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2 twin horny girls

Dear friends, this is bobby here again with a very new refreshing experience with 2 ladies. For the people who don’t know me i am 36/m from india and have posted many stories here at iss.
Coming to this experience, through my friend ranjana i met 2 twin sisters nearly a month back. They are ranjana neighbours. Their names are veena and priya. Ranjana introduced me to them and later they got in touch with me through phone. Veena called me once and wanted to meet me. I called her at my office as generally during the day time i am alone in the office.

She came to my office at 11 am in the morning. She was no doubted a smart female, she was wearing capri and a t with deep cut. She was fair in complexion. We over a cup of coffee were discussing about her college and other chorus of life. I noticed that she had boobs above average of her age i.e. 21. She is open minded female and was discussing about veena relationship with ranjana.

I was shocked to hear that from her. I asked her about where she came to know about this. In answer she said. She, ranjana and priya are sex partners and came to know everything about me from ranjana. I was bit angry on ranjana but consoled that now i am getting new fresh beauties.

I asked about her breast size and she said 40.

I said, “its quite big according to her age.”

She replied, “there are number of factors involved for this growth. Firstly from her childhood she has been seeing her mother involved with number of men. Some are in relations, some are professionals and some are friends. I and priya use to watch our mother act and get horny and started ourselves. Later on it became our habit and we became hardcore lesbian by the age of 14. We use to wear bra of 34 cup at that age. Sometimes some of our cousins also use to enjoy with us and squeezing and pumping of boobs was very common. Now ranjana is also a party in our gang so due to all these factors the size is this. Priya has bigger than me she had 42 d cup size.”

I was listening to her quietly.

She continued, “please don’t take me otherwise, but main reason to meet you was that we want to have friendship with you. It’s mine and priya wish that we both can have fun with you. Will you accept our friendship.”

I immediately agreed and got up from my chair and shook hand with her. She hugged me and her big boobs stricked my chest. They were really plump and soft. My dick got erected. She asked to meet up sometime.

I told her that lets meet up today only since i was hot by that time and her cleavage was inviting me like heaven. I really want to lick her boob valley.

She said , “great, let me speak to priya.” She called priya and told her everything. And after hanging the phone she invited me to come at her home. I asked about her parents and she replied that they will come at 7 pm so we have nearly 6-7 hrs.

I was over whelmed. We both moved towards her home. After 15 minutes we reached there home. We were welcomed by priya with a nice hug and she was blushing. She was wearing a long shirt at that time which was just covering her bums.

We all sat on sofa and priya got a beer for all of us. Veena was sitting close to me and priya was sitting opposite to me. We all were chatting and suddenly veena removed her t and underneath her red bra popped up. I immediately hugged her and start kissing her cleavage. After 20 min. Of smooching, kneading of boobs, i removed her bra and her pink nipples came up. They were looking so cute. I poured some beer on them and started sucking it. Veena started moaning. In the mean while priya was watching the show. When my beer got over and i called priya and invited her to sit on my lap. She sat on my lap and we locked our lips with long kiss which lasted for sometime.

I removed her shirt and she was wearing a blue bra and panty. Priya’s were bigger than veena. I removed her bra and started sucking her light brown nipples. I was sucking her right boobs and i saw veena started sucking her left boob. We continued this for some time.

Now they started removing my clothes. I was left only in boxers since both young hot babes fastly removed my clothes. Veena hand was under my boxer and priya was sucking veena nipples. Veena removed my boxer and started playing with my dick. My dick regained its full strength. Priya also moved down and started sucking my balls. Veena started sucking my cock. I was full with joy. My both hands were fingering there pussies.

Now i took priya and made her in doggie position and slowly inserted my cock in her pussy. She was totally wet so it was very much lubricated. I started giving strokes to her. Initially slowly and than fast. She started screaming and after sometime i took out my cock and sprayed my entire fluid on her boobs. She was very happy and started sucking my cock to clean. She told me that she had 3 orgasms in that period and it was the best fuck of her life.

I was still confused about who is veena and who is priya once they were naked. They were so much identical. I was only aware that i am so lucky to have 2 young girls with me right now having full fun and frolick.

Now i need some time to regain my energy so i told them that they should show me some sex acts which can make me hot and i can do with veena.

