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A Call From Chennai Office -5380

Myself ..Hi all, Here is my another story…I am 25 years old and was in search of a job. I had sent many applications for job and was waiting for an interview call from any of the firms to which I had sent my job application. One day I got a call from a company to attend an interview at their office. The post that I had applied for was of Personal Secretary. Now I went to attend the interview.

When I reached their office I came to know that the company was into manufacturing & distribution of undergarments for women. I was taken aback. Normally such firms recruit only ladies or girls for various positions. Anyhow I went inside and met the girl sitting at the reception. She was a beautiful girl might be around 23 years of age. When I took a glance of the office I saw an all-female staff except for a peon, a security guard and other two people working in the accounts section were only male.

The receptionist girl asked my name & purpose of my visit. I gave her the details and informed her that I had come for an interview. She took note of my details and asked for my Cv. I handed over my Cv to her. She took my Cv & told me to take a seat on the sofa. She went inside the Director’s cabin with my Cv and when she came back, told me that Director had called me inside. I knocked the door and a sweet female voice said, “come in”.

When I went inside I saw an extremely beautiful looking woman, a little busty, around 30 years of age, fair complexion, with bright red lipstick, deep black eyes and wearing a yellow sari with some floral designs and a matching blouse seated on the director’s chair. I stood near the chair in front of her. She looked at me, gave a smile and told me to sit. I also smiled and replied”Thank you”.

She had my Cv in front of her and asked me whether I am currently employed anywhere. I said “No”. Then she asked my family background. I replied that my father has retired from service and my parents have settled at my native place. My elder brother is an executive working in Bombay.

I stay here as a Paying Guest with one Mr. Mehta. She asked about my work experience. I told that I have worked in the capacity of a Pa to Md of a small firm for about a year. Then what happened, she asked. I told”The firm was closed as it was making loss continuously for 2 years and I was jobless now. She understood that I was desperately in need of a job. She asked”How much salary do you expect”. I said” As per your company rules”. She said “ Initially we can give you 6000=00 PM and then it depends on your performance.

Moreover you will have to sign a bond for 2 years. If you leave the job within these 2 years you will be liable to pay the Co. Rs.15,000 and other expenses if incurred on you by the Co.”. I hesitatingly said”It’s accepted”. Then she said”You have to work as Ps to the Director that is for me”.

I nodded my head. She further said”I always wanted some male as my Ps because females can only handle male bosses well. I had a few female PS but they work not for more than 6 months or a year and leave the job because of marriage, childbirth, new jobs and various other reasons. I hope you will serve my Co. & me for a long time. I replied affirmatively. Then she wished me best of luck and told you can collect your offer letter today & join from tomorrow.

She said”Is there anything you want to ask”. I asked what’s your good name Mam? She replied with a smile: Miss Chandni Motwani. I shook hand with her. Her hands were so soft to touch then I took her leave. I came out of the office. The receptionist girl asked”How was your interview”. I replied:” I have been told to join from tomorrow. She congratulated me. I asked her:”What’s your name?” She replied” My name is Anjali”. I told:”

Very beautiful name just like you”. She blushed & smiled. I told”So we shall meet tomorrow”. Next day I reached the office well before time. Few of the staff members had come. Anjali was also present. I Greeted her with a smile. She alse greeted me. Then we had some casual talks. I asked her: “How is the nature of Chandni mam”. Anjali told:”She is a nice person. She stays alone as she has cut off all the relations with her family members.

Only one of her elder brothers is still in contact with her. At times she is rebellious and if she decides to have anything she achieves it anyhow. I asked, “Is she married”. Anjali replied”No, she had few affairs but nothing went ahead. It was because of her rebellious nature & may be the men had not given to her demands. “Are you married” I asked Anjali. She blushed and said “No”. Are you willing to marry me” I asked further.

