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Hi folks, I am sandip and I am 28 yrs. old, very handsome guy. I am a crazy fan of doodhwali and want to share with U my sexual
Experience I had with my sexy, 35 yrs. old aunt. She is divorcee and lives in Mumbai. She is 5’7″ in height, perfect figure with big, round and firm boobs and a sexy large ass. Couple of months ago, she came to Delhi for some business purpose, I was seeing her
After 15 years, and I noticed her in the first sight, she is extremely sexy, and more over she is having perfect toe, as I am aroused by nice and clean toe. First day went cool, while going to my office she asked me to drop her at Nehru place, she was wearing
Blue saree in such fashion that her tightness was coming out. While I was on my way, I got an idea I started driving fast, she hold my shoulder tight.

She said I like fast drivers, my cock was already stiff, and got harder after hearing that, and then I left her at Nehru place. In the evening I entered in the house and found no body except my aunt there, she told me that everybody has gone to Dehradoon
For three days due to illness of my grandmother. I thanked god for that, she was wearing that saree only and looking extremely sexy, and then she said, and she want to take bath and went to bathroom. Out bathroom is in such a shape that it has doors in our both bedrooms. I went to my bedroom and from there I went to bathroom for shower, as usual I entered in the bathroom without knocking that time she was dressing up after taking bath and what I saw surprised me. She was hooking up the buttons of her
Bra and her voluptuous Breasts were held tightly inside her Bra, I just could not take off my eyes from her boobs. I apologized and came out of the bathroom. However, I just could not manage to wipe off her picture from my mind. After few minutes, I went to my bedroom, as usual took off all my clothes, and started masturbating. On the other side fortunately, aunt got up to have a glass of water and through a shutter less window of my room saw me lying fully nude over my bed and Masturbating my 8 inch hard prick with both of my hands. At the same time, I was unaware that she was watching me. It was all over, I jumped into my regular short and I
Started to sleep. At about 12.30 I was awaken by a knock at my door, I got up, and peeped out of the door, I was surprised to see my aunt at the door.

I quickly opened the door and asked the reason for her to be here. She replied,”Vibhu, mujhe room me akele darr lag raha hai,
Kya tum aaj wahan so sakte ho?” Without even a hint of her intentions, I readily agreed and went to her bedroom. I started to sleep on a single bed, which is couple of feet away from the double bed. She said,”Utni door nahi, mere paas so.” After some
Time, when I was getting neither sleep nor was she. She turned towards me and said softly,” you are so handsome, and you were
Looking sexy when you were naked.” as soon as I heard this, I started getting aroused. I was still confused though. What was happening was unbelievable. I was losing control. She put her arm around me and pulled me towards her. As by now my cock was hard fully, it hit her on her thigh and she looked down at my prick and which made my short look like a tent. She said,” Yeh to use bhi bada hai jitna Maine dekha tha.” She asked me to get up on her bed and so did she. Then she put off my
T-Shirt and removed it and started kissing and licking my chest. Meanwhile, I was in heaven, my dream was coming true, I pulled down her pallu and started to unhook her Blouse and stripped off her top body totally by pulling down her brassiere which revealed
her large firm breasts with dark erect nipples, I held both in a hand each and started to lick them, By now even she was fully aroused and was moaning in pleasure,” ooooooooohhhhhhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhh, vibhu, vibhu,oh,ah” I asked her that I can give her pleasure of heaven. she asked how, I put off her saree and petticoat, and her blouse and bra, then slowly I started giving her massage with my fingers on her stomach and back, and I went down with my fingers to her toe, her eyes were closed, I suddenly, put her toe finger in my mouth and started licking it, she started moaning hard, ooooooh, aaaaaaaah, mmmmmm, I licked
Her both feet and licked her ankle with my tongue slowly, by that time she was so aroused that while I was touching her here and
There with my tongue she was moaning hard and caught me with her hands tight.

Then she sat down, pulled the string of me pajamas, and removed it. She first rolled her soft fingers in my jungle and then caught hold my huge Prick with both them hands and started jerking it. I was getting immense pleasure, But I didn`t want to cum so soon.” I lied down and she laid over me, and gave her breast in my mouth and held my cock and stroked it. Meanwhile I sucked her
Breasts a lot. ” Vibhu, Please meri panty bhi utaro aur mujhe bahut chodo.” she said. She shifted to my side, I got up and pulled down her panty as she raised her hips up and threw it on the floor. Her bushiness revealed soon and between it was laying her juicy wet cunt, she said,” please mujhe wahan suck karo.” I bent down over her cunt; she started moaning loudly as my tongue spread apart her lips and began to tickle her cunt. She said,” main bhi tumhara…. choosna chahti hoon.” I was excited, we got into the 69 position, and she started to give a blowjob. Soon the excitement became unbearable for both of us so she said, “fuck me pleeeasssse.” She suddenly pushed me back, so I stood up in surprise. She positioned herself properly and spread opens her
Legs wide before me. I sat on my knees, placed my hands over her shoulders, she held my cock and guided it inside her tight pussy and then started squeezing my ass and then put her both legs around my hips and locked them tightly. I started giving thrusts while both of us moaned loudly, then I laid down and sat her on me, now she was having more fun by jumping on me,
She took whole of my cock inside her by saying fucccck me hard, fuck meeeee, ooooooooaaaaahhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, I cummed with a splash inside her pussy and she reached orgasm too. Please don`t forget to write me as to how u liked this
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