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A Bengali Mom And Her Son

The Chandrasen family suddenly discovered the joys of incest one evening. Aunt Sulabha had been hoping for it after all her children had returned to live together in their large home just last week. She had been a lonely widow for a long time and was tired of just watching her large collection of blue movies or reading up the pornographic books and then indulging in desperate auto-eroticism night after night. She now profusely thanked the angels of lust as she clasped her younger son in her arms and kissed him passionately.

Aunt Sulabha or Sulabha Chachi as she was called by her relatives, was a short, plump and strongly built woman of fifty-two. She had a muscular well-built dumpy body, typical of middle aged Indian women. All her children had inherited her smooth wheatish complexion. She had a mixed head of silky well-oiled gray hair, which she usually tied in a short plait.
He elder son Deepak was thirty-one and had a strong lean well-muscled body.

He sported a smart trim moustache. Neelima was a handsome young woman of twenty-eight, still single and career minded. She was taller and slimmer than her mother but still heavier than average, a little broad in the hips, but well proportioned and a nicely filled out ample firm bosom. The youngest seventeen-year-old Deepak was a cute teenager, his beautiful face almost like a girl. He had a smooth fair complexion like his sister. Prasad was studying in a good public school in Simla and had just returned from the hostel after a gap of three years.

He was a late child, being born when Aunt Sulabha was thirty-five and hence was her favorite. Neelima and Deepak worked in well paying jobs and had been stationed in Chennai for the last two years. Now they were transferred to Mumbai. Prasad was to start college this year.

On the evening that they took the first step towards a truly depraved joy filled life, they had all been sitting around in the living room after dinner watching TV. Aunt Sulabha was on the sofa and her younger son Prasad was sitting beside her. Her elder son Deepak was in an armchair with his sister Neelima lounging on the floor by his side.

When Prasad switched on the TV and started the VCR, there was a stunned silence as a blue movie with raw sex scenes started playing. Aunt Sulabha had forgotten to remove the cassette after watching it in the afternoon. Nobody said anything as they watched with rising interest. A feelings of lust stirred slowly in all the loins. It was a family incest movie with a sixty-year-old grandmother being fucked from front and rear in the opening scenes by two beautiful boys, her grandsons. Everyone realized that the movie was Sulabha Mom’s choice and as slowly other characters like Mom, Aunt, Daughters etc. appeared on the small screen, atmosphere in the room became electric. They looked at each other briefly and in an instant, everyone noted the look of excitement on all faces. There was no turning back after that.

All the four family members had nursed a secret lust towards each other, and this was the ideal time for it to come out in open. Young Prasad slowly inched closer to his mother and lay down with his head in her lap as he always did since he was a child. He continued watching the movie, a silly grin on his face and his shorts slowly bulged in the front as he got a throbbing erection. Aunt Sulabha bent down and kissed him tentatively, first fondly on his cheeks and then lustily on the lips. As her mouth closed on Prasad’s lips, he first kissed back passionately and then in a reflex, opened his mouth as his mother’s hot fragrant tongue snaked into his mouth. He fastened his lips around the soft wet flesh and sucked, looking into his mother’s warm love filled eyes.

After a long kiss, Sulabha Mom sat up; her flushed face full of triumph and desire, and dropped the aanchal (the portion covering the chest) of her sari. She murmured that there was a tingling in her breasts and reached for the buttons of her blouse in the front. Opening them, she parted the blouse exposing her brassiere. The sight of the big forty-two cup D size standard white lacy nylon bra, overflowing with the soft flesh of her breasts made Prasad shudder with anticipation and he reached up to cup the big half moons in his palms. There was a silent qustion in his eyes. His mother smiled and nodded. As he squeezed the soft hillocks slowly, his breath became faster and the only thought in his mind was to reach up and suckle on the mounds. He still clearly remembered doing it as a small child, since he had been nursed almost till the age of five. Mom sensed his need and reached behind her to unfasten the bra straps.

As the bra came loose, the cups slid down, revealing the large fleshy breasts of Prasad’s mother. He marveled at the twin soft mounds of flesh, which were hanging due to their sheer size and of course the middle age. The brown aureoles were large like small saucers and the two fat lemon-sized brown nipples were already erect and throbbing with desire. The boy looked pleadingly at his mother and she bent down till one of the nipples was dangling just above his mouth. He reached up eagerly, caught the breast in his palms, and swallowed the nipple. He marveled at its leathery texture as he sucked it eagerly, while his two palms held the coconut sized breast of his mother, softly crushing and kneading it. Sulabha Mom could feel herself creaming, a delicious feeling radiating from her crotch, the like of which she had not felt in a long time. She held her son’s head firmly against her bosom as he suckled her and looked longingly at the bulge in his shorts.

