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Hi I am Ryan just about four and half years old ((oops!!! Just dropped me with this big n fat dick of mine on 29 feb 1988,a leap yr))Just hang on a minute,in case you are thinking this is just my story.It is never one person's story alone, I couldn't hav written this without my so called english teacher Kamaljeet ma'm.Let me not just bluff that she was damn hot sexy with a babelicious figure of 36-28-34 like others do but I have to coz this is a real truth. Everyone(sorry,only guys to be specific) in the college used to masturbate with mesmerizing dreams of her.But with God's grace i was the one chosen to have enjoyed with her and her's horny God gifted things((now u all have to admire my faithfulness to…!!!!!!HA HA)).She is married and she is about 34 yrs old,still childless.Initially I thought that she was enjoying her sex life and therefore still didn't have a child.But later one of my friend told me that he heard kamaljeet ma'm say another lady teacher that her husband was not able to satisfy her desire and she decribed him somewhere to be impotent.She even said that she was just tired of fingering and wanted some real action.listening to this was just mindboggling.I mean the teacher whom we all used to fantasize in our dreams was actually unsatisfied.Now cumming OOPS coming to business let me start.This incident happened to me somewhere in mid-august....

It was a great day for me as the 2nd year midterm results were out and i had not so surprisingly got a 83%.And actually I had top scored in english.So i thought it would be better if I go to Kamaljeet ma'm 's house and surprise her with this((but actually she made me surprised which u will come to know later)).When I reached her house i saw many of my frienz already in her drawing room talking with her.As I entered she greeted me with a sweet hello.She was wearing a peach coloured saree with a black see thru blouse.Her white bra oozing with her boobs was easily noticeable.And meanwhile we had been taking for too long about many things.In the mean time many of my frienz had already left leaving me and a few high rankers.As we were about to begin another topic there was a power cut((which was again because of God's wish)).Therefore she went to fetch a candle as her inverter was out of order.As she approached the drawing room with the candles she hit my friend's leg by mistake as it was a bit dark and was really abt to fall on me to which i reacted fast with my hands in front of my head to save it from banging with her and she fell on me with her boobs cupped in my hands.I was in seventh heaven by then...I got my dick hard instantly.She soon realized her condition and quiclky stood up. I kept myself silent for about 10 mins as my teacher and others kept on gossiping.I could mark that even thoug she talked with the other three she constantly glanced on me giving a sly smile.I was feeling uncomfortable and at that right moment my friend asked me to depart.Although I didn't want to go I moved towards the door.And suddenly she spoke "Ryan would you bother to wait for a few more mins".There it was,it was my only chance and I replied positively with a "Sure" tag.

After that it was only me seated in front of my hot teacher peevishly and cunningly looking at her sky scrappers.those were real hard.As we continued talkin I still kept my head down as if i was sorry to her.But just then she spoke "Why dont u look upto me??? Am i looking bad??? ". I was just lust struck with this.
I replied "nothing was the matter ma'm.I am just worried if you took my action in a negative sense."She sheepisly replied "Which action? Oh u feeling guilty coz u cupped my brests"I was totally astonished to hear this.I mean, she was my teacher after all and she was talking like this.But I got myself determined to explore her in the dark with just a candle burning.In short, CANDLE-LIT SEX.I sternly yet hesitant to make a move replied "It happened by mistake and was not my fault."She started laughing ."Stop behaving childishly,Ryan.You dont have to feel guilty about this.And after all what's wrong with this" she said after a pause.This made me true Jawan and boldly i uttered "Ma,m why dont u just show me your house".With this she gave me a naughty smile and took me by my collar straight to her bedroom.She was unable to resist anymore.But before we could start the bloody electricity came and the lights got lit witin a sec.She then spoke "This is nothing Ryan and this wont spoil our evening.But before we start give me a promise that you will not tell a soul about this""Sure ma'm" I Replied.

"Stop calling me ma'm.call me Naina"Naina was her pet name.I could see easily that she was totally charged up and I stood there in front of a sexy tigress whose eyes were giving me a READY-TO-GULP look.She sat near me and moved closer to me. I took my hand to her tits and started to caress. Mean while she kissed me on my lips and her saliva was sweet as honey and I chewed and tasted her lips and our tongues played.This went on for 10 mins,then I slowly removed her saree pallu.I had a view of her cleavage and instantly my 6" monster was howling from inside to let it come out. Her boobs were majestic; there was a small light brown nipple on them. I suck her boobs violently.She suddenly cried "What are you doing man.Go slow "I was filled with joy by listening this, so I took off her saree slowly giving her utmost pleasure by caressing her boobs and fingering.

