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8 times in 1 night with sex bomb aunt

Hi lovely aunties and girls, I have been getting many requests to post my real experience with aunty. Now I am telling my experiences with my aunty, first let me tell about myself my name is Rahul my age is 22 now I am working for a software company. I stay in Nagpur. From my childhood I was very reserved. It was in my +2 I became close to girls and had few affairs with girls but didn’t get a chance to fuck them. I used to kiss or fondle their boobs nothing more than that. After my +2 I got a good rank and got a seat in computer science engineering in one of the top engineering colleges in Mumbai. Every thing was going fine in college .

First year passed with ragging and enjoyment. Now it was in my 2 year of engineering then I was 19 yrs old. A young couple (aunty and her husband) took a flat near our house moved there and became our neighbors. Aunty was very beautiful her age was 27 then and uncle was 30.any man in the world would be proud to get her as wife. She had ideal stats with 36d boobs(which I came to know later).I never thought badly about her. I respected her and uncle used to talk to me about my college and he was very friendly with me sometimes he invited me to his house. I used to speak to aunty but not much. I used to regularly visit uncle house to meet him and he used to call me sometimes if his computer gives him any trouble I was good at computers as I was doing my computer engineering. For two months everything was fine. Then one day uncle told me that he got a job in USA and said he will come to India every 6 months and stay for 1 month. And told he is leaving alone for 6 months and he went to USA.

Now the real thing happened. After one month aunty came to my house and asked my mother to send me to her house as her computer was crashed. After 2 days I went to her house. She welcomed me and gave me some snacks and cold drink and told that the system is not working properly. We talked for some time. Even at this stage I never had any bad intensions in my mind. She was telling she was missing her husband(uncle) very much. She loved uncle very much and uncle also loved her very much. Then I went to the computer and was checking for the problem. Very soon I repaired as I am good at computers it was a small hardware problem. I switched on the system and was checking if everything was working properly. In one drive I opened a folder .and I was shocked to see few xxx videos clips and few erotic stories. As I was in engineering I also had many xxx cd’s in my house which I got from my friends. As aunty was in kitchen I played xxx video and started watching. The video was very interesting and I continued watching suddenly I turned back and found aunty standing behind me. She was shocked to seeing the xxx video. I was very ashamed and closed the video. Aunty was smiling then I told her sorry and went from her house. But from that day my intensions changed about her in my mind. I started looking at her boobs or ass when she walked.

Her behavior also changed she was smiling at me whenever she saw me. One day she asked me to help her to open an account in icici bank. She and I went to the bank in her car. Then she asked me Rahul do u have a girl friend and I replied no and she then she asked are you virgin. I was shocked to hear that I never thought she would ask me like that. I also became bold and told I am virgin .and told my incidents in the +2.and told I never had a chance to fuck a girl. She laughed. Then I asked her aunty do u watch xxx cds. Then she told me about her loneliness at nights. She used to watch xxx cds and read erotic stories and see erotic pictures in the internet whenever she becomes horny and masturbates seeing those videos as uncle was not there. Then she told how she and uncle had sex every day. Uncle used to satisfy her fully. Now that he is in USA she is missing him very much. Then she asked do u masturbate, by this time we both were very free with each other I told yes I masturbate regularly. I was looking at her boobs she caught me and said what are you looking at. I just said aunty u is beautiful and uncle is very lucky to get a wife like u .

She smiled and said thank you. We came to house after opening account in the bank. We both went to her house. Then said u are very good boy and there is nothing bad to masturbate at this age and asked me if I know about sex. I said I have good knowledge theoretically but not practically. In our mind we know that we need each other but both of us were afraid to take initiative. Then I became bold and said aunty if u misses uncle very much at nights I can take his place. Then hearing this she was very happy and told even she was thinking of that how to ask me. Then I went near her and placed my lips on her lips she responded it was the most fascinating kiss of my life. Then I went away to my house and said I will come this night. She said she will be waiting. I told in my house I am going to my friends house and will not come at night. I went to her house. There was no problem as she used to stay alone in her house. She opened the door and was very happy to see me.

We closed the door and went to her bedroom. Then I again kissed her on her lips. For about 20 minutes. I was pressing her boobs with my hands. They were very soft. Then she removed her blouse. There was no bra inside I never saw such beautiful boobs then I moved down and took one nipple in my mouth and sucked them she was very hot by this time. I removed her saree and petticoat and also my shirt she was mourning very much. By this time my tool became like a hot rod and was at 90 degree. She removed my pants and kept her hand in my underwear and caught hold of my cock and said please don’t tease me any more and please fuck me .even I was uncontrollable she took my jockey and guided my tool to her cunt. Mine was little big she said please slowly. But I was beginner at that time I pushed suddenly inside her cunt .both of us cried at a time. My foreskin also was cut because of the sudden push. We both were in pain but then she said Rahul fuck slowly, she helped me to fuck her slowly we started enjoying the pain. The pain was turning into joy. Then we fucked for 20 minutes then I said I am cumming she asked me to cumm inside.

I cummed loads of cum in her pussy, I never cummed that much amount of cum previously. My virginity was lost. I laid on her for some time and then kissed for some more time. That night we fucked 5 times. In the morning I slept in her house till evening and left to my house. From that we promised each other when ever she is horny she will call me and when ever I am in mood I will go to her. We became good friends. Though age difference was there we started sharing every thing and became good friends. We promised to keep this secret. From then we used to fuck each other. But she still loved her husband very much. When he came from USA. She was very happy at that I never went to her house at that time. He stays for one month and goes to USA. From then we explored the world of love making. Aunty was very much experienced and taught me all the arts of lovemaking. We fucked in all positions. This continued for 2 and half years. I never needed any other girl to satisfy my sexual needs.

She was not missing her husband when he went to USA. But she recently went to USA to her husband for ever. She said I will be her best friend for ever and she will miss me .and now I feel very lonely without her and looking for a female friend. Any aunty in around Nagpur is welcome for broadminded friendship or even for CAM2CAM SEX. I will b waiting for any hot angel .young girls are also welcome for broadminded friendship feel free to contact me mail me at needed.you with love RAHUL.

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