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3-some with two sexy girls

By – Jairaj
Hi friends, you must have got my introduction from my stories published earlier.In this story, I am going to describe one of my best experiences involving two girls in a 3-some. For a preamble, I would request you to read my story “A night with a sexy girl co-passenger” first (that might be published in the COUPLES category) as the incident narrated in this story was a sequel to my encounter with Mini, my girl co-passenger in a train.

I remember, it was a Friday at about 8.30 in the night, when my telephone rang. Before I could say “Hello”, I heard a female voice saying: “Hello, is this Mr. Jai?”

I have heard this voice before. Still I could not recognize the person.

I answered: “Yeah, may I know who is speaking please?”

I heard a giggle. “Jai, did you forget me so soon? Oh, these men are like that. Very selfish. They tend to dump and forget everything about a girl as soon they fucked her, don’t they? Jai, I am Mini. Do you remember me now?”

“Oh… Mini, I am very sorry I could not recognize your voice”, I said apologetically. “It is so kind of you to have remembered me and called. Tell me, how are you?”

We talked for a few minutes including a mention about our exciting night together in my place a month ago having a series of lovemaking. All along, I was wondering if she made a casual call to exchange compliments or for a specific purpose. As if she could read my mind, she came straight to the purpose with a query:

“Jai, how about a repeat of our last experience”? She giggled and added: “The only difference is my best friend would like to join in the game this time”.

I could not believe what she had said. Out of the sudden surprise and excitement I looked as if I swallowed a bee. I was jumpy with my words: “Mini, will you please repeat what you told just now?”

She clarified: “Listen Jai, I had told everything about our night together to my closest and intimate friend. She is of my same age, naughty but very intelligent. You know, it was difficult to remain clam and expressionless against her probing questions as she could read too much from my face. And I crumbled. We had a secret talk about it. She agreed with me you were a thorough gentleman”.

She paused to take her breath and continued: “She had said she was happy I enjoyed the night with you. But, in fact, she was feeling envious with me. Oh… let me tell you, she is equally hot and horny, if not a little more than me. So, she made this proposition that we should together have a wonderful night with you, of course, at your place in utmost secrecy. She called it a 3-some”.

After a pause again, she went on: “Her name is Usha. She is from Tanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. She wanted me to talk to you and know if you like her idea. If okay, you need to come to our hostel gate on Saturday night at 9.30 and pick up us. We would come back the next morning. What do you say, Jai?”

Honestly, I still could not believe what she had said. I even doubted if I heard her rightly or not. Though I had heard about 3-some, but I had never experienced it before. ’My goodness! Enjoying two willing sexy girls at the same time, what a pleasure it would be’, I surmised.

“Jai, are you there?” she enquired anxiously.

‘Yeah”, I said, a little thrilled.

“Then, what is your opinion?” she asked.

“Mini, I am really happy and excited. It is fine with me. Rather, it is my utmost pleasure too. I shall make necessary arrangements and shall meet you two on Saturday at 9.30 PM. And, thank you very much for your kind proposal and also for the trust and faith in me. And, please covey my thanks to your friend Usha for her wonderful idea” I said.

She thanked me too. We talked for a few minutes more and hung up. She had said they would take their dinner from the Hostel canteen and wait near a landmark she told.

On Saturday night, I took a cab and reached the rendezvous spot exactly at 9.30. They too reached in time. During the journey back to my house, we did not talk much. I became aware her friend Usha shot occasional probing glances at my face. We reached my house, went inside, bolted the door and I ushered them straight to my bedroom. Sitting on the bed, we talked for some time. It was at this time I really observed Usha. She was of same height and build of Mini and the description matched exactly what Mini told me about Usha. Both of them wore salwar-kameez. I could not get a look at her boobs as she had covered her bosom with a duppatta.

Surprisingly, it was Usha who cut the ice and took the initiating steps to our play. So, I put off the light and switched on my dim blue bedroom bulb.

To avoid any shy or shame, as suggested by Usha, we removed our clothes one by one and step-by-step by each person. Lastly we three stood fully nude. While the girls stared at my non-erect cock, I eyed their boobs and pussy. As I had already seen Mini in nude, my attention was on Usha’s body. Her boobs were firm, erect and almost of same size of Mini’s boobs. The girls had removed their pubic hairs. It surprised me Mini did not flinch when my probing gaze concentrated on her boobs and pussy. ‘She must be a clever girl’ I thought.