Meanwhile, Neelima who had watched spellbound the sight of her mother enveloping her young son in her embrace, was already feeling extremely frisky. She felt wetness spread in her panties as her cunt started lubricating with the erotic possibilities that were now opening up. She looked up at her elder brother Deepak who was watching his younger brother being made love to by his mother. Deepak was panting softly, a look of pure lust on his face.

He felt Neelima’s hands caress his bulge and looked down to see his sister trying to open his the zip of his pants. He obliged by unzipping the front and took out his throbbing cock. It sprang up quivering, already eight inches long, its red glans uncovered and throbbing. Neelima watched the lovely monster with wonder and stroked the shaft with her soft palms. While she built up her courage for the next obvious step, her brother decided it swiftly for her by pulling her between his knees. As she kneeled in front of him, he caught hold of his shaft and rubbed the glans on her soft sensuous pink lips. The small of musk excited Neelima and her tongue darted out and licked at the soft silken skin.

This was not good enough for Deepak who by now was horny as hell. He caught Neelima’s cheeks between his fingers and squeezed them forcing her to open her mouth in a big O. His other hand guided the shaft to her mouth and pushed in the swollen knob between her lips. She tried to back out, scared of the huge knob which might completely fill her mouth but he blocked her retreat by catching the back of her neck. He held her head steady and pushed the knob into his sister’s mouth. Her lips involuntarily closed around it, the tingling in her cunt urging her to go ahead and suck the smooth fruit.

By now Deepak had started stroking the shaft with his fist in a well-practiced masturbatory motion. Neelima was initially scared a bit but slowly started liking the feel of the soft firm ball of flesh in her mouth. She started sucking on it hungrily and soon settled down passively between her brother’s legs and enjoyed the sensation of being mouth fucked. Deepak settled into a vigorous masturbating motion, as he watched his mother proceed further with his teenage brother.

Mom had just finished removing Prasad’s shorts. She affectionately held the hard slim six-inch boy penis in her fist and gently stroked it. Prasad continued sucking her nipple and rolled the other between his finger and thumb, feeling the leathery cylinder throb to his touch. Mom switched his mouth to her other nipple and then rolled his engorged shaft between her palms as a rolling pin. One of her palms capped the glans from the top and rubbed it in a tight rotating motion. This sweet friction literally drove Prasad up the wall and he moaned pleadingly to his mother to stop this sweet torture.

She laid him on the sofa, disengaged her nipple from his mouth and then moved between his legs. She supported herself on her elbows as she positioned her mouth over the red swollen glans and started licking it, her hands holding the shaft. She stuck out her tongue so that it circled the glans and then rolled the shaft of the penis between her palms like a rolling pin. This made the glans rotate against her soft wet tongue, sending such a sweet tingling feeling through the penis that he started whimpering, pleading with his mother. She took pity on him, and lowered her wide-open mouth to completely swallow the shaft in one swift motion. Her lips closed around the base and the glans nestled snugly in her throat. She sucked the cock steadily, rubbing her tongue on its surface and closing her throat around the glans.

Her soft breasts were crushed against Prasad’s knees as he clutched her head to his groin and started bucking up and down, trying desperately to end this sweet agony. He came suddenly in his Mom’s mouth, sobbing gratefully as the semen jetted out deep into her throat. She swallowed it, gulping it down quickly, and continued sucking till he gasped and went totally limp, falling back satiated on the sofa. After sucking off teh last drop, Mom got up, pulled him back to her bosom and slipped a fat engorged nipple in his mouth to suck on while he gathered his breath.

Meanwhile she watched with mounting lust the sight of her elder son masturbating furiously into her daughter’s mouth. Deepak came explosively in his sister’s mouth, holding her head steady with his hands as his penis jetted out thick hot cream on Neelima’s tongue. He watched with satisfaction as Neelima was forced to taste his cream and swallow it. She seemed to be enjoying its taste as she gulped it down steadily after an initial hesitation.

After he was done, he withdrew the limp penis from Neelima’s mouth and stood up. He lifted his sister in his arms like a bride and carried her to his bedroom. She looked a little scared but did not resist and clung to him with her arms around his neck. Deepak looked at his mother and winked. Sulabha chachi affectionately winked back, wishing him a wonderful night of lust. Deepak’s mind was already conjuring up heavenly visions of erotic love between brother and sister. He also imagined what might happen between his mother and younger brother and quickened his steps, eager to get to the bedroom and start ravishing his sister.

