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74 Ghante Ki Chudai Part IV

Friends, This is fourth and final part of 74 Ghante Ki Chudai. It is dedicated to all the Bhabhis. enjoy!
Our table was reserved in a family cabin. It had rich décor and pleasantly lit. Melodious. old Semi Classical Lata Mangeshkar numbers were coming on the internal music system at a very comfortable volume. Bhabhi was a huge Lata Mangeshkar fan and she was fully occupied listening to them. In the meantime, we discussed menu and she placed order for a three course veg dinner.

After a little while, she phoned Bhaiya at Bangalore, and talked with him mostly about me. Bhaiya talked with me. He was very happy knowing all about me. Bhabhi again talked to him, exchanged phone-kisses, and disconnected.

I asked-‘Bhaiya kab aa rahe hain?’
‘Saturday evening me land karenge.’

‘Oh! Saturday morning me to mujhe join karana hai. Just ek din ke liye-unse mulakat nahi ho payegi. Mummy Papa se bhi nahi mil saka. Unka to two weeks ka plan hai.’
‘Thik hai…hota hai…Kolkata kitni door hai. Bas 2 ghante ka flight. Week end me ate rahana. Abhi to Jan Shatabdi bhi achhe time par chal rahi hai.’

‘So to hai. Mere job par bhi depend karata hai….’
‘Piyush, rahoge kahan?’

‘Initially to Company Guest House me hi jawoonga. HRD se bat karake aage ka dekhenge –kya arrangement hota hai… Senior Officers ke liye to company lease houses hain. Juniors kya karate hain dekhenge….’

‘Piyush jab main ayi thi … tum kitne chhote the. Class IX me the na? Half pant pahanate the…Aaj tum itne bade ho gaye …Engineer ban gaye…Kitna achha lag raha hai…’

‘Bhabhi main bada kahan hua? Pahale to half pant pahanata tha…ab to bilkul nanga aapke samne ghumta hoon…’

‘Aur bolo…nanga sath me sota bhi hoon…nanga sath me nahata bhi hoon…..’
‘Bhabhi…aap khichai…kar rahi hain…’
‘No, my dear Dewar ji…fact bata rahi hoon…Bhabhi to Bhaiya ki property hoti hai na- Bhaiya Ka Mal. Bhaiya Ka Mal mane-apna mal- chode jao-chode jao…Apna mal hai.
‘Bhabhi aap embarrass kar rahi hain…’

‘Chalo koi bat nahi…cheer up…say cheese …ok…relax… Achha tumhe wo pahala wala din yaad hai…’
‘Bhabhi us din ko jindagi bhar nahi bhool pawoonga… Wo din Mere jiwan ka golden mod hai ….16th June 2000…Meri puri jindagi badal gayi…Mera Total transformation ho gaya…’
(Dear readers-This story has been published on ISS-“Chudai Ka Pahala Sabak”)

Bhabhi ne mera hath apne hath me le liya. – ‘Haan Piyush, hum dono bacche the. Main19 ki. Just HS Final diya tha -shadi ho gayi. Utne bade ghar me main akeli. Tum mujhse 4 sal chhote. Bhaiya din bhar office. Tumhare siwa baat karane wala bhi koi nahi. Naturally, hum friend ban gaye. Khel khel me chudai kar baithe…wo sab – bas ho gaya….’

‘Bhabhi kabhi aap … hamare relations ke bare me… sochti hain’

‘Kyon?…kya bol rahe ho tum?…isme sochne ki kya bat hai…Bhool kar bhi kabhi mat bolna…I am proud…mujhe itna achha Husband mila… itna achha pariwar mila…Itna pyar… itna Respect…Trust…Freedom… Property…aur kisiko kya chahiye? Why should I think? Dropadi ko tum kya bologe? Unke to Panch pati the. Lekin wo icon hain. Devi hain. Bhagwan Krishna ki dulari hain. Man ki pawitrata aur rishte ki honesty bahut badi chiz hoti hai… Dewar-Bhabhi ke relation ki koi seema nahi hoti… Dewar-Bhabhi ka relation life ko colorful banata hai…socho to sab jayaj hai…nahi to najayaj hai….’