Mini requested me: “Jai, Usha wants the whole play should be dominated and piloted by us. You are simply to obey us. Do you mind it?”

I nearly had a pleasant jolt hearing this. I said smilingly: “No problem at all, my pleasure”.

Usha sat at the middle of the bed while Mini and I sat at her either side. Turning to her front, both of us took each boob of Usha and began to suck it. The scene looked as if two kittens were sucking the nipples of their mother cat. Usha watched our sucking contentiously releasing incessant erotic moans. Later, while still sucking her boob, I inserted my middle finger into your pulsating pussy and began to finger-fuck her. This made Usha moan wildly. She caught hold of my hot erect cock and started to masturbate it. After five minutes Mini and I exchanged Usha’s boobs for our sucking. Mini left a lot of her saliva on Usha’s boob which I licked and swallowed.

After ten minutes, it was Mini’s turn. She sat at the middle and Usha and I began to suck her boobs at the same time while I finger-fucked Mini.

Later, as asked by Usha, I laid on the bed on my back. Usha bent over my body with her 34C size boobs hanging. She requested me to suck and squeeze her boobs. I was wondering why she wanted this repeat act as we had just sucked her boobs. I caught of her boobs and caressed them first. Then I massaged the nipples and aureoles. Later, I squeezed the boobs vigorously for some time. Next, I took one of her boobs into my mouth and began to suck it. I caught hold of her other hanging boob and began to squeeze it. She began to moan again.

For a minute I had forgotten about Mini. It was only when I felt somebody caught hold of my cock and balls and began to play with them I knew it was Mini. She licked it from bottom to top. Then drawing the foreskin back, she took my cock’s head inside her mouth and began to suck it hard. Ohhhhh…..I moaned. Usha insisted me to continue sucking and squeezing her boobs more hard. And I did so. I was experiencing and enjoying this 3-some for the first time in my life. While Mini continued to suck my cock with more force I felt lifted from the floor and flying in the sky. After some time, Usha changed her other boob for my sucking. In another 5 minutes, I exploded and shot my hot lava into Mini’s mouth. I became aware she swallowed it without wasting a drop. It was wonderful; my cock remained in full erect position even after ejaculation.

Mini excitedly told Usha that she got my cock-milk. Like a greedy, hungry tigress, Usha got her boob released from my mouth, shoved Mini away and took my cock into her own mouth and began to suck it madly. Mini changed position, bent over my body and thrust her boob into my mouth. Now our sucking continued. After another few minutes, I climaxed for the second time discharging my lava to Usha’s mouth. She too gulped it greedily. After a minute, I became aware my cock began to shrink a little though Usha continued to suck it. I told Usha to stop as it required a little time for me to erect again.

So, the girls proposed something. I stood up and Usha lay on her back now. She spread her legs and thighs and asked me to suck her pussy. I seated between her legs and began to suck her pussy. Mini brought her pelvic over Usha’s face and pressed her pussy into Usha’s mouth. So, I was sucking the pussy of Usha, while Usha sucked the pussy of Mini. Mini adjusted her position a little so that I could squeeze her boob with one hand while I sucked Usha’s pussy. It was a fantastic experience as both girls moaned continuously while I made no sound while sucking Usha’s pussy. In about 4 minute’s time, Usha climaxed and sprayed her colourless juice into my mouth. I gulped it down my throat. Her juice was tasteless but I felt a little urine smell. She asked me to continue sucking till Mini climaxed. In another three minutes, Mini too exploded secreting juices into Usha’s mouth. Usha swallowed it too.

We released our bodies from the entangled position. As asked by Mini, I lay on my back. Both the girls went to my cock and began to lick with their tongues at the same time. They vied with each other to get a better part of my cock to lick. Then they began to play and squeeze with my balls. At times, it pained me a little, but I did not complain. In 2-3 minutes, my cock erected.

Usha suggested we should start the fucking session now. Though Mini wanted to get fucked first, but Usha pleaded with her to give her the chance first.

At this time I asked them if I should use a condom as I had kept a pack in stock. Both the girls smiled and appreciated me for being very considerate and thoughtful.

Usha said: “No Jai, we don’t want you to use a condom. We want to feel the real pleasure of the touch of you inside us, skin to skin. We would like our tunnels to be filled with your milk”.

