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A Chance To Fuck My Chachi

Here’s Gaand Prasad, better known as Chuddi Rani. I had a fetish of spending a night with my busty Deepti Chachi since I was young and had started developing special feelings for her. I finally got a chance to satisfy my fetish, on one hot summer of June, n to be precise on 15th June 2009…..but the way my chachi has two kids n both are still young.

My chachi is a perfect combo of both style n a curvy busty body…. she is indeed very sexy with a perfect figure 36-24-36 n is 5 feet 6 inches..my chachi is a boring guy as it seems from his face n does not satisfy my chachi’s sex requirements, that is actually what she told me on d night I spent with her. I still remember 15th June was a hot day n my parents had to go to my nani’s place n told me that they’d be back only after two days.

They even took my younger brother along. Even my dadi had gone to some relatives place n neither was she returning before 4 days. And as for my fucking boring chacha, he’d been off to tour for some business purpose n he was to return next week, n my little cousins had been off to a summer camp organized in some far away remote place, n they too had left on 15th n would be returning on 18th.

I was actually sad that I couldn’t go to my nani’s place with my parents because I had tuitions all these days n felt that I’d be bored to death for these 2-3 days, but I didn’t know that these 2-3 days only would help fulfill my fantasies. My parents had left in d morning only before I woke at 12 pm and that too because my chachi woke me up. She told me to get ready n have brunch. I had brunch n as I had hoped I was bored to death, n thus started reading stories on ISS
to pass my time

In d evening at around 7 my chachi had gone upstairs on 1st floor to her room to take a nap, I started feeling hungry so i went to d kitchen and was fidgeting with things when I accidently pushed d glass sugar box n “bamhhh” it went down n broke into pieces my chachi suddenly woke up n came downstairs n saw what a mess I had created n so she bent down n started to collect sugar. I too started to help her in d progress n at that moment my eyes fell on her big huge boobs n

I realized that she hadn’t been wearing bra her breast were clearly visible n I guess she realized that I was looking at her boobs but still then she kept on picking up d sugar n d glass pieces n bent even more to pick them up. I thought that was my chance n so when she stood up to keep d sugar in another box I spanked her busty ass lightly but intentionally n said ” O! I am sorry “Then as I was about to leave d kitchen she now spanked my ass somewhat hard n said “Oh! now I am sorry! ”

I don’t know what happened to me I spanked her boobs this time lightly n in turn she spanked my 6 inch missile n said a sorry again. I suddenly jumped onto her n started kissing her on d lips, she didn’t push me away so I kept on kissing her. ‘chachi I love u- that’s what I said while kissing her n she replied saying ‘ I love u too’ I started fondling with her boobs n it felt like heaven playing with those two juicy big ‘oranges’….’Ahhhh! Ahhhh! press them hard my child.

-Chachi I’ve always been fantasizing to share bed with you’
-’n u knw what dear i too always wanted to taste your big monster looking dick which i used to see when u were busy watching porn in your room n I would peep from outside too see your monster’ muahhh muahhh n went on kissing for some time, suddenly her phone rang, chacha was calling her from Himachal Pradesh (where he had gone for d tour), n thus we had to stop.

My chacha kept on talking although she wasn’t much interested at that time talking to that fucking boring guy, n his was clearly visible from her expressions, n somehow she managed to cut d phone. After cutting the phone she told me, ‘ I am going to take a bath, would u like to join?’ And my obvious answer, ‘anytime my busty lovable chachi’, She filled d bathtub with water n put some solution specially to produce bubbles in d water n den she sprayed some aromatic rose perfume to create a sense of love in d air.

In d tub I sucked onto her juicy boobs n she sucked my hard 6 inch missile n gave me a good blowjob, I filled her mouth with my cum. We came out of d tub into her room n she put on some dazzling lights, again for d love is in d air sense. I put my finger in her cunt n started moving it in and out of the pussy n slowly I started fingering in her harder for her to reach an orgasm…’Ahhh !’ that’s too good my baby, keep going on stronger, please. She kept shouting, ‘Ahhhh!’

Then I slowly started to put my dick into her pussy n started fucking her juicy pussy with my hard on, we started it with she bending n I fucking her from back. During the course we changed our positions many a time n enjoying n fulfilling our requirements with fun. During those 2-3 days i took her to every part of d house from terrace to room to bathroom to store room to basement to drawing room to on d table,

I fucked her, changing our positions innumerable number of times she too gave me some good blowjobs on 18th my parents returned back and also my little cousins from their summer camp. After coming my mum asked my chachi, ‘Deepti ,isne(referring to me), tujhe pareshan to ni kiya na?’ my chachi with all gleams she said ‘bhabhi yeh to bohot achha ban kar raha n isne mujhe bilkul pareshan ni kiya’. N then she smiled n winked looking at me.

Those 2-3 days changed my life n we still try to kiss and play with each other’s genitals when there is no one around or nearby in the house, but I haven’t able to fuck her again after those 2-3 days. I wish hat I could get that same kind of surrounding again, with no one in d house except me n chachi. I hope that that day comes soon muahhhh Deepti chachi.

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