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2nd Wife made My Dreams Come True Part 2

Hello again everyone form Ajay and Nina,

You should read our first story, How my 2nd wife made my dreams come true, to fully understand this one.

Thank you so much for your great comments. We received a lot of emails and you had a lot of great things to say. To the one who is in a similar situation as us….. good luck with taking things to the next level. To the ones that sent us pics of your lunds, A BIG Thank you form Nina, she really liked them. A lot of you asked Nina to write the next part, but she just keeps putting it off and asking me to write and you wanted to know what happened next, so I have to tell you myself.

I’ll start from where I left off…. I asked Nina to come and sit as I moved over creating a space between me and Jeet. She sat between us and I poured her a drink of whiskey. She never used to drink, but I got her started a few days ago. She doesn’t like the taste so she takes it with coke or juice. Jeet was surprised to find out that she drinks. I made her finish her drink quickly as the whiskey brings out her wild side.

After her drink I poured her another light one as that is sufficient for her and me and Jeet poured quite a big shot. I had to break the ice, I knew Nina was ready for Jeet and Jeet wanted Nina, so I started by saying, hey jeet, do you know what Nina’s biggest fantasy is. No what, he asked. No Ajay, you promised not to tell anyone, said Nina. So what, it’s no big deal, I said, everyone has fantasies, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
I won’t tell anyone, said Jeet. Nina was looking at me, she wanted me to tell him, but she was putting up a great act.

She wants to have sex with 2 guys a one time, I said quickly and nina immediately slapped me on my shoulder and said Ajay, you… you…, that is all that came out of mouth at that time, but after pausing for a quick second she said, the drink has gotten to your head. Am I lying, I asked. She didn’t respond as she didn’t want to say no or yes. Jeet interrupted by saying its okay, there nothing wrong with that fantasy, a lot of women want that. Yeah, I said looking at Nina, see even Jeet thinks it’s fine, I said, putting my left arm around her. I picked up her drink and put it to her lips and made her drink half of it. Do you have anyone in mind, Jeet asked Nina. No, anyone would be fine as long as they can keep it a secret. I know someone who’s really perfect for this, I said, putting my right hand on Mina’s right thigh. Who? They both asked at the same time. Let’s finish our drinks first I said, Me and jeet finished our drinks, nina left a little bit behind as she was buzzing now and was fully relaxed. Tell us now, asked jeet. You, I said quickly. Me, he said again as nina just sat quiet. Yeah you, you are perfect for it, we can trust you to keep it secret as there’s not too many guys that we can trust. They both sat quietly as I knew they wanted it, but no one wanted to be the first to admit.

Okay, I said, I have a plan. I got up and got 2 pieces of paper and two pens. I gave one paper and pen to nina and other to jeet and told them to write yes if you would like to do it with each other or no if you don’t want it and secretly fold your answers. I then explained that if you both write yes, then I’ll say it’s a deal and if you both write no or even one writes no, I will say it’s not a deal and will not tell if one said no or both said no.

They agreed, wrote their answer on the paper and handed it to me. Nina picked up her drink and finished the last bit of it. I opened them and it was no surprise to me as both had written yes. I then took my time and said out loud, one of you wrote……….. and pause at that. You said you wouldn’t say anything if our answer didn’t match, said jeet interrupting me. He was nervous as he thought the answers might be different. Nina also had surprise look on her face as she was expecting yes from jeet. Let me finish I said and again started saying. One of you said yes, and the other one said………… yes as well, I said after pausing for a bit and immediately they had big smiles and quickly looked at each other and looked away. I went and sat by nina and pulled her face towards me and started kissing her. I held jeet’s hand and placed it on nina’s boob and jeet started working on them. I pulled my face away from nina’s and lifted jeet’s hand from her boobs and place it between nina’s legs and she opened her legs wider to make room for jeet’s hand. Nina then looked into jeet eyes with lust and moved her face towards his and he quickly responded and locked lips with nina and nina wrapped her arms around jeet’s neck and started going wild.

I then got up and said I’m going to let you two fuck alone this time as this is your first and I want you to get comfortable with each other. We’ll do it together in the next act. They didn’t respond as they didn’t want to break apart. I walked out and went down stairs and turned the TV on. I couldn’t concentrate on the TV as nina’s moans got louder and could be heard throughout the whole house. My lun was hard I was finding it tough to stay away from the action, but I didn’t want to interrupt them either so I got up and left the house. I took my car and went to get take out dinner from a great restaurant that’s about 10 minutes drive from our house. The thought that my wife is being fucked by her step brother kept me exited.