As I frowned to tell something, she stopped me and continued: “I know what are you are going to say. Don’t worry. Both of us are expecting our monthly menstruation soon. So, it is a safe period for both of us. In fact, we contacted you opting for this particular day considering all these”.

Woohhh…. I admired and gave full marks to the girls for their careful planning. Though unmarried, yet they indeed have good knowledge in the matter of sex. To me, it was as if the gold has fragrance as I could very well climax inside their pussies.

Usha lay on her back and spread her legs and thighs. I placed myself between her legs and touched her hole with the head of my cock. I was struggling to insert my erect cock as Usha’s hole was small and very tight. Mini came to my help and she separated and stretched Usha’s pussy lips. I tried again but it seemed she was feeling a lot of pain. While Mini kept Usha’s pussy-lips separated, I inserted my middle finger into her. Even I felt pleasure sending my finger deep into her tunnel. Once inside, I rotated my finger to stretch her pussy muscles to make room. I applied my own saliva on the surface of my cock. Then I slowly inserted my cock inside Usha inch-by-inch while Mini helped me. Half of my cock length went inside but refused to make further progress.

Mini laughingly advised me to make a huge thrust. As I did so, Usha cried in pain but the heavy push accomplished full penetration. Soon, Mini went near the face of Usha and offered her pussy to her.

As I began to make thrusts into Usha’s pussy, I found Usha inserting her middle finger into Mini’s pussy and finger-fucking her. All of us were getting pleasures and enjoying the fucking. Though Usha’s tunnel was already tight, on my asking, she further contracted her vaginal muscles tightly gripping my cock inside. It would have been a wonderful experience for anyone to hear the mixed erotic moans made by all of us at the same time remained filled in the room.

After 5 minutes of my fucking, Usha climaxed with a thunderous moan which reverberated in the atmosphere. In another two minutes, I too attained orgasm. I kept my cock up to its hilt thrust deep inside her pussy and sprayed my cock-milk into her tunnel. Usha asked me not to withdraw my cock and keep it inside her pussy till Mini climaxed. It took another three minutes or so for Mini to climax. Usha’s finger and palm became fully drenched with the juice of Mini. Interestingly I found Usha licking and swallowing Mini’s juices.

We eased ourselves and relaxed lying on the bed with the girls on my either sides. Though Usha’s face reflected fullest satisfaction, I found it a little less on Mini’s face as she could not enjoy fucking. I hugged Mini and promised to give her the pleasures soon by fucking her within few minutes. She became happy and smiled.

We rested for nearly twenty minutes. Then I asked the girls to suck my cock a little. As they did so, within a few minutes it became erected. It was at this time, it occurred to me that Mini took more time to climax while Usha finger-fucked her. That means, I need to fuck her for longer time. But I was not sure of my sustainability and erection power of my cock.

I asked: “Well girls, have you ever had lovemaking in doggy style”?

It was Usha who replied: “No. You had not made love to Mini also in this position. But, yes, between the two of us, we had practiced this by rubbing the pussy at each other’s back”.

I asked them to do the way I suggested and they agreed. I made Mini to bend on floor in inverted U-shape with her hands and toes touching the floor. I separated her legs and thighs. I kept her buttocks elevated at an angle so that her pussy became visible. Standing on knees behind her buttocks, I began to lick and suck her pussy. Then I raised my hand and slowly inserted my middle finger into her anus. Mini began to moan out of the pleasures she derived out of my sucking her pussy as well as finger-fucking her anus. Usha came in between us and unable to get a comfortable position, she began to masturbate massaging my cock. All this time, I was observing Mini’s reactions. While my sucking and finger-fucking continued for over five minutes, I felt a little spasm around her buttocks. So, I stopped my actions.

I took her to a closed window and asked her to bend forward resting her head on the window plain. I separated her legs and thighs. Standing behind her, I tried to insert my cock into her pussy. Usha joined and helped my cock to go inside Mini. Once full penetration was completed, I circled my hands around her body and cupped her boobs. Then I began to make thrusts into her pussy while I squeezed her boobs. Mini began to moan fiercely out of extreme pleasure and ecstasy. She said it was a wonderful position taking her to Heavens.