Sulabha Mom patted her suckling son’s head lovingly and asked him whether he wanted to sleep in her bedroom from now on. When Prasad nodded happily, she demanded that he also carry her into the bedroom like a bride. She stood coyly like a newly wed, her fifty-two year old ripe body taut with anticipation as Prasad walked to her, put his arms around her waist and knees and lifted her with difficulty. She weighed a goodly seventy-five kilograms and his slim fifty-kilogram frame staggered as he lifted her up. Sulabha Mom put her arms around his neck and kissed him fondly as he started walking back to the bedroom. His lust filled thoughts of what he might do with his mother from now on gave him energy and strength to somehow carry her heavy frame to the bedroom.

Mom was already congratulating herself on getting her young horny son for a lover and was busy planning delicious acts for this night and beyond. Prasad entered the bedroom, closed the door and staggered to the bed. As he placed his mother gently on the bed, she pulled him down with her, embracing him in a tight hug, kissing him passionately. She released him shortly and sat up. She slowly pulled off all his clothes, admiring his young boyish body.

Today she was looking at her darling boy like a horny woman might look at a young delectable male. Combined with her motherly affection, this was a potent arousing emotion. As he lay naked, shivering on the bed, she observed that he was getting hard again. She caressed his juicy cock lovingly and ran her hands on his thighs and stomach till he was quivering with want again. She stopped, afraid that he might come again. She now wanted him hard and lusty for a long time for her enjoyment as she had already taken the edge out of his appetite.

She got up and stood near the bed. She slowly started disrobing as he watched intently with an expression of puppy love and lust on his face. She removed the already unbuttoned blouse and let the unbuckled bra fall off. She was naked from waist up and turned momentarily enabling him to look at her from all sides. Her son silently admired her fair smooth skin, the heavy drooping breasts, reddened with the sucking and squeezing and the fleshy smooth back.

Her waist was about thirty-eight, large by any standards but still smaller than her large breasts and heavy hips giving a very pleasing bell shaped look to her otherwise heavy dumpy figure. Her arms were thick and plump and the soft flesh was smooth like marble. The stomach was plump and soft with a deep navel and there was just a hint of an attractive bulge of a soft paunch. A heavy but sexy looking fold of flesh ran around her middle.

As the young boy watched with bated breath, his mother unwrapped her sari and dropped it on the floor. She untied the knot of her petticoat and it fell away. She was wearing sexy white lace panties and he could see some black curls peeking round the edges. She slipped her skimpy panties down her legs and let them fall on the floor. The young lad marveled at the fact that his mother, a seemingly kind old lady of fifty-plus wore such sexy underwear and he asked her when she had got these. She smiled and replied that she had always gone in for sexy lingerie.

Prasad continued his observation. His mother had thick round thighs and a very dense growth of silken hair in a perfect inverted triangle. Like the hair on her head, the bush was mixed with streaks of white hair mixed with the black. This somehow made it look even sexier. The pubic hair looked very soft and he longed to bury his face in them.

The hips must have been at least forty-eight inches and the buttocks were like massive melons with abundant flesh on the round spheres. The calves were also fleshy and thick, covered with hair. The feet were surprisingly small and Prasad noticed for the first time how pretty they were. The young boy realized that her sensuous attraction lay precisely in her motherly heavy middle aged body.

He watched with fascinated desire as Sulabha Chachi turned around casually to let him look at her complete body and then bent down to pick up her clothes. She remained in the position purposely for a few seconds to let her son feast on the erotic site of huge hanging breasts swaying like twin gourds as she picked up her bra. She playfully threw the clothes at him and he clutched them eagerly and looked at them. He singled out the bra and panties and buried his face in them, smelling her lovely musky smell. He even tried to stuff them in his mouth to suck on them but she stopped him, affectionately removing the clothes from his grip and tossing them away. She climbed on to the bed and sat by his side. He reached up and caught her breasts and started squeezing them, lowering his mouth on one nipple. She let him suck it for some time but then firmly pulled him away and pushed him down on the bed.

She was now in great heat and Prasad could see the stiff nipples pulsing with desire. He understood that she had already taken care of his lust and it was befitting that he controlled himself for some time to let his mother enjoy herself. He gratefully kissed his mother full on the lips and lay down passively to await her pleasure. Mom understood and smiled at him fondly, caressing his cheeks with maternal affection. She told him that she had a delicious treat in store for her darling son.

Then she climbed on top of him and kneeled down straddling him. Her thighs were parted wide as she moved forward on her knees till his head was between her thighs. She paused here for some time, looking down at his dear face savoring this moment. She was holding herself up with her thighs straight. The crotch was just a few inches above Prasad’s face and he could not take his eyes away from the heavenly spectacle of his mom’s genitals in all their glory.