I came home after about 40 minutes. I heard the shower water running and knew that they were finished. I placed the dinner at the dinner table and then went to the bathroom in our bedroom and saw them showering together. How was it? I asked in a sexy teasing tone. He is sooooo good, responded nina. Jeet responded by saying she’s the best as they turned the shower off and came out and started wiping each other. I’m so glad you both loved it, I said and told them I have dinner waiting. They followed me in to the dinning room and nina said, he fucked me in a really great position and it felt the best ajay. Which one I asked and nina quickly started showing me by saying he bent me like this as she bent down standing up, by the dinning table. Her legs were straight, she put her hand on the floor close to her feet, her neck was right between her knees as she left no space between her upper body and lower body. Nina and Preeti were both so flexible that one can tie then in a knot; you can bend them in any way you want. You can spread their legs into full 180 digrees. She then finished the sentence by saying, and then jeet fucked from behind. Jeet then got behind nina and slapped his soft cock on nina’s chood and stroked her to make me fully understand his move. I grabbed his lun and wacked it on nina’s chood and then moved jeet away and sat behind nina and shoved my tongue all the way in and started licking it. I licked it for about two minutes and then nina got up and said let’s have dinner first. You have made her chood even more tastier jeet, I said, and they both smiled. I took my cloths off as well and we sat on the dinning table. I made them sit beside each other and I went and got drinks for all of us and sat in front of them. You like nina fucking other guys, asked jeet. Yes, I want her to have fun and try a lot of guys, I said. I want preeti to do the same, said Jeet. I want you to fuck her, he added to his sentence.

I then thought that I’d update jeet on things but first I had a few questions for him. You won’t mind if I fuck Preeti, I asked jeet. No, I will love it, I have always wanted preeti to get fucked by you, he said. I then said I have to tell something and told everything from the beginning and at the end I said it’s because of preeti, we are all together now. If she wouldn’t have fucked me and told me that you wanted to fuck me, this wouldn’t have been possible. Jeet became really happy and we called Preeti and told her everything. We asked Preeti to come, but she was serving dinner and said it would be impossible today. During dinner we also told him that Nina is going to be fucking Ravi next and then Bobby and Neelam’s husband and said that we’ll get to fuck Neelam and maybe even Ravi’s wife.

Jeet got very exited at that thought and told us some of the most exiting things that no one knew besides him. Guess who was the first woman that I fucked, he said. Me and nina both looked at each other and then looked at Jeet. I lifted my shoulders up and nina said, we have no clue, why don’t you tell us. Our hearts were racing faster as we didn’t know who’s name was going to come out of his mouth. Jeet swallowed his bite and said, Bobby’s mother. No way, said nina, when and how? She asked him. He said,that I happened a few months before we were going to leave the village and move to Delhi. Bobby’s the only one who’s in delhi, the rest of the family is still in the village. Bobby used to live with Jeet’s family till he got married 2 years ago and is now renting close to Jeet’s house. How did it start, I asked Jeet. One day we were alone at home, jeet started his story, and she started teasing me by saying, it’ll be easier for me to get a girlfriend in delhi. I remained quiet and shocked said jeet, but I got exited when she asked me if I was a virgin. I always had the hots for her and after hearing that, my lun got hard and she saw I bulk up in my jeans, explained jeet as he would finish a bite and would start again.

He then continued by saying, I said yes, I’m a virgin and then she started walking to the bedroom and asked me to follow and we both went to the bedroom. She then said, do you want to learn a few things and I said yes. He then told us all the details of how that was the first time he tasted a chood, had his lund sucked and fucked a chood. Bobby’s mother was dark, big boobs, big ass, waste had fat but wasn’t too big. She was actually a very sexy woman, not as pretty and sexy as Jeet’s mother but quite close.

He then continued by saying that those few months were the best in his life as he fucked her at every opportunity. The biggest surprise came when he told us that she hooked him up with another unmarried girl and he used to fuck both of them. Who was the other girl, I asked. Your Bhabi, he said. I was shocked as I could’ve never believed that my bhabi would do something like that. She always went by the book. You are lying, I said. No, it’s true, I wouldn’t lie about something like this, he said. I started to believe him as she was from his village and Bobby’s mother was the one that arranged my brother and bhabi’s wedding.