‘What Lekin…Lekin Wekin kuchh nahi…Koi bhi Rishta jab tak parde me hai…Pawitra hai…Parda uthate hi Badnam ho jata hai… Hai ki nahi?’

‘Bas Bhabhi bas. I am sorry… extremely sorry…Aap meri Guru ho…’

‘Yes! Bhabhis are class apart Material. Guru mano ya, Friend, Philosopher and Guide. This is your matter-which way you like at me. How you accept me. Bhabhi Dewar ke liye kya nahi kar sakti. When in distress, any problem, you come first to your Bhabhi-she always stands by you. You feel easy to open your heart to her; nothing is secret between Dewar and Bhabhi.

Again, on the other hand, she can go to the extent of fulfilling your desires…Not even hesitant of lying beneath you…think Positive man! Purists may think otherwise – but I am not Purist. I am a material thing. I take the things in my stride as they come. I keep my feet on the ground-not fly in air. And one thing, I wish to make it very clear-My Husband is everything for me.’

‘Bhabhi main Kan pakadta hoon …Meri shanka door ho gayi…Mere man ke dwar khul gaye’. I folded my hands and bent head.
Bhahi hasne lagi… ‘Drama…huh!’

Bhabhi ke liye mere man me shradha aur badh gayee. I changed topic.

‘Bhabhi aap ka preparation kaisa chal raha hai..?’
(After marriage, Bhaiya encouraged her to continue her studies. She was also very keen. She did Graduation with English Honors. By now, she had completed MA in English Literature. She prepared for State Civil Service Exams, but could not appear due to miscarriage. Presently, she was preparing for the same – seriously.)

‘Haan last year to clear nahi kar payi. Is saal nikal loongi. Bhaiya ne coaching ka arrangement bhi kar diya hai. You will see- I will make him proud.’

‘Bhabhi I am very proud of you. I am lucky Bhagwan ne mujhe aapka Dewar banaya. Aap par ek sentence bilkul fit lagata hai-‘Bhabhis are made in heaven.’
‘Buttering…Piyush ye bhi sach hai ki bina Dewar ke Dewar-Bhabhi ke rishte ka koi mol nahi….Chalo Khana aa gaya…’

Juice course was served. We started enjoying it amidst talking on light matters. Main Course was served after 15 minutes. Food was decently served and delicious. After its completion desserts were served. We enjoyed the food and the hospitality very much.

After Paying the Bill, we came out hand in hand and hired an auto.
On the way, Bhabhi placed her head on my shoulder. I encircled her waist with one hand and with other hand I caressed her hairs and cheeks. We reached home at 10.30.

We unlocked the door. It was dark inside-Load shedding… The moment we stepped in, we came in each others’ arms. We kissed passionately. Instinctively, we undressed. The moment Bhabhi finished undressing, light came. She was caught unawares. She was stark naked. I only had my inner on. She looked at me and ran inside the Bed room. Her beautiful naked sexy back and dangling chutads just killed me. I removed my jockey. Now I was also stark naked.

I sat on the sofa spreading my legs, just covering my Lund with a towel, and put the TV on. A Picture was coming on cable. It had just started. Title was -‘Killing Me Softly.’ The name of the film and the background music, were indicating that it might be a suspense thriller.

Bhabhi came out of Bed room wearing a silk gown…in which she was looking sexy and inviting. She came near me, jokingly pulled away my towel and laughed. She made fun of my loose Lund. I pulled her in my lap and kissed on her lips. Moving hands on her chutads and chuchis, I found she had not worn anything underneath.