The massive thighs met on both sides of the plump crotch in deep creases. The mons veneris was bulging and a deep valley ran down between the twin mounds of flesh almost from navel to anus. Soft black and white silken hair covered the soft flesh like a big bush. The bush was parted in the middle and a streak of red showed through the black and white hair. The two outer lips of the cunt were thick and wide.

The pink labia hung loose, looking like fleshy sensuous lips of a large woman. They were hanging open, clearly showing soft red wet inner lips and the vaginal opening was like a red tunnel between them. The urethra was a tiny hole just at the junction of the inner two lips. A red swollen strawberry of a clitoris completed the delight. It projected outward like a small penis and was throbbing eagerly to be sucked.

He was pleasantly shocked at its sight, never expecting the clit to be so big and suckable. Big dewdrops of juice had collected on the labia and as Prasad watched, thick viscous honey oozed out of the vaginal passage and collected on the outer lips as more dew. The excess juice had flowed down the sides of the thighs, which glistened with the shiny liquid. A strong whiff of musk emanated from Sulabha chachi’s cunt making Prasad’s head swim with pure lust.

He reached up and touched the labia first. They were leathery soft to the touch and he gently rubbed them with his fingertip. Mom hummed with pleasure and fondly ran her hands through his hair. He licked the finger tasting the juice and reached up again. This time he inserted one finger in the wet red tunnel of her vagina. It disappeared up to the knuckle in a flash, her moist loose flesh eagerly clutching at his finger. He inserted two fingers and softly moved them in and out in the cunt. Mom wriggled with anticipation and her cunt tightened around his fingers. He just imagined what it would feel like on his throbbing cock and pulled out the two fingers and licked them eagerly. The juice had a salty musky taste and suddenly he wanted to suck big mouthfuls of it instead of tasting driblets.

Mom gave him the go ahead to suck ker cunt but wanted him to first finish off the juice on her thighs. The dutiful son turned his head and started licking the inside of her thighs, his hands fastening on her huge buttocks and pulling her down. Mother slowly settled down, allowing her son to lick her thigh clean as she lowered the creaming slit towards his mouth. After finishing with the thighs, Prasad waited eagerly for the soft flesh to settle on his mouth. As the cunt came within striking distance, he pushed out his tongue and licked the genitals with long flat strokes of his tongue. Mom stopped her descent and froze just an inch above his mouth to let him lick her as he pleased.

She had her first shuddering orgasm as his tongue flicked repeatedly over her labia and clitoris. She closed her eyes and froze in this position, soaking in the bliss of this first release of her incestuous life. More juice dribbled out of her nether mouth and was eagerly swallowed by her son.

She now started lowering her cunt again on her son’s mouth to continue the fun at leisure. She asked him to open his mouth and push out his tongue. As Prasad obeyed his mother, she settled down effortlessly on his face, the tongue penetrated her moist cunt like a mini penis and her fat labia closed over his open lips in a loving kiss. Prasad thrust the tongue up and down like a rapier between the open red lips and she sobbed with lust as she too slowly rose up and down fucking his tongue.

Thick creamy juice now trickled down his tongue as the young dutiful boy desperately tried to keep his tiring tongue stiff at least till she came again. Mom sensed his effort and redoubled her riding speed to make use of the stiff tongue as long as she could. She suddenly felt a sweet pressure build up in her loins and pressed down hard, freezing at the deepest point, clutching the tongue with her flesh.

She suddenly gasped and came explosively for the second time, ejaculating thick creamy juice into her son’s mouth. Prasad withdrew the aching tongue into his mouth and then settled into a relaxed sucking and gulping motion. His mouth fastened over his mother’s cunt like on a ripe mango being sucked, and slowly drew out the thick liquid. Mom started a gentle-rocking motion, humping her son’s sucking mouth and came continuously, filling his mouth with her maternal nectar.

After the first flush of release, Sulabha Mom lay face down on the bed, with her upper torso reclining on the pillow. She brought her fleshy thighs together clamping them around her son’s head and firmly planted her cunt on his sucking mouth. Then she settled down in a long drawn languid humping motion, masturbating herself against her son’s mouth. She came every ten minutes, sighing and moaning as Prasad continued sucking up the nectar. Mom pleasurably weighed erotic alternatives of further ways of copulating with Prasad that night. She also tried to imagine what might be happening with Neelima and Deepak and thrills of perverse delight brought a delicious orgasm to her, as she fucked the eager young mouth.

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