Tell me all about it, I said and Jeet continued by saying that he told Bobby’s mom that he liked Rani (my Bhabi) and she started seducing her by telling her that Jeet likes you, it’s okay to have a boyfriend to hug and kiss, and finally convinced her. She would always tell us that it’s okay to have oral sex, anal sex, but told us not to penetrate the chood as she should stay virgin till marriage. So we obeyed her and would only have oral and anal sex and I only fucked her in the chood after she got married, explained jeet.

I was amazed, our life was becoming a soap opera and I loved everything about it. We were finished dinner and while getting up and putting the dishes away, I asked him if he still fucks them. Every time we the opportunity, he said. Does preeti know about it, I asked. No, but I’ll tell her everything tonight, he said. I was having hot thoughts about my bhabi now, but felt bad about my brother. Jeet sensed my feelings and said are you thinking about your brother, he asked. Yes, I responded. Don’t worry, Rani tells me that he’s got 3 girlfriends in the village, said Jeet.

We sat on the sofa and talked for about 15 and decided to fuck again. We went to the bedroom and took turns kissing nina. I held jeet’s fully erect lund and slammed it on nina’s chood and she started moaning. We laid nina on the bed facing up, jeet took his lund to her face and started working on the mouth. I started eating her yummy chood. We switched positions after about 5 minutes, jeet started licking her and nina was sucking my lund, with the fingers on my right hand, I was spreading her chood for jeet to make sure her tasted every part of it.

Jeet then got up on his knees between her legs and told me to grab his lun and direct it into her cunt. I quickly grabbed it with my right hand, opened her pussy lips with my left and started rubbing his head on her clit. She started moaning. Ooooooohhhhhhhh jeet, your lund feels soooooo good. Andhar bar do, majha de do mujha. I kept teasing her as I’d position it to the hole and then pull it away to rub it more around her love hole. She couldn’t take it any more and finally looked at me and said, saley andhar bar andhar, mere bhai ko marne de meri, bahut der lgadee main ne ose daine me, bahut tarsia bechare ko, ab ose masti karne de mere sath.

With listening to that, I placed it on the hole and jeet shoved it all in with one stroke hardly giving me enough time to take my hand out of the way. I held her legs up and jeet had his hand on her legs, just under her knees and started pounding her. Nina would take my lun out of her mouth, moan some pleasure moans and then continue to suck again. I let him pound her in that position and then switched places with him. I continued in the exact same position for about 5 minutes and then opened her legs wide and lay on her. I put my arms underneath her shoulders and continued pumping. Nina took out jeet’s lun out of her mouth and looked at me. Jeet started slapping his lun on her tongue. I took my mouth forward and put the top half of his lun’s head into my mouth and nina licked the bottom half. Our lips would touch each other’s lips and his tip would sit in the middle. Jeet fed us his lund turn by turn till I decided to change positions.

I got Nina in doggy style and started fucking her, jeet sat in front of her and nina kept sucking him hard. I pulled my lun out of her chood and slowly inserted it into her gaand. I then pulled her back on top of me, with me on the bottom facing up, my lun in her gaand and she lay on me facing up and I grabbed her legs from under her knees with my hands and pulled them to her boobs. Jeet came on top and placed his lun on her chood and asked, are you ready. Yes, she said, bar do, I’ve been waiting for this and jeet slowly started inserting it. I could feel his lun sliding in as it felt like it was rubbing against my lun. Nina let out a big aaaaaahhhhhhhhh and told jeet to start slowly. I decided to ask jeet a question to give nina time to get adjusted. Hey jeet, since when have you been wanting to fuck her, I asked. He said, after he found out that she wasn’t his real sister and one day he overheard his friends talking about how sexy she is and since then I started fantasizing about her. He then told us that when ever his friends came over, he would hide a voice recorder near them and he would walk away and leave them by themselves, and when ever they saw nina, they would say hot dirty things about her and later he would listen to the recorder and masturbate. We asked him to bring the recorder with him the next time he comes over. Maybe I’ll let them fuck me one day, said nina and I told how she used fantasize about them. Jeet started moving his lun in and out and I stayed still. He got faster and faster and nina went crazy. Oh jeet ab majha ayiya, phar de meree varna tere doston se pharwa loongi, she said. parwa le Sali, said jeet, challu rundi ban ja or preeti ko bee apne jaisee bana le. He rammed her hard and we all started sweating. We then rolled over and now jeet was on the bottom facing up, nina had his lund in her chood and was facing him and I was now ramming her gaand as jeet stayed still. We fucked in this position for about 10 minutes and then I told jeet to fuck her in his special position. We stood on the floor, nina bent down, legs straight, neck in her knees and hands on the floor and jeet went to the back and started fucking her. I saw that jeet’s thrusts were pushing her forward, so I went in front of nina, put my hands on her back and kept her pushed towards jeet. He pounded and she screamed love ramarks.