She asked-‘Kya Dekh rahe ho..?’
I said-‘Bhabhi ye suspense thriller lag raha hai-Killing Me Softly. Mujhe thriller achha lagata hai Aap dekhiyega?’

‘Thriller movies mujhe bhi pasand hai. Chalo dekho. Coffee loge?’
‘Main to nahi loonga…Aap apne liye bana lijiye….’
‘Achha, cold drink lati hoon…Appy Fizz loge?’
I nodded-Yes

In the meantime, the movie had come at an interesting stage. It had started showing a young working girl and a man staying in living relationship in an apartment. The girl wants sex with the boy and tries every time to seduce him. But he was not interested. He was always busy in his work on computers. The girl, starving of sex, comes in contact with another young man, and is attracted towards him. After a few meetings, he takes her to his apartment. Soon, they indulge in sex

Just at that moment Bhabhi came with two glasses of Appy Fizz. The boy and the girl were kissing and fondling each others’ private parts passionately. They stripped each other. Bhabhi was watching. She gave me one glass and sat by my side. She said-‘Ye to hot movie hai.’

The boy and the girl, now stark naked- embrace, kiss, and fondle each others’ sensitive body parts. Bhabhi was watching interestingly. She removed the towel uncovering my Lund.. Her hand came on my half hard Lund. She started squeezing and playing with it. I grabbed her chuchis and fondled lovingly.

Now the hot scene started. My Lund by this time had become erect and hard.

I thought, when the hot scene will start, camera will shift, like it happens in Bollywood films. But here- no. What was coming on the screen made us wild-gasping for our breaths- My Lund sprang up in Bhabhi’s hand. –She took deep breaths.

The boy comes over the girl, gets in her and starts fucking. The girl is screaming with pleasure and excitement!
Bhabhi’s other hand came on my thighs. My hand encircled her waist and pulled her closer. I removed her gown. Sunk my face between her chuchis.

The boy goes on fucking the girl. She raises her lags and puts on his shoulders. Screams in fucking joy!
Bhabhi strokes my Lund-making me wild. My hand went between her thighs-probing her Boor- she spread legs – I inserted my finger inside her Boor and start fingering. She moaned.

The girl now comes over the boy and fucks from top. Her busty breasts dangle with her fucking movements. The boy catches her breasts with both hands, squeezes and reciprocates from beneath.

The scene made both of us crazy.
My hand moved on Bhabhi’s chuchis. She placed her hand on mine and pressed it on her chuchis. I rolled down and came between her legs. Caught her waist with both hands and put my fully opened mouth straightway on her Boor and chewed the Labia lustily with my lips. She screamed in excitement, held my hairs tightly, spread her legs more for my convenience in sucking and licking her Boor, and put her legs on my shoulders.

She was gasping, screaming, digging her nails on my back and throwing her legs. At last she stopped me. Said-‘Piyush…please…aaahhh…ab bas karo… main jhad jawoongi…Lund ghusao…’

I sat on the sofa closely to her. Now she came down between my legs, grabbed my jumping Lund in her hands, and took it in her mouth. She started with rolling her tongue on the glans for some time, and then started sucking it like ice cream, emanating loud noises like a child..

I asked – ‘Bhabhi ice cream kaisa lag aha hai…Aap sab choos jayiyega ya Boor Rani ke liye bhi kuchh bachayiyega..?’
‘Chup…Naughty…Lo… Pelo…’

She sat on my lap facing the TV. Fucking scene had finished. Story was advancing.
I whisper- ‘Bhabhi ghusaiye na… Film bhi dekhte rahenge…. ‘
‘Lo baba Lo…ghusati hoon. Bina ghusaye tumko chain nahi aata….’
‘Apko dekhkar kisko chain aayega Bhabhi…’

I put my hands on her waist; she lifted her chutads up, centered Lund on her Boor hole with her hand and sat. Boor gulped the Lund wholly…

I encircled her waist with one hand from behind and with other hand take care of her chuchis and nipples. We continued watching the movie. After a while, I held her waist with both hands and moved her up and down causing her Boor to stroke my Lund. Bhabhi asked me not to do anything now. She wanted to watch the movie – keeping the Lund in her Boor.