She smiled but didn’t say anything. At that time Chandni arrived. I greeted her. She also did the same. Straight away she went into her cabin and then called me. I also went inside. Then she came with me and introduced me to other staff members. She introduced me to Anjali also. I told I had a little talk with her before. She then showed a cabin beside her cabin, which was parted, only by a glass window. She told”This is your cabin” I always want you to be in my service. Then she told not to mingle much with other staff members & especially

Anjali. I couldn’t ask the reason for such a restriction and just nodded my head. Then Chandni said”You know we are into ladies undergarment business”. I said yes. She asked, “what’s the ideal size of a woman’s body” I replied”Its 36 24 36”. Chandni said”Very good. You have good knowledge of woman’s measurement. I just blushed. Then she got busy with some phone calls and quotations. After office hours I met Anjali and said to her what Chandni told to me.

Anjali was a bit surprised on hearing that but didn’t tell anything. Next day I reached the office and went straight to my cabin. Chandni had not come to the office so I felt little bored and went to Anjali’s cabin to spend some time. We were talking & laughing when Chandni suddenly arrived. On seeing us talking & laughing she looked straight to us & went inside her cabin. I also followed her.

She took her seat & asked me”did you forget what I told you”. I said”No mam.” Then what you were doing with her. I replied” Simply I was having…. Before I could finish my sentence she said”now I don’t want such a thing to happen again in future” Then she told me to sit down & gave a magazine with pictures of models wearing bra & panty. “I hope this will keep you entertained whenever I am not there”she said & laughed. I also smiled. She told me”

One of my prestigious client is coming today. You have to take care of her”. The client arrived. She was a little fat lady, dressed in a saree, around 40 years of age. She came & hugged Chandni and they had their talks. The lady told” Chandni last time you gave me some bra they are quite good & fits nicely. It shows of my boobs in an elegant manner but the panties are a little tight. I have brought them with me.

Then the lady took out three panties all of different colours and gave to chandni. Chandni told ok, I would replace with new ones. She asked for the size and the lady told “40”. Then Chandni called me” You take all these panties and get the size 40 from the cupboard”. The lady saw me and asked, “So he is your new ST” Yes, Chandni replied. I couldn’t understand why they referred to me as ST. I handed the lady her new panties.

She gave a smile to me. Then she asked” Will you share your ST with me”. Oh yes, Chandni replied but wait for some time. I will inform you. She told me to arrange for some snacks for her guest. I told the peon to get some snacks & cold drinks. Soon both of them were having their snacks & other business talks. In between both of them looked at me and were laughing and then talking something since I was inside my cabin I couldn’t hear what they were talking.

Then the lady left in evening. Chandni told”I’m going a little early today, you attend to the phone calls & inform me tomorrow. Next day Chandni came very early. I wished her & went into my cabin. Chandni asked if there were any calls for her. I replied”No mam. Then she gave me some details & told to prepare the quotations. After that she called in the accountant and asked if the due payments have been collected or not.

The accountant hesitantly replied”Still the payment of 2 parties are pending” Suddenly she shouted at the man. He was around 50 years of age and started trembling. She said,”What have you been doing all these days. U can’t collect the payment”. If I don’t get the payment within the next 2 days I will have to deduct a part of your salary”. The man replied”I will collect it”. Chandni:”You can go now”. Then she called me and asked,”Have you done with the quotation”. I replied”

Yes and gave the quotation to her”. She checked it and said OK. Then she told”Send fax copy to both the parties and if required courier it”. I nodded my head. She had to attend a few phone calls thereafter. After office hours I met Anjali and we had a nice chat. Then I asked about her family. She said:”We are 3 members, myself, my mother and brother. Brother is a senior mechanic in an automobile shop”. Then I told her”

Come on today we’ll have a cup of coffee” At first She denied. Then after much persuasion she agreed. She looked very happy and I also had a good time. The next morning Chandni told me”You can come & stay with me as my house is very large & I stay alone. I told”But it will not be… Before I could finish my sentence Chandni told”Don’t worry about what people would say. I would handle them”. I said OK. In the afternoon Chandni came to my cabin and stood behind me. She asked”If I could teach her how to use Internet & e-mails”.