I then went behind nina and told jeet to let me fuck her in that position and I went nuts at banging her as I had her fully screaming for mercy. My bigger and thicker lun made her uncomfortable in this position. I kept ramming her until she got tired. She sat on her knees in front of us and started sucking us turn by turn and asked us to cum. I got behind jeet, put my lund to his gaand, left arm around his belly and with my right hand I held his lun and started stroking it fast as he shot his load all over nina’s face. He then got behind me and made me cum.

All this exercise had made us totally sober. We had another drink and we went to drop Jeet off at his house.
I drove the car, jeet and nina sat in the back seat kissing and cuddling, they were acting like newly weds. We dropped jeet off and decided not to go in as nina’s mom and dad would get really mad at her if they found out that she had been drinking. We came back and feel a sleep a soon as we hit the bed.

The next day around 1 pm, Jeet and Preeti came. Me and Jeet first fucked preeti like we had fucked nina the previous evening and then all four of us fucked together. We couldn’t spend as much time together as we wanted to, due to Jeet’s mother. She always kept Jeet and Preeti busy. They had lots of money but it was never enough for her, but she would make them work there butts off, always telling them to do something around the house or telling jeet to go meet new clients and try to get new work contracts. A lot of Jeet’s and nina’ visits were cut short as she would call them and tell them to come over. A lot of the times they couldn’t finish what they had started with us.

Anyways two weeks had gone by and finally one day, Preeti brought her bhabi Samita, (ravi’s wife) over. Before bringing her over, she told me and jeet to hide. When we saw them walk in, me and jeet went upstairs in one room and sat quietly. They walked in and sat in the drawing room and we could hear them talking.

After the little chit chat, preeti said to Samita, Nina has agreed to fulfill Ravi’s dream. Yes, said nina. Really, asked Samita, how you convinced her? I just asked her to do me a favor and she agreed, said Preeti. Just like that, samita asked again. Yes just like that, said preeti. I can’t thank both of you enough; he’ll be so happy, said Samita. Our husbands know about it too, said Preeti. The room went quiet and me and Jeet could’ve only guessed the expression on Samita’s face. Can you guys come down stairs, Preeti called us and we quickly went down stairs. We heard everything, I said just as I walked in to the drawing room. Samita looked at us and then at nina and preeti but couldn’t come up with any words to say. It’s okay, I said, we would be happy to fulfill your request and Ravi’s dream. Samita looked at me again and the only word that came out of mouth was I…..I….. you can’t believe it, I said finishing her sentence for her. It’s better if we all know about it, said preeti, that way it’ll be safer for Ravi and nina and we can all make sure they find time and a place when they want to get together.

You are okay with it, samita asked me finding some courage with in her, I mean Ravi is so possessive of me, he’d never agree for me to be with another man. That’s not really fair now is it, he wants to fuck other women but doesn’t want you to explore, I said. I’m okay with it, she replied. Well then, it’s all settled, nina will do it but if you can do the same for me and Jeet then we’ll really appreciate it, I said. Ravi doesn’t have to know about it, said jeet. Preeti then explained about the four of us and when she was finished, Samita agreed to fuck us and we all agreed that we wouldn’t tell anything to Ravi. Nina will seduce him and he’ll think that nobody else knows about their affair.

Me and Jeet went and sat beside Samita on the sofa with her in the middle and we started feeling her boobs and I started kissing her. Samita’s boobs were bigger and felt softer compared to nina’s and preeti’s. she was taller, about 5’5”, slim waste, big ass (very wide on the hips), long neck, small chin, high cheeks. Her body style was different than both nina and preeti. She looked better than nina and preeti in a sari and salwar suit but she was no match to girls in jeans as nina and preeti made her look big.

