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4some Fun

Hi, I submitted a story about a year ago…here is another one…Hi all, it’s Riya again! Thanks for your incredible response, and I’m so sorry i’ve been slow to respond to everybody’s emails., but I have been very busy recently moving from London to Hong Kong, but I promise I will reply to all soon. So since everybody liked my first story so much I thought I’d write about something similar. I was going to tell you about a few of the other incidents I had with Kyle, but I decided to save them for another day and tell you all about an incident that took place very recently! To remind you all, I’m now 23 yrs old, half Bengali and half American, 5’7, brown hair, green eyes, fair smooth skin….36-24-26 and I’m clean shaven, always have been since my first bf preferred it that way! And light brownish/pinkish nipples.
So for the last 6 months I have been in HK and have been working at this really cool, posh restaurant/bar/club. It’s very cool and I like working there. Mostly I work days but sometimes at night too. 4 months ago we got a new DJ, he’s a black guy and is from New York. After about one month we started having sex. It started after one drunken night out, and soon we were at it like rabbits during lunch in the office! Things were going well, my bf didn’t have a clue, and it was good fun! But after awhile he became very insistent on having anal sex with me. Of course I was always refusing. He even put it in there a few times, but I immediately used to move away and start shouting at him. It started happening too often for my liking so I stopped having sex with him. He wasn’t happy and used to always try it, but I always refused.
2 weeks ago two of his friends from New York were in town visiting. There were both very good looking too and were flirting with me all the time they were drinking. Disturbing me while I was working and all that….anyways one day one of the guys said to me that Jon (the DJ) said that you have sex with him all the time and that you love it in the ass! He said that him and friend wanted to have a go as well! I was so angry, I couldn’t believe that Jon would say that! I immediately went and confronted him, he just laughed it off, said it was just a joke, that I should chill out and he was sorry. So I said ok. His friends said sorry to and that they didn’t know Jon was lying so I just said whatever and we continued drinking. After the club the 4 of us (me, Jon and his 2 friends, Ash (another black guy) and mike (white guy) went out clubbing. We got quite wasted, it was really good fun. I was totally drunk and the 3 of them were trying to get me to come back to their place. I just jumped into a cab and went home on my own!Next day it was Saturday, so we all went out again, and some of my friends were there too. I must say I was looking really sexy for sure. I was wearing a very tight short white skirt. White thongs and bra, with a sleeveless pink top which revealed almost half of my tits! It was good fun and once again everyone was totally wasted! About 8 of us went back to Jon’s house and we continued partying there! Smoking Joints and having crazy shots! It was mental.
I don’t know what happened by I think I fell asleep on the sofa. It couldn’t have been long….maybe 20-25 mins max. I woke up when I felt someone trying to remove my skirt and when I regained some conciousioness I realized that Mike was tugging away at my skirt while ash had already managed to rip off my top and was pulling my bra down to grab my tits. In one sudden hard movement mike removed of both my Skirt and undies! And was now starring at my bold little pussy. It didn’t take him long to dive in and was slurping away at it like dog! Ash started sucking my tits while Jon positioned his cock on my face and soon it was sliding into my mouth.
I think at this moment I realized what was going on, and I wouldn’t have minded and would have had some fun but I already knew how Jon is. I only stopped having sex with him because every time he was trying to fuck my ass and was very rough as well. So I removed Jon’s cock from my mouth and tried to get the other 2 off me…Jon wasn’t pleased at all and shouted suck it slut and grabbed my hair and started to throat fuck me! He was going so hard into my mouth it was hurting the back of my throat! Mike had now started fucking me and it didn’t take long at all for Jon to unload into my mouth, I swallowed all of his hot sticky cum and even then he was still going in and out of my mouth!Ash pushed him off and demanded that I give him a blow job! I wasted no time and swallowed his balls! He started moaning as I stroked his long hard cock with my soft hands…slowly guiding it into my cum filled mouth and I started to suck on it hard and fast, twisting my tongue all over his cock. Mike cummed inside my pussy and Ash pulled out of my mouth and cummed all over face! He cummed so much as well! It was all over, some went in my hair and everywhere. We all just collapsed on the sofa and Jon started rolling another joint and he was already pretty high on coke! I got a little worried now and went to the toilet to wash up, when I came out they were all in exactly the same positions! Sitting there naked on the sofa smoking the joint! I went over and started to pick up my clothes one by one and as I bent to pick up my shoe Jon slapped my ass really hard! It kind of made me jump up and then they all started slapping my ass! It was hard as well! Like my ass cheeks must have been completely red! They bent me over and were slapping it for a while and the Jon told them hold the bitch, and they both held as he tried to get his cock into my ass! I begged him to stop, it wasn’t even going in….his cock was too thick for my ass I was wondering how he would manage to get it in!
He started to fuck my pussy again while I found myself once again sucking on ash’s cock. After awhile Jon removed his cock from my pussy and slipped it into my ass again…this time it went it a lot easier then before and I was screaming and begging him please go slow! He said ok baby don’t worry you’ll love it and he was going slowly for awhile. But then with one jerk he pushed his whole cock all the way up my ass! I felt I was being cut in half! At least he was still going slow but that didn’t last for long either, within seconds he was going mental and tearing my ass apart! He was going so hard and so fast I don’t think has even ever fucked my pussy like that before! Ash cummed in my mouth, mike came and I gave him a blow job also and he cummed in my mouth but Jon was still fucking my ass!He finally cummed in and on my ass after about 20 mins…they then positioned me sitting over ash and he slid his cock into my ass and mike came on top of me started of fuck me in the pussy. They were both going in rhythm and it felt really good! I was enjoying myself for a while there but then again Jon stood on top of me and started fucking my mouth and told the other 2 to fuck me harder! They went a little faster and the again he told them fuck the bitch harder!! And then they both increased the pace quite a bit and it was no longer fun and only painful. They both cummed quite quickly after that and then Jon cummed in my mouth and on my face. I got up washed up and went home. By the time I got home it was 9am! I slept the whole day and went back to work around 6pm. That night we went out drinking again and the 3 of them came back to my place this time where I entertained them with a sexy strip tease before they all fucked me like animals again all night long in many different positions!Hope you all enjoyed my story! Any comments email me at riya22_shotmail.com …bye now! Xx

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