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2 Better than 1

Hi friends my name is Andrew i live in Bombay i am a DJ by profession , in my profession i am called to may parties and events.This is not the first time i have had sex with girls but its usually with just one girl girl this time there are 2 girls and it was like my lucky day. I was called to a party at juhu in a club. i was in the mood and playing all the best dance tracks and there it was the sweetest voice i have ever heard saying me can u please play a Hindi track please and there it was in the colorful lights i saw her face and man she was good .her face just sparkled and i played a Hindi track for her the song was Zara Zara touch me from the movie race and the way she danced was just to hot to handle as if this song was made for her ,her sexy ass shaking to the beats and her body moments would make you more horny to fuck her all night long

So once i was through with the party i coudnt see her and i was about to leave and again heard her voice and said to me that she wanted to talk to me about a party for her office people it was 2 in the night and she told me to come to her house right now itself i was feeling like lucked man on the planet and so we got into her car with my stuff and went to lokhandwala where she lived and there it was a huge building. now we got in the lift and i just couldn’t take eyes of her, her body smell was making me mad minute by minute and then we reached 17 floor.She opened the door and we came inside ,she then just told me to have a seat,i just sat there and 1 girl coming out from the room equally hot to her and i thought man i wish i could fuck both of them , now the first girl came out and sat next to me and started talking with me about my profession and this new new girl was continuously staring at my jeans i was wondering whats wrong with her now the other girl told the first girl to come in the room so now both the girls went inside the room within 2 minutes i heard a loud voice saying Andrew please help and saw the other girl lying on the bed like she has just got fainted and the first girl told me to see what has happened to her and when i just leaned to see the first girl pushed me from the back and i fell on the other girl and now they said let the games begin the girl who was lying down was trying to kiss my lips and the first girl was removing her clothes , i was just not able to understand whats happened and then i felt 4 hand on my body it was like they both just wanted me ,then they make me lie down on the bed and the other remove is removing her clothes. believe me those boobs were really big and there bodies were just too hot ,now they both came close to make and said in my ears u are ours for 2 days i was now shocked i have had sex and i also know my stamina but this was too much for me ,they opened all my shirt buttons and the first just kept a hand on my dick getting this indication my dick just got and those girls were just touching them from outside i asked them if they want to see it but they said no we want to explore it so one girl just slided her hand down in my jeans and my underwear and touched my dick , at this time she had her eyes clothes and she was now just playing with it the other girl gave me her nipples to suck . i placed the boob on my mouth and started licking her nipples very hard she started moaning by this time i couldn’t resist so i opened my jeans and showed my dick to them it was an awesome site for them .then i just asked them can you people suck and they told me just wait and watch the first girl got up ran to the kitchen and got some stuff , she got ice cubes, honey and fresh cream she then applied fresh cream on the dick and then they both started simultaneously and man i was like heaven 2 girls sucking your 8 inch rod in length and 2 inch thick at this point of time i started making some noises and we were just enjoying each and every minute of it . they sucked me dick for 30 min after which i told me i cant hold and have to come and they told me they want my cum until now no girl have ever taken my cum in there mouth but these girls were mad in sex and they had all the cum in there mouth they started kissing each other with my cum in the mouth and now it was my turn i told them to sit at the edge of the bed and opened there legs and there i was down smelling there pussy and licking them i was licking one pussy and fingering another pussy and i did this for 30 min in which they came twice whenever i lick 1 pussy i finger the other pussy and when it come to fingering i start with 1 finger then 2 finger and then 3 fingers and in the end the 4 fingers now it was time to fuck them but before i could fuck them the first girl told me to fuck her first but before that apply some honey on her pussy and that’s what i did i applied some honey and then started touching her pussy with my dick and then slowly i slid my dick inside her pussy and she shouted but id didn’t care i just wanted to fuck here by this girl the other girl came and started licking her pussy from the corner and then i started my pace in full speed fucked her for 1 hr in her pussy and her ass and then when she was through where she came 3 times . i started the same thing with the second girl she was much wilder then the first one and was not just shouting she called the first girl and sucked her nipples. she bitted them hard and was just going crazy with me strokes . i fucked them around 6 times in the night with different types of position and location. i fucked them in the drawing room, kitchen ,bathroom and even i fucked them in the lift around 5 am in the morning this went on and on for 2 days i was in there house fucking those bitches night and day and just informed at my place that i am staying at a friends place and there was some work .after 2 days there bodies were mine and i was there master and now every week i meet them for few hours for fun. This is for all the girls/ladies if u want to enjoy pleasurable then mail me my email add is wood_ans. In this real incident i have not mentioned any name as i don’t want to disclose there names so mail me and you will have fun guaranteed mail me at wood_ans.

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