Anyways, before we could undress her Jeet’s mom interrupted us by calling us and she got mad at jeet for not being home on time as she had planned other duties for them. Yeah hame majha nahin lene deygi, iss ke bare me sochna parega, said preeti. Maybe we should get her a boyfriend and then we can all enjoy more, I said. Why don’t you fuck her, said nina looking at me. We all looked at jeet and wanted to see the expression on his face but to our surprise, he was quiet calm and didn’t say anything. What do you think jeet, asked nina. If that’ll get me more time to play, then yeah, do it, he said looking at me and we all started thinking how I can seduce her. Every one gave their ideas, but nothing was accepted by all so we decided to keep thinking of new ones, but decided that if possible, we would get her out of the way first.

I gave a few hot kisses to Samita before saying good bye and the three of them left. On the way to dropping Samita off, jeet got his lun sucked by her in the back seat while preeti drove the car. That night I came up with a perfect plan that nina loved and we told jeet and preeti on the phone and they loved it as well. We decided to take nude pictures of me and decided that we will find out a way to secretly show her and if she showed interest, then the things would work out, So the next day nina took my pics with our digital camra and we printed them on our printer and waited for the right opportunity.

Nina then started asking her mother to visit us and about two days later her mother decided to visit and asked preeti to come with her. Preeti pretended to be busy but agreed to drop her off. Preeti notified us that they are on their way and as planned, we put the pictures in an envelope and put them near the sugar and tea jars in the kitchen. Nina then left the house in our car and I turned the shower on upstairs to pretend that I was in the shower, but came and hid in the computer room downstairs near the kitchen and lobby. Nina called preeti on her mobile and told her that she’s gone to pick up a few things and will be back shortly. She also told her that Ajay’s in the shower and the front door is open.

Preeti dropped off her mother in law and left. She came in and as we suspected, she went straight to the kitchen. This woman loved her tea, every time she goes to someone’s house, either she tells them right away to prepare the tea or she goes to the kitchen herself and starts the tea. We knew that if nina wasn’t home then she’ll go directly to the kitchen. I started watching her through the space on the side of the computer room door and she put water in the pot and started the stove. When she pulled the tea jar, the envelope fell exposing my pics. Our plan had worked perfect, we had done our part and now it was her turn.

She started looking at the pictures and I saw her mouth open as she started looking at them. We took 40 pictures, some with my lun soft some with hard and a lot of different poses. She quickly walked out of the kitchen to check the front door and to check up on me. Learning that it was still safe, she returned to the kitchen and started looking at them again and this time she had a smile on her face and she surprised me when she kissed one of the pics. My lun got hard as I knew that things were going to work out. She started kissing every picture and then she put some pics in her purse and started putting the rest back in the envelope. I quietly stepped out of the computer room and went up stairs, I wet my hair and after some time came back down pretending that I knew nothing. She came out of the kitchen when she heard me walking down and I walked over to greet her.

I said, hi aunty, as that was what I called from day one and instead of giving her a hug with one arm, I put both my arms around her waste with my hands resting just above her ass cheeks. She responded with a hug with both arms as well. I’ll make tea, I said, and started walking to the kitchen. I just got to put milk in, she said, and told me to wait in the drawing room. I’ll put milk in, I said and walked to the kitchen. She followed by saying, no, I’ll take care of it: with that said we found ourselves in the kitchen. I saw the picture envelope and said, oh my god, I left these here, I’m so sorry. I grabbed the envelope and took it to my bedroom. After counting, I learned I was missing 4 pics. I walked down stairs and sat in the drawing room and a few minutes later, she brought tea for both of us.

You know, I’m sorry for leaving them there, I said. I know you two live alone, she said, but keep your personal stuff in your bedroom. So you did see the pictures, I asked and she felt embarrassed and caught. It’s okay, I said, I won’t tell anyone. I just opened the envelope and saw one, then I quickly put them back in, she lied. Oh really, why am I missing 4 pics then, I said and she had no answer to it. Come on it’s between you and me only, just tell me if you’ve seen them all, I promise not to tell anyone and also if you can keep it between us, I’ll really appreciate it, I said. I just saw them quickly, she said. Do you want to see them again, I asked. No she replied. Come on I said you’re going to go home and see the 4 you have in your purse, so why not see all of them properly, I said. She felt caught and softly said, please don’t tell anyone. Trust me I won’t, but you have to tell me something and you can’t lie, I said. Okay, what do you want to know, she asked. Did you like them, I asked. She didn’t know what to say. Come on you can tell me, I said and then told her that I put them there on purpose for her to see. Why did you do that? she asked. You have to answer my question first and then I’ll answer yours, I said.

