guardian to me. I have actually lost counts how many times he actually fought with others for me. He always used to get a bit violent when he was defending me or something. None the less we were best of pals.

It was the month of August and the half yearly exams were knocking at our doors. So, we decided to have a joint night study at his place. As our parents were also like college friends so, it hardly mattered if I stayed in his place or he in my place. So, one Saturday I went to his place in the evening. Somehow I suppose for the first time I was feeling bit uneasy. The reason was off late Adi was behaving bit weird with me. He always used to keep his hands on my right thigh when we are seated in class. But off late he has started rubbing his hands on my thigh. Somehow I used to feel bit off the track.

Never the less I went to his house. I was greeted by his mom and sister and later by his dad. I went straight to his room, where as usual he was fooling around with his basket ball wearing just a micro mini short. I have seen him earlier in this attire but that day somehow I was feeling bit uneasy. We decided to study, but again the same stuff. He kept on fooling around the room and I was just trying to concentrate.

It was 9pm, his mom called us for the dinner. We both obliged to her and went down to the dining table me and Abhi was seated at the one side of the table, aunty and Adi’s sis at the opposite side and uncle on the top of the row. As we started our dinner I again noticed Adi’s hands was on my thigh and he is rubbing my thigh, I was sweating like hell god knows why. Slowly and steadily his motion increased and once he squeezed my inner thigh and to my surprise I was getting a hard on and when I looked down, I could see a tent out of his shorts. I just gobbled my dinner and excused myself and I was out of the room in a jiffy.

I was unable calm myself down, as I always take a shower before I go to sleep at night. I thought it will be the best idea to calm myself down. I removed my clothes and entered the bathroom and just stood under the shower for at least 5mins like a statue. After sometime I started to calm down a bit and was relaxing. But as I thought so suddenly a pair of hands grabbed me from behind. I was shit scared and turned and saw Adi completely naked and just pressed his lips on mine.

I realized that I in a hurry I forgot to lock the door of the bathroom. I was trying to get out of his clutches but somehow I started liking it. I just said…”don’t worry… calm down” and kissed my forehead and his hands were caressing my nipples and my tool. I could feel his dick rubbing on my lower abdomen. Slowly and steadily I gave up. He took me to his arms and took me to the bed, and he softly started kissing my whole body, suddenly I realized a spurt of hot breath over my tool. He was then sucking it hard. It made me a real mad person out of me and within few mins

I ejaculated in his mouth. He took the cum in his mouth and came over me and smooched me hard, it was something never imagined. Our lips were locked with my cum and our saliva and slowly he started gulping it all making my mouth dry. Thereafter I blowed him and did the same stuff. I never thought that we will end up being together in each others’ arm like this. He wanted love me just love me, as he kept on whispering in my ears. His innocence reflected in his words,

As he kept on licking my body, he started saying, let us run away and settle our own life where only he and me will there. For the first time I heard the word gay. He suddenly said do you know Abhi we are “gay lovers”. Suddenly god knows what happened to him, he started kissing me vigorously and said, u r only mine. I might had been too immature to handle all these words so I actually couldn’t react . He wanted to insert his tool inside me but as I told him it will hurt me.

He said..”Adi can’t hurt Abhi ever…” and he retracted. The whole night we were in each other’s arm, doing all the boyhood fun. He never let me go off his arms the whole night and even thereafter. It was always Adi and Abhi We are still coolest of the cool friends the only difference being last year November in freaky road accident he took a journey to heaven and enjoying real heavenly pleasures and I am continuing my journey here with my earthly pleasures.

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