They immediately agreed and got ready for a role play. They played the role of veena and ranjana i.e. how ranjana joined them in their lesbo gang. So priya became mrs. Ranjana and veena was veena only.
Mrs ranjana entered there house one day as her keys were left inside and she wanted to wait for her son to come and open the house. She knocked the door and veena opened it. She was wearing a just a bra and panty under her long shirt .

Hi aunty, said veena

Ranjana, hi sweety how you?

Veena :welcome aunty.

Ranjana . Actually my keys are left inside so can i stay at your place for some time till the time raju ( her son) comes back from tuition.

Veena : sure aunty. You are looking very beautiful today. Where are you coming from.

Ranjana : nowhere darling. Had just gone to market to get some thing.

Veena: what all shopping have done aunty show me.

She took the bag from ranjana and started taking the things out. There were some sanitary napkins, some nice bra’s and panties.

Veena: nice bra aunty. From where have bought them.

Ranjana : from xyz shop.

Veena: ok, but he never showed us this type. They are really cool. What is your size aunty.

Ranjana : they are big 44d.

Veena: great.

She moved toward veena and hold het one breast in her hand and said, “ yes they are really big and beautiful”.

Ranjana was shocked on her behaviour but being a girl she didn’t mind that.

Than veena opened her shirt button shown her breast to ranjana and said, “ see, mine are smaller than you but i want it be like yours.”

Ranjana : you are very young, once your husband will start sucking it they automatically grow.

Veena: that we do now also. You know priya and we do a lot. She has bigger than me.

She removed her shirt and started opening her bra in front of ranjana and said, “ aunty are my nipples ok”

Ranjana was getting hot and said, “ baby they are wonderful. Pinkish nipples are always beautiful. That shows that they are not sucked much.”

Ranjana started moving her hands on veena nipples

Veena , oh aunty, its feels so good. You are lovely aunty.

Ranjana hands were moving on her boobs and she started kissing them. Veena hands also started moving over ranjana’s boobs. Ranjana removed her top and bra to give comfort to veena.

Ranjana : veenu darling, pls suck them they are all yours. Pls suck hard. Knead them and handle them roughly. Tweak my nipples. They got so dark because so many people sucks them.

Both were sucking each other. Ranjana hands started moving over veena panty. Veena was moaning like anything.

Oh aunty, i am coming, oh…… Ahhhhhh…..

I moved towards veena, she tasted delicious and her tongue was soon pushing deep inside my mouth. My hands were exploring her breast. I was squeezing them very tightly. She desperately need my cock now. We get into a missionary position and started our act. She was totally wet. With small thrust my entire cock entered her cunt and strokes started. She was equally responding with my strokes. I saw priya came and started sucking veena boobs. After some time i ejaculated. We all were tired.

But there was a fire in priya now again.

We all lied on a bed where i was in middle and both sisters were on my either side. I asked them what are thing which differentiate there looks. On which i got the reply that they are few things which they do in order to look different. Otherwise they are totally identical.

One is that veena is outspoken and daring where as priya is not. Secondly priya have bigger boobs than veena. Priya always wears matching bra and panties where as veena wears contrast. Priya wears push-up bra so that her boobs always look erect where as veena wears normal which are slightly shagy. Veena clothes are always revealing from the top i.e. big cleavage show where as priya clothes are always revealing from the bottom i.e. minnie and micro minnie skirts. So our friends could make out who’s who.

Priya hands were moving over my cock and veena was lying hugging with me. I told them why don’t you give a boob message. They readily agreed. Priya started from toes rubbing her breast where as veena started from my face. They did this for nearly half an hour. I was ignited by that time. Now priya rode over me and inserted my stiff cock in her pussy and veena brought her pussy lips near face for a tongue fuck.

We again started. This time it take more time for me to release but veena had her regular orgasms. After some time i again ejaculated and both the sisters drank my cum. They cleaned my dick with their tongues.

It was 4 pm now and we have 2 more hours together. So we were chatting. I asked when was first time they saw sex act of their mom.