I then asked again if she liked them and she said, yes. Wow I was now getting hard and she was looking at my lun bulking up in my shorts. What did you like about it, I asked. Your size, she said. I got up and brought the envelope back, sat beside her and took the pictures out and spread them on the table and asked her which were her favorite. She quickly looked out the front window and said, nina will be home any minute, please put them away. I then called nina and gave the phone to her mother as soon as she answered. Nina told her exactly what I had told nina to say. She said that she met neelam in the bazaar and neelam’s car wouldn’t start and now she will drop her off before coming home in about an hour.

She now knew it was safe and I asked again, tell me which ones are your favorite. She started pointing to them one by one and she was picking out the ones with my erect lun. It’s so big, are the pictures real, she asked and I grabbed her left hand and put it on my lun. She didn’t pull away but started felling it through my shorts. I quickly grabbed her right boob and she said I’m old and you are young. You are so hot that even today you can have any guy you want, I said to build up her confidence and for sure it was true, she didn’t look her age. She was short, big boobs and big ass but smaller waste. She looked really good in a sari as that’s what she wore mostly. I then told her that I put the pics in the kitchen just so you could see them. Why did you want me to see them, she asked. I slid my hand from the boob to her chood and said I have always wanted to fuck this hot chood of yours and didn’t want to waste anymore time, I wanted to give it a try and see if you would accept.

How can I say no to something so nice and big, she said and I leaned over with open mouth and started kissing her. She responded well and kissed like a horney teenager. With her hand massaging my lun, she pulled back a little and then put it inside my shorts and grabbed my lund. She held it in her hand to check the thickness and then ran her hand from the head of my lun to my pubic hair to check the length. I started removing her sari and she started unhooking my shorts. I helped her with my shorts and then stood up in front of her and she admired my size by giving me sexy looks and running her hands all over it and then she opened her mouth and gave my lund a warm wet feeling. I slapped her lightly on her left cheek and said, Sali, achhi lagtee hai yeah kartee apne son in law ke sath. Ab nahin rukne wali, she said pulling my lund out of her mouth and then quickly returning to where she left off. Her saliva started running to her boobs and started soaking her sari so she stopped and undressed and I saw her big boobs and her chood full of hair. I made her sit on the sofa again and I sat on my knees in front of her. I then grabbed her legs from her knees and pulled her ass to the edge of the seat. She surprised me when she lifted up her legs straight, held them with her hand from under her ankles and pulled them back bringing her face through her knees. Wow just like nina and preeti she was also so flexible. I moved her pubic hair out of the way and sank my mouth in the warm wet chood. She was loving my sucking and saying my name. Oh ajay, thank you for this opportunity, she said, how can I ever repay you. I didn’t respond but kept sucking and biting her cunt. I then got up and with her in the same position I sunk my lund in her chood. It went sliding in and started pumping her right away. She started moaning loudly, majha ah giya Ajay, bahut majha ah giya, Sali nina iss ka majha ekelee letee hai, aisee cheez to share karnee chahi eh. Kis ke sath share karnee chahi eh usse, I aked. Mere sath, she replied. How about Binni, I asked. Uss ko bee yeah majha dedo Ajay, usse be is ka majha lene do, she replied as she had her first orgasm. I pumped her harder and asked, how about preeti. Knotty boy, sab ko chodna hai kiya, she asked. It’s not fair, Preeti ko be majha lene do, I said. Jis kee dil chahe lelo, maghar mere jaroor lete rahina, she begged. Tere to phadner hai mujhe sasoo ma, I said as I gave her big hard pumps.