I told it’s very easy and u can learn it very fast. She then bends down to have a close look at my computer. When I turned to look at her I could see the cleavage as her kameez had opened a little due to her bending. My eyes fell on her boobs and black bra she was wearing. She caught me staring at her boobs but didn’t mind & told me to how to start the Internet. I started explaining her how to use e-mail & Internet. She said she would like to try on her own. Then she lifted her hands to access my keyboard.

A sweet feminine perfume smell emanated form her body and I got a sight of her armpits. She was wearing a sleeveless kameez and I saw her under arms had only few hairs. But her scent was making me wild. In the pretext of explaining how to type I ran my hands over her smooth hands & shoulders and I was getting a hard on. I tried to hide my erection but she saw my crotch bulging. It seemed she was intentionally doing it.

Then she asked when I was going to move to her place. I told: After a week as I had already paid the rent for the whole month. She said,”OK”. Then I met Anjali in the evening. We shared everything happened during the day. She told that she enjoys my company. I told I also feel the same. Then she told:”I wanted to tell you something” I asked what. She told”I will tell you tomorrow. I couldn’t sleep the whole night as I was eager to know what Anjali wanted to say”.

Chandni asked me,”have you seen the pictures in the magazine that I had given you”. I shyly said,”Yes”. Now tell me”Do you have any girlfriends?” She asked. I said”No” She told “Suppose if you have a girl friend, which type of bra & panty would you like to see her in”. I was surprised by her question. She said”Since you are my PS I can ask you such type of questions” Right, I nodded my head and said, “I like my woman wearing dark colored, netted and very small bra & panty which could barely hold her butts & boobs and expose

Them more”. Chandni told”You are really a very sexy person. I felt very shy & bowed my head. Then she  Told”It’s nice you don’t have a girl friend. I don’t like my PS especially males having a girlfriend. You have to attend me only and I will take care of you”. In the evening I met Anjali. I asked:”You told yesterday that you wanted to tell something to me.” She told,”Let’s go the park nearby”. I said Ok. Then inside the park we were strolling.

She was trying to speak but felt very nervous. She said”I….then stopped. I told,”Don’t feel nervous. Tell whatever you want to tell”. She said”I….again stopped. I held her hands and told since we are very frank with each other you just speak out. She gathered courage and told:”I love you”. On hearing this I hugged her tightly. I kissed her on her cheeks and told”I was waiting to hear this from you”.

She also kissed me on my lips. We remain embraced to each other for a long time. Then I took her to a nearby restaurant and we had dinner. I wished her good night and went back to my place. Next day Chandni called me to her cabin and asked if I watch any porn sites. I told No. She asked”If I can open any site for her on the computer”. I opened a porn site for her.  She started watching some pictures & videos. Mostly she was interested in pictures of blowjobs and where the penis of men was shown and the fucking scenes.

I noticed she was getting aroused as her hands went towards her nipples and she was scratching her area between the thighs. I was also aroused by the videos and my hands also went to my penis. She noticed that and smiled at me. Then she closed the site and went to the bathroom. My pant was wet near the crotch area and it was noticeable. Then she came out with her panty in the hand. She gave it to me & told, “it got drenched.

You please wash it”. I was in for a shock. She commanded “Yes you have to wash it since you are my PS I will not tell anybody else to do it”. I went to the bathroom and washed her panty. Then she told me not to mention anything happening in the office to anybody. One day Anjali invited me to her house to meet her mother & brother. I went to her house & met her mother & brother. We had some talks. I told them that both of us love each other.

Then I took leave of them. Anjali came to see me off. We both kissed and hugged each other. She was happy as her mother & brother had approved her relation with me. At night suddenly Chandni’s words came to my mind. She had warned not to have any girlfriend. But now I couldn’t leave Anjali, as I loved her very much.