She closed her eyes and moaned silently. I kissd on her boobs and sucked one of her tits and squeezed other with my hand. She had her hand over my buldge and startd to move it to and fro with her hand.Slowly I moved towards her ass and untied the lace of the petticoat. I slid my fingers onto her ass under the panties and started massaging her buttocks. She moaned with pleasure. I removed her petticoat and I saw the white panty which was transparent.I slowly massaged her thighs and licked them and squeezed her buttocks. Then I removed her panties also. I did not remove her high heeled sandals as I liked her in those sandals. I just pressed her both boobs as she sounded, "uuuoooohhhh aahhhh." It was totally unbearable for her. After some time, she seemed to be enjoying as she opened my shirt and kissed on my chest. It made me horny. I laid her on the bed and kissed her whole body. Meanwhile she totally undressed me. We both were totally naked. I looked at her pussy. It was a very small virgin pussy. I made a gentle kiss on her pussy. A moan came from her mouth. My cock was in full erection before her face. She stroked my penis with her hands and sucked it.It was again God's grace as my penis was sucked for the 1st time in my life and that too by the lady I had fantasized. But i removed from her mouth and got up. I went for her vagina. I parted her legs with my face down there I could smell her cunt and licked and sucked her vagina. I kindled her clitoris and moaned with pleasure and she squirted again into my mouth and drank all of them. Then came to missionary position with her and rubbed my cock on her cunt for a while and thrusted into her womanhood. It was a tight vagina and she cried with Pleasure and pain.I kissd her on her lips and thrusted my second she was moaning my name and asked me to bang her. Then slowly i increased my pace of to and fro motion banging her. After some 30 minutes i was in full form banging her vagina like mad and she was shoutin 'ohhhhhh,....hsshhhhh...cummmonnnnnn whooaaaaa....a..riss....oh fuck me'. I kissed her lips sucked her boobs and licked all over her neck and ears. After 15 minutes, She came. I kept humping her and i was at peak and i cried ' i m cummin cummin'. She moaned 'Fill my cunt ahhhhhhhhh....'I finally gave a heavy thrust and reached her g spot and I loaded my cum into her vagina and it sucked all of my cum.She moand'ohhhhhhmyyyyygodahhhhhhh...' i laid upon her. I kissd her and we laid there for about an hour.She then went down,gave me a tounge bath and grabbed hold of my 6" cock with her soft hands and startd to stroke it slowly, then she parted its foreskin with the fingers and touched the tip with her tongue and licked and sucked my cock for about 30 minutes,she sucked more and then looked at me and said, “I love your cock. It tastes and feels so sexy sliding in and out. It's making me so horny.” Naina slid my penis past the sweet lips I had kissed. As she bobbed her head on my shaft, I started fucking her warm and wet mouth. She encouraged me by pulling my ass cheeks towards her. I fucked even deeper, and felt my cock in her throat. She gulped my meat lustily. She caressed my thighs and balls. "I will eat these", she screamed. Naina surely knew how to give a blowjob, and it wasn't long before I was ready to blow.

"Ooh! I'm going to come. ", I said.”Mmmmf," she pumped her lips and tongue even faster on my cock. One hand moved to my balls, and she fondled them as she pulled my butt to her and deep-throated my cock. "oh, Naina. Haan. I'm gonna shoot a huge...” I came. I shot jets of sperm into her throat and mouth. She sucked my shaft deeply and swallowed all the juices that I spattered in her. She fondled my balls, coaxing all the come out of them, as she sucked me. She continued sucking as my legs became weak and my shaft became sensitive. Then she sucked beyond the sensitivity as I maintained my erection in her warm, wet mouth.leaned my head back and wiped my brow, "Ma'm,oops Naina you gave one hell of a blowjob. You are a wonderful cock-sucker. I mean that as a compliment. Your mouth was even better than I dreamt."She was quite happy to hear this and said me that I was the one she wanted to have sex with as she was quite impressed by my hansome looks ,atheletic frame and my long God-gifted dick.

After this, this turned out to be a regular feature for us. We would regularly grope or fuck around when time was there for us. Whenever she used to Come to our class she frequently comes to me and after becoming sure that no body looked , she used to bend over my table to give me a nice view of her lascivious boobs...her ass was round and used to protude as if it will tear apart her saree and say,"FUCK ME"!!!!!!!!!This was actually a true incident.Any girl or women wanting to have fun of a life time or just comment on my masterpiece then contact ryan_cooolest@yahoo.comyou need not worry about anything. "SECRECY IS GUARANTEED AND EXPECTED" 

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