I then pumped her in doggy style still on the sofa as she screamed like a bitch. Her legs were all wet with our love juices and I kept pumping her hard. After a few minutes I changed two other positions and then she turned her face and looked at the clock and it had been 40 minutes since I called nina. She then said, finish kar do, time bahut ho giya, nina ane wali hai. Nina kee ma kee gaand me lund, Sali kiya kar le gi woh, I said. Please finish kar do, she begged as she was becoming less passionate and more worried. Phir kabhi le lena, ab mana nahin karoongi, she said. mera maal khao gi, I asked. Yes she replied as she pulled forward forcing my lund out of her chood and then sat with her mouth open. I stroked my lun fast as I then emptied my self on her face and in her mouth. When I was all done, she quickly grabbed her sari and ran to the bathroom. I followed and when she was done washing her mouth and her chood, I then asked her to clean my lund. She asked me to clean it myself as she still to wear her sari and look presentable. I grabbed her sari and said, pahile isse saaf karo. Bare jidee ho, she said as she took some toilet paper and started cleaning it. She quickly cleaned my lund and pushed me out of the bathroom and she came out after about 7 minutes.

We then sat on the sofa kissing and waiting for nina to arrive. Nina arrived after about 5 minutes and aunty quickly moved away to the next sofa and watching her enter the outside gate, I said, tere yaar ki ghar wali ah gayi. Yeah kitnee lucky hai, she said, tumse sari raat marwati hai. Tujhe be ek din sari raat rakhoon ga, I said. she smiled as we watched nina enter the drawing room.

I’m sorry, she said to aunty putting down her purse on the table and explained how she had to drop off neelam. Koyee bat nahin said aunty as she smiled looking at me while giving nina a hug. I got up and went to our room and a few minutes later nina came and I told her all the details quickly and I told her about her role in the next act. She went down stairs and they both started talking in the drawing room.

I got all naked and walked down to the drawing room with my lund soft. Both of them got shocked as they saw me. Nina was pretending, but aunty’s face was all red as she had no clue what was happening. I said, aunty nina iss ke bare me bahut complaint kartee hai. Ajay, bas karo aur ja kar kapre pao, said nina. Abhi nahin, pahelo aunty ko batao ke itnee complaint kiyo kartee ho, I said. Nina looked at aunty and said yeah itna bara hai, putting her both hand about two feet apart. Jhooth boltee hai yeh, yeh to sirf itna hai, I said holding my hands about sex inches apart. Joothe, she said to me and then looked at aunty and said iss ka bahut bara hai. To kiya huah, said aunty, tum lucky ho. Nahin, said nina, yeh hamesha tiyar rahita hai, hamesha ek hi cheez dhoondta yeh. I walked over to aunty and nina as they were both sitting on the same sofa and said to aunty, kiya yeh itna bara ho sakta hai, yeh to bahut chhota hai. Nina said, abhi to chota hai, lekin jabh kharta hai to bahut bara ho jata hai. To khara karke dikha do, I said pulling nina’s head to my lund. Nina started sucking, aunty looked at me and I put my finger on my lips signaling her to keep quiet.

I was fully erect in seconds and nina pulled it out and looking at aunty she said, dekho kitna bara hai, mooh me be barna mushkal hai. Aunty tum try kar ke batao, ke mushkal hai ya asaan, I said as nina pushed my lund towards her and I pulled aunty towards my lund and before she could say anything I had her lips to my lund. She kept her mouth closed as she looked at nina and nina said try karo aur dekho, kitna mushkal hai. She opened and started sucking it and after about 15 or 20 seconds, she pulled it out and tried to say something but nina pushed her from the back of the head and said thora aur chooso phir pata lagega. Aunty now started sucking it with full joy and after about 3 minutes she took it out of her mouth again and said nina tum bahut lucky ho, aisa piece milna bahut mushkal hai. I now started thinking how many she had seen but kept quiet as this was not the right time to ask her a question like this.

Nina now started showing relaxed mood and said, thora mushkal to hai but majha bahut detta hai. I grabbed nina’s pant hook and started opening it, she grabbed my hands, trying to stop me and was saying ajay tum itne besharm ho, ruko ruko, but I forced it off then took her panties off. I held her legs up and said to aunty, aunty pakar kar dal do nina ki chood me. Nina now opened her legs wide as she knew it was going to happen, she put her left leg on auntie’s lap and again I said to aunty, dalo pakar kar. Nina also said to her, aunty dal do, yeah bahut jidee hai, mar kar chode ga. This was the first time nina called her aunty. Aunty then grabbed my lun and directed it into her chood. Nina let out a big moan and said looking at aunty, chood me bahut majha detta hai. Mai to bol rahi hoon ke tum bahut lucky ho, said aunty. Nina then asked her if she wanted to take it in to her chood and aunty said, mai… mai. I then pulled out my lun and took it to auny’s face and she started sucking it.