But I kept all these things as secret in my mind.One day Chandni asked:”When you are going to move to my house”. I said after 2 days. Chandni told OK then called me near her and said how do I look. I said”Very beautiful” Chandni said,”Really”. I said,”I’m telling the truth”. Chandni asked:”Then which part of my body do you find more beautiful.” I said,”All parts” Chandni,”Can you name them?”.

I was quiet for a while. Chandni said,”Come on speak up. Don’t be shy like a girl. We can be frank to each other in all the matter. I trust you very much like my own person”. Then I quietly said”Your boobs, ass, hands face”. Chandni;”Then you will have to do one thing” I said,”Yes”. Chandni said,”I have to attend a marriage of one of my close friend today. So you can see I have put on these mehandi on my hands.

Can you scratch inside my ass hole as its itching very badly inside there”. I was shocked but then nodded my head. Chandni told me,”Come backside, life my sari and put your hand inside”. Chandni was wearing a transparent dark pink sari with glitters and a matching blouse. Standing at her back I lifted her sari & petticoat, took my hand to her ass. Chandni told”Do fast. Pull my panty down and scratch.” I pulled her panty down and then put two ..Fingers in her ass hole and started scratching with fingers. It seemed she was enjoying it as her eyes began to close.

Then she said move your fingers a little up. I moved my fingers up and I realized it was her cunt hole. She said,”What you are doing? Come on keeping scratching”. I moved my fingers in and out and scratched her cunt. I felt something wet on my fingers. Then she said,”Ok. Now I have to go”. I took my hands out & pulled up her panty. I saw my fingers were wet with her sweat & juice. Then she went out of the room.

I brought my fingers to my nose & inhaled the smell of her ass & cunt. It felt very intoxicating, Suddenly Chandni entered the room to take her car’s key. She saw what I was doing. I felt a little embarassed. She looked to my eyes, smiled & said, “carry on”. I was really embarrassed. Next day was a Sunday so I went to Anjali’s house. Anjali was very happy to see me and came & hugged me. I went into her house.

I enquired about her mother & brother. She said,”Mother has gone to her sister’s house in a nearby town and brother is also out of station due to some urgent work. I am alone and was feeling bored. I thought of coming to your place and now you are here”. I said,”This shows how truly we love each other”. Anjali just smiled & said,” Shall I make some tea or coffe”. I said,”

You just sit near me that’s enough”. Anjali:”I am yours forever and she came & sat near me on the bed. I put my hands over her shoulder & brought her towards my chest and kissed her on the forehead & lips.  She also embraced me. Then I slowly moved my hands over her boobs and stomach. Anjali tried to free herself from me. But I held her tightly and ran my fingers over her hair and face. Anjali understood my intentions and said, “This is not proper”. I asked,”

What’s not proper. We love each other & I’m going to marry you. So we don’t need to worry”. Then I made her lay down on the bed and started untying the knot of her pajama. I removed her pajama and now she was before me in her light blue panty. I caressed her fair thighs, then brought my mouth down to her thighs and started licking the inside of her thighs. Anjali tried to get away but as she started experiencing the pleasure her rebellion turned into submission.

I saw her panty was wet in the middle. Slowly I removed her panty and I saw before my eyes the most precious part of her body—Her bushy cunt. I started feeling the heat. I kissed on her cunt and ran my fingers over her pubic hair. Anjali started moaning. I spread her cunt lips and put my fingers inside. My fingers got wet with her juices. I put the finger in my mouth & licked her juice. Anjali saw this & asked,”

What are you doing”. I said:”I am just licking your juices. They are very tasty” Anjali saw me and covered her face with her hands. Then I inserted my tongue into her cunt hole and started tongue fucking her. I turned her back and her ass was towards me. I squeezed her ass cheeks. She let out a slight cry of pain. I kissed on her butts, then spread her ass cheeks to access her ass hole. I buried my nose into her ass hole and inhaled her feminine smell.