Suddenly, Usha became jealous. Unable to think what to do, she came behind me and hugged my body. She began to make forward thrusts as if she was fucking my anus with her pussy. Actually, she was rubbing her pussy on my buttocks. It was really an interesting scene – that is, Mini bending forward, I fucking Mini while Usha rubbed her pussy on my buttocks. Sweats buds dripped from our bodies. Then I really accelerated and used all my force to plough Mini’s pussy. After one minute, Mini released a thunderous yell out of reaching climax. I continued to fuck her till I reached orgasm a minute later.

Immediately Usha came to the front, shoved Mini off and wanted me to fuck her in doggy style soon. It was difficult as my cock began to shrink. Besides it pained too. I asked her to give me sometime. Usha began to suck my cock fully drenched in the mixture of my cock-milk and Mini’s pussy juice. Yet, it did not erect. I found Mini leaning on the wall and then sprawling to the floor in utmost satisfaction.

Now, I needed to get back my erection. At this moment it came into my mind that all these times, we had never engaged in kissing. So Mini made a suggestion. I and Usha stood on floor face to face and Mini sat on her knees in between us but facing my cock. I hugged Usha tightly and we two engaged in French-kissing. At this time, Mini took my cock into her mouth and began to suck it. After 2-3 minutes, Mini told my cock erected fully.

We stopped immediately and made Usha to take the same doggy style which Mini did earlier. Then I fucked Usha with brutal force. At this time, Mini came behind me and caught hold of my balls. While I fucked Usha, Mini squeezed my balls. Both Usha and I were getting extreme pleasures. When 3-4 minutes passed, suddenly something occurred in my mind. I asked Mini to continue to squeeze my balls while I fucked Usha. I felt I could retain my erection without ejaculating while my balls were being squeezed. I continued to ram Usha’s pussy with heavy punches with my cock. Though Usha did not cum, yet I felt my cock was covered with some thick liquid inside Usha’s pussy.

Taking my cock a little outside her pussy, I observed it and found my cock smeared with blood. When I told Usha so, she said she must have menstruated and her period started. But she pleaded me to continue fucking for a little time longer to help her climax. So, I obeyed her. Now, Mini seated in between us in an uncomfortable position and began to lick my balls. Luckily for me, Usha climaxed soon and I too offloaded my milk deep into her a little later.

I withdraw my cock quickly and found it fully covered with Usha’s menstrual blood. Mini accompanied me to the bathroom. She cleaned my cock. Later, the girls also washed their pussies. We came back to the room. As was my usual practice after lovemaking, I asked the girls to make coffee. After that, we lay on bed with the girls on either side of my body. Actually, we were dead tired and exhausted.

Kissing on my left cheek, Usha said: “Jai, after having had this experience, I can vouch for what Mini had said about you, that is, you are a wonderful love-maker”.

I smiled and said: “Thanks, dear”.

We knew further lovemaking sessions were difficult due to Usha’s menstruation. It was a strange coincidence that last time Mini had the same thing.

Usha said: “Jai, you call me selfish, I won’t mind. But I won’t allow you to fuck Mini again now as I could not have the same thing with you”.

Both Mini and I did not say anything but smiled.

Usha, however, made a suggestion: “But there is no harm in continuing with our foreplays only, is there?” Looking at Mini and I, she continued: “Jai can suck Mini and both Mini and I can suck you”

We agreed. So, I lay on my back. Mini brought her pussy to my face, keeping her upper torso bent facing my body. I mouthed her pussy and at the same time squeezed her hanging boobs. Usha sat near my buttocks, held my cock with one of her hands and thrust it into her mouth. This way, our sucking continued till I climaxed into Usha’s mouth and Mini into my mouth. Soon, my cock shrunk.

Later, Usha lay on her back. Mini pressed her pussy on her face and Usha began to suck it. I also sat beside Usha’s body and sucked her boobs. Our sucking continued till Mini cummed once again.

At the end of our plays, all of us became very tired. We lay again with the girls at the either side of my body and hugging me tightly with their hands. None of us knew when we slipped into sleep. I woke up at 5.10 in the morning and asked the girls to have their bath or else the hostel warden and their friends could read too much from their tired faces. They had a quick bath and we enjoyed steaming coffee prepared by me. Later, I took a cab and dropped them at a little distance away from the hostel gate. We profusely thanked each other for the wonderful night of ecstatic pleasures.

Well friends, how did you enjoy reading this experience of mine? You are welcome to mail me your views. Ladies desirous of making decent friendship or for erotic mails/chat or for real experience are welcome to contact me to my e-mail ID: jairaj999 Bye for now.Jairaj

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