After about a minute, I sat on the sofa between them and said to aunty, Nina ko maloom hai ke maine tere le lee hai. Han mujhe sab maloom hai, nina bolee. Aunty was shocked and we then told her that I had always wanted to fuck her and nina had agreed to help me with it. Aunty was relived and said ab jab chahe le sakte ho. After talking for a while nina then said to aunty, tujhe ek bat baat poochni hai, aur tum jo kaho gi mai vohi karoon gi. Kiya, asked aunty. Jeet mere lenee chahta hai, de doon kiya said nina looking at aunty. Jeet? Asked aunty with a surprised look. Nina then continued explaining how he has wanted to fuck her since he found out that she’s not her real sister and how he recorded his friends’ comments about her and jerked off to them. Tujhe yeh sab kis ne bataia, asked aunty. She then told her our made up story and said that jeet came over few days ago and told her everything as he wanted to give it a try and not just keep his feelings to himself.

What did you say to him, asked aunty. I told him to leave but he kept begging me and telling me how much he wants me, so I said I’ll think about it. Aunty looked at me with a question look and I said I’ve told her to make his dreams come true, jeet is very nice guy, he should get the gift that he really desires. If you don’t mind then de do usse, said aunty. Sach, asked nina. Han, de do bichare ko, aunty said again and nina then told her that she has already fucked him several times. Aunty was now fully surprised and said stop playing game with me and tell me the truth. We then told her everything from the beginning and aunty was surprised but said, I’m glad that you are all enjoying your life. We then asked aunty if she had ever fucked another man besides uncle and she surprised us when she said yes, twice. It happened when they were in Goa, she explained how they met 2 couples there who used to swap partners and they accepted their proposal to join them. We then called preeti and updated her and asked her to come over.

After talking to preeti, me and nina started taking auntie’s sari off and she helped us undress herself and then took nina’s top off. I stood in front of them as they sat on the sofa beside each other and started sucking on my lund. I would pull my lund out of their lips and would make them kiss each other and then again I would stick it back in between their lips. We all went up stairs and started fucking. I made them lick each other and made them bend over beside each other taking turns stoking them.

When preeti rang the bell, nina went and opened the door fully naked. Aunty wanted me to stop so she could cover up but I kept fucking her in missionary position. Preeti and nina walked in and preeti said, ab baat bani, ab majha aye ga and she jumped in the bed with us. Preeti then told nina to freshen up for Ravi as she had made plans with samita and jeet. Samita is going to meet jeet in a hotel and Ravi is going be home alone, said preeti, so just go to their house and make his dreams come true. Nina went to the bathroom and started showering. Preeti started kissing me and I moved our mouths close to auntie’s and the three of us kissed. I then put aunty in doggy position and told Preeti to sit in front of her, I then told aunty to undress her and she followed my command and when preeti was naked, I told aunty to lick her chood and she buried her face in preeti’s shaved chood. After a little while I got them to perform oral sex on each other in 69 position and I took turns fucking them. I would go to one end and fuck preeti in the chood and make aunty suck my lund and then I’d go to the other end to fuck auntie’s chood and get my lund sucked by preeti. Nina got ready and left as I fucked both saas and bahoo in my bed. I unloaded in preeti’s chood and made aunty suck out my cum with her mouth and feed it to preeti.

when they were finished with my maal. Preeti said to aunty, Sali chaloo bahoo ki chaloo saas. Aunty kissed her on the lips and said tere ma chaloo, tere bahin challo, tu chaloo aur tere saas chaloo, tere mahike aur susraal wale sab chaloo. They both laughed. Preeti then told her how she was making their lives tough and not giving them enough time for erotic encounters. Aunty apologized and agreed to give them more playtime. We took aunty to the bathroom and shave her chood and I fucked them one more time before allowing them to leave.

Aunty is now very helpful in getting us together and never puts money ahead of fun. In the next post nina is going to tell her experience with ravi and I’ll tell you about preeti’s affair with her father in law. Please send comments to ajayninahotmail.com

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