My dick was growing in size in my pant. I removed my shirt, pant & underwear. Now I felt a little relieved. I put my attention back to Anjali’s ass. Then I put my tongue it her ass hole and started sucking & licking her ass hole. I moved up to her back and unzipped her salwar. I kissed her bare back while fingering her ass hole. Then I removed her salwar. As she was not wearing a bra She was lying in front of me fully nude.

I turned her to her back and saw two medium sized globes. Her nipples were erect. I cupped her boobs and pinched her nipples. Anjali was biting her lips. Her eyes were closed so I brought my dick to her mouth. I told Anjali to open her mouth. She obeyed me and I put my dick into her mouth. Suddenly she opened her eyes and tried to remove my

Dick form her mouth. I told her,”Don’t remove it. Just suck & lick it as I was doing it on your cunt and ass”. She started licking & sucking it. After some time I felt I was going to ejaculate so I took my dick from her mouth & my juices spread on her face & boobs. I rubbed her face, boobs & stomach with my juice. Then I kissed her face, licked her stomach and again I reached her cunt. Now my dick got erect again.

I put my dick at the entrance of her cunt hole and tried to push it in. Anjali felt little pain. I then spit on her vagina and rubbed her cunt hole. I also applied some saliva on my dick. As I was rubbing her cunt vigorously Anjali screamed and then suddenly juices started flowing from her vagina. I lapped up her cunt juices. I took some of her juices and let Anjali also lick it from my hands. Then again I pushed my dick into her vagina. This time it entered easily and then I started pumping her vigorously.

Slowly my dick got filled up and this time I emptied my dick into Anjali’s vagina. Then my dick reached the depths of her cunt and was ejaculating again. I saw Anjali’s cunt was flowing with her juices. We lay in each other’s arms for some time and then got up and cleaned ourselves. Anjali was afraid. I told her not to tell about this to anybody. I assured her that I would marry her.

Anjali was happy and then I took leave of her. Next day Anjali came to the office. I looked at her. She was feeling shy in looking at me. I went near her and when I saw nobody was looking I cupped her butts and kissed on her boobs. Anjali laughed & said,”You are very naughty”. I went to my cabin. Chandni was already sitting there. She said,”Today we are going to shoot some ads for our products.

Some models are going to come. You have to take care of them. I said, “Ok”. Models came in the afternoon. There were five girls in the age group of 18 to 25. Chandni introduced me to them and told me to take them to the studio. I accompanied them. When Anjali saw this she was getting angry. I just whispered to her”It was my duty”. We reached the studio. The girls were really very forward. I showed them their makeup & dressing rooms.

There were 2 makeup women to attend to these girls and 3 professional photographers to shoot the pictures. But that day one makeup lady was absent. Now these girls started undressing themselves to wear our bra & panty for the ad. They called me in for unhooking the dress and they had no shame in undressing themselves in front of anybody. One lady was engaged in the makeup of one model. One model was in her old bra & panty. She removed it and to her surprise saw the hairs on her armpits and vagina.

Now she had to remove the hairs before the shot. As the other lady was engaged and one was absent she called me to shave off her hairs. I went with the razor and slowly shaved her pubic hairs. Then I ran my hands on her vagina and applied some lotions. She was enjoying it. She smiled at me & put on new bra & panty for the shot. Another girl called me and said she was ready for the shot but she had to urinate urgently & relieve herself before calling the shots.

She went to the bathroom but called me in & said”You have to clean me after the session.” I said Ok. I saw her squatting on the commode and she gushed out the urine from her cunt. My eyes were fixed on her cunt hole releasing urine. She saw me & smiled. I also smiled. Then she called me near her & said clean my area with water. I went & took some water in a cup and washed of her cunt