Veena replied that it was at the age of twelve when they started understanding the things and have hormonal changes in their body. One day her mother official friend and her mother came in early from the office. It was 2 pm that day. Both the sisters were playing in there room and saw that her mother and uncle entering the bed room. They stared moving toward bedroom and since there is common bathroom between there and their parents’ bedroom so they hear everything and can see partially from the key hole. Her mother was standing and uncle came from behind and hugged her his hands were moving over mother’s blouse which was quite deep cut. He was rolling his tongue on her ears and neck and she was moaning and saying, :” rakesh, pls satisfy me today i am hungry from last one week as you know my husband is good for nothing. Pls love me and suck me hard. I will be your slave for the whole life. Pls knead my boobs. I am very hungry.” Uncle was kissing her and she was responding more eagerly. Than uncle removed her saree than her blouse and pattycoat. She was left in bra and panty. Than mother removed uncle clothes and took his cock and started sucking it. Uncle was sitting on bed with his eyes closed and mummy was on floor greedily sucking his dick. He removed mummy bra and started kneading her boobs. She was totally on fire. Than uncle made her sit on her laps and started sucking her big brown nipples. She was moaning loudly. Than uncle made her sit like in a doggy position and started fucking her. It lasted for long. Both were tired when they finished. Mummy hugged uncle and laid over him for some time. Uncle gave her some money and said that you get some new clothes for you and some sweets for kids and let’s plan to go out on a trip for 2 days and tell as if it is a official trip.

Than mummy started moving toward bathroom to clean up herself and uncle and we rushed to our bedroom. We can see from our bedroom that they both started bathing each other. They again they had one more round and after getting out of bathroom mummy cleaned up uncle and he got ready. Mummy also wore her same clothes. They again hugged each other and kissed for some time and uncle depart.

After seeing all this we both were hot like anything. At night while sleeping we also tried with each other. Than next day mummy declares than she had to go for trip for 2 days.

After that we noticed new faces coming to our place and doing this act with mummy. Once at our age of eighteen we were quite grown up physically. One day our relatives came from london and there family include uncle and his son. Our father was on tour for one month at that time uncle was showing lot of interest in mummy and mummy was also responding the same by showing off. Later we came to know that uncle had brought new clothes for her along with some sexy night dresses with matching under-garments. We also came to know that uncle only called up ask about her numbers for the various dresses. We both were quite surprised that how come mummy told her bra and panty size to him. We could conclude that they must seeing each other from long time. Uncle son, peter was a smart guy of 20. He was very friendly with us. He also gave us some new dresses which they have brought for us and our sizes were also given by mummy as told by peter.

Guest room was given to uncle and peter. But at night we heard some noises from mummy room and when we checked from key hole we were surprised to see that they both were hugging each other. Uncle was saying mummy to wear all those dresses which he brought for her. Mummy was feeling shy to change in front of him but somehow uncle convinced her and removes her clothes. She was totally naked and uncle was kissing her boobs, naval, cunt thighs, back and arse. Than mummy moved towards those gifts and started changing the dresses one by one. Uncle fixed one dress for her to wear next day which was very sexy midi. It was hardly covering anything of her. She was little reluctant but uncle said that kids are grown up now and they also wear these dresses.

They both hugged each other with lip lock. After some time they went into foreplay and uncle was sucking her cunt and she was moaning. They get into 69 positions. After some time they started the final round. Finally uncle after satisfying her moved to his room.

We both were wet now. We moved to our room and under the blanket started a 69 position till we were satisfied. Next day we saw mummy in the same midi. It was very deep front and backless till her bums. It was upto her upper thighs and they were cut from both side. Peter and uncle both were watching mummy breast which popping like anything.

After having breakfast we and peter went to the market when peter said, “aunt was looking very sexy today. Dad specially bought this dress for her because she sent a picture of this dress. Dont you wear these dresses.”

Veena replied, “ yes we do but when we need to seduce someone. And you are our cousin so there is no point in that’

Peter: hey come on, cousins are very distant relation. When dad can have with your mom why cant we but if you don’t mind. I would love to see you in some good dress.

After reaching home we changed in a very sexy outfit and our mother face was red with anger. But uncle some how managed it and were praising our beauty. After lunch, uncle and mummy went to shop shopping and peter joined us in our bedroom. We have kissing initially and them he attacked our boobs. He was mad after them. We also gave him a blow job. He also sucked priya cunt and she had multiple orgasms. He wanted to fuck us but we refused for that since mummy is expected anytime.

They stayed with us for ten days and uncle and mummy use to have sex twice a day and we use have foreplay as and when we get opportunity.

I asked, “it means you have never been fucked before today”

They both said, “no, we had sex 3-4 times last year with our college friends. That was group orgy. It was fun”.

It was 5: 30 now. Thought of moving but cock was hard again. I told them to give me a blow job.
I moved after some time but this adventure was really memorable for me.

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