Story advances. Some turns come. Some more characters appear. Some more crude fucking scenes. I rub her clitoris, her Boor lips, pubic triangle and chuchis; she moved her hands on my thighs and occasionally played with my balls.

She was deeply engrossed in watching the movie. It was fast paced. Suddenly a twist comes. The girl discovers that the boy is a serial killer. He seduces girls, fucks them, takes them to a secluded place and kills them. Now there were thrilling and horrifying scenes of how the girl saves herself, as well as, causes the end of the killer. It was a nice suspense thriller and we thoroughly enjoyed the 100 min. film, with the Lund in Boor.

Film came to end and with that our patience exhausted.
Since 100 minutes my Lund was inside Boor. It had become rock hard and now wanted to fuck the Boor hard. Bhabhi turned her head towards me and kissed me on lips. Without uttering a single word, she bent forward on her knees, with her chutads up. I caught her waist by both hands and thrust my Lund in her Boor from behind in one stroke. Now there was no stopping. I fucked her hard. She wanted this fuck and liked it. She expressed her approval by moving her chutads back and forth with every stroke.

After about ten minutes both of us came up nearly together.. We took some time to calm down. I came on the sofa. Bhabhi rose up and came in my lap with her hands around my neck and face on chest. I took her in my arms lovingly. We remained in this state for quite some time.

After a while, I felt, Bhabhi was napping. After all, 8 hours of chudai was making its toll. I carefully lifted her in arms, carried her in Bedroom, and put her on bed. Put the AC and night lamp on. Went in bathroom, relieved and washed Lund, came in to kitchen, drank two glasses of water, came in the Bedroom and lay by her side. Soon I dozed off.
Both of us were totally naked.

I woke up at 5.30. I found Bhabhi turning at my side with her right leg on my waist, face on my chest, and hand embracing me. My face was on her head amidst her beautiful hairs. My hand was around her waist. For some time I admired my Luck, for having such a marvelous nude beauty in my arms. I moved my hand on her back and chutads in sheer admiration and becoming sure I am not dreaming.

Slowly my fingers probed the crack between her chutads, and moved down on her Boor. The touch and feel of her Boor made my Lund to spring up and become hard. Who can keep control, when such sleeping nude beauty is so close? Blood of Lust ran to my head and I came in the mood of fucking her. She was sleeping. It made me in two minds-Fuck-Fuck Not, Fuck-Fuck Not. At last the Lust prevailed. I maneuvered myself and positioned my Lund on her Boor, then, pushed the Supari slowly in.

Her sub-conscious mind coaxed her body to move forward and welcome the Lund in her, and she responded well by pushing her hips forward towards me. Both side actions made the Lund to slide in more, as much as the position permitted. She maneuvered herself and came in a better position , at the same time I lifted her thigh a little up, by taking it in my arm, both of us pushed forward at the same time ,and the Lund was in-full.

She murmured in half sleep-‘Pixyish…sone do na…kya kar rahe ho…’ and at the same embraced me closely and moved her hips back and forth, stroking the Lund with Boor.

‘Bhabhi…main to kuchh nahi kar raha…aap hi to …mujhe chod rahi hain…’
‘Tum bahut badmash ho… Lund kisne ghusaya…maine…Lund mera hai kya?’ She again moved her hips back and forth a few times.

‘Bhabhi subah ho gayi na…is liye Lund Boor Rani ko Good Morning karane chala gaya…’

‘AAAGGGHH…Good Morning karane gaya…Good boy…achha Lund hai…’ and she made some swift strokes.

‘Bhabhi …Lund to aap hi ki sewa kar raha hai… Boor khuli thi…Good morning bola aur ghus gaya….’
‘Chup…naughty….’ she went on fucking… Her strokes intensified.

