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Hi im Ravi(name not changed) from Colombo n 18 yrs old. Im going to say my exprience wit a fifty year old lady. Her name is Laxmi.she is fat n shaky. She is ma tamil teacher.i was in london before i came to sri lanka i was not so good in tamil. I can talk but cnt write or read. When i joint to a school i was having sum hard time in da subject tamil. So i went to laxmi said i need some extra help in tamil n asked wether she could help me with it. She replied k, fine, ill help u she is a very strict teacher always scolds every1 the first day at her place was good. She treated me very kindly n started teaching from first one day after seeing a blue film in internet cafe i went to her place. In that movie a teenager is fucking a old lady of 55 o somewhere around that.wen i went to he place she was just as the woman in the movie.that day was the day that i started to think of fucking her. I sum how wanted to fuck her n kiss those big boobs as time passed i somehow got closer to her after the class has finished we used to chat for a long time i even go to her bedroom to comb ma hair. That much closer i came to her.im vey luck because she is single n her husband is dead when she was at 35. Sometimes i even take her out to movies.

She treats me like her friend because have said to treat me so one day i thought this was the correct time n went to her place she was as usual wearing a nightie. I went to her n i ask y she did not get married to any1 after her husband death. She replied in a sad mood that even though if she had got married she wouldnt have been able to get pregnant because of some problem.i went hugged her n clam down. I soon as i hugged some sort of current went into her. I took her to the sofa n we were watching tv. We in the same sofa n ma hand was over her shoulder.she didnt mind about it.as we were watch tv a kissing part came. I was aroused n without no fear hugged her tightly, she was shocked but didnt make any noise. Then i knew she is loving it started kiss her neck, then cheeks then lips . Slowly da game began.started removing our clothes.started to kiss her boobs. She was not aware about the sucking cocks so i started to kiss her vagina.she started to moaning. Then i inserted ma rod in her cave. This was a bit tight as it was not opened for a long time after 10 mins i started to cum. I fucked 5 times that day from 2pm till 6pm. Now im having fun with her everyday but i want more so any interested pls mail me n also your comments r important. Daniel_cazydude123@hotmail.com 

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