She was fucking in half sleep-without opening her eyes. I was enjoying it! And then Lust rode on my head. I also started making strokes synchronizing with hers. Ah! It was double maja! Both of us embracing each other tightly. Two bodies virtually becoming one. The Piston and the Cylinder, both were moving back and forth, in good rhythm, and well synchronized – producing millions and millions of megabytes of excitement and pleasure, above which there could be nothing and nothing. After 10-12 minutes of this adbhut chudai, we reached orgasm.

After cooling down I came on my back, stretched my hands and legs and closed eyes. Bhabhi came fully over me-tip to toes. Embraced me and slept.
Friends! aap soch lijiye-jis subah ki shuruwat aisi chudai se hui- us din ka alam kya raha hoga!

Not only this day. But it continued for three days- rather Full 74 Hours! Main Tuesday afternoon 3.00 baje Bhabhi ki bahon me aaya aur Fridy 5.00 baje sham unki bahon se nikla-Pure 74 ghante!

During these fuckful 74 hours, we remained stark naked almost all the times, and did nothing but chudai-chudai and chudai. Out of 24 hours in a day, my Lund used to remain inside her Boor for 16-18 hours, if not more! Bhabhi seldom allowed me to take my Lund out of her Boor, and me, never wished to take my Lund out of her such beautiful tight Boor.

We separated, only for attending the call of the nature. We separated the evenings, when we stroll out and come home after taking dinner in some hotel. We also separated, when the maid would come to work in the morning for 1 ½ -2 hours.

While the maid would work, I put on just a pajama and banyan and become busy on my laptop, or watch TV. Bhabhi wrapped herself in a gown- nothing underneath. During this period Bhabhi would cook food. As soon as the maid departed from house, our clothes departed from our bodies. Stark naked we came in each others’ arms-Lund in Boor. Oh Dear! What a fucking vacation it was!

We would take bath together mostly with Lund in Boor and apply body lotion to each others’ body–massaging fondly. While eating, naked, Bhabhi would sit on my thighs, inserting Lund in her Boor, and we ate. While watching TV we would sit on the sofa with Lund in Boor.

While sleeping, she would prefer to have my Lund always to be inside her Boor…
Dear friends! It was marathon fucking. We were in fucking heaven! We fucked and fucked without drop. The ‘fucking best’ period in my life!

We fucked in all possible positions depicted in the Ancient Books of KamShastras. . We both are athletic and practice Yoga. We took several of such Yogic postures or asans and enjoyed the pleasure of Sambhog to the maximum extent. We fucked in many of those asans and mudras which enhance the pleasure of fucking by helping to hold ourselves for longer durations.

There was no count of how many times she came up. How many litres of fluids she discharged. How many times I reached climax. How much semen my Lund discharged. – Forget all- our criteria was pleasure, pleasure and pleasure. We succeeded in making each other happy, satisfied and content – and this was important.

At last the ‘fucking vacation’ came to end. I had come in Bhabhi’s arms on Tuesday at 3.00 pm. We started our ‘Farewell Fucking’ on Friday at 3.30 PM. We finished at 5.00 PM. 74 hours of marathon Chudai ended.

I had to join my Company on Saturday morning-10.00am.

I reached Patna Airport at 6.35 PM. Boarded Flight IT-4580, which landed at Dum Dum Airport a little after 10.PM. Spent the night in a Hotel at Sealdah. Reported to my Company’s office right at 10.00Am on Saturday morning. I was handed over Appointment letter with a handsome starting salary.

The first person I Informed was- of course- Bhabhi.

Same day the HR Deptt. arranged a PG accommodation in an effluent locality. Still now, I am here. Here also, an interesting incident took place, just on the ninth day of my coming.

I will bring this story in next episode.
So, Bhabhis, Girls, Friends! How did you like this 74 Ghante ki chuai?
Please feel free in writing. Your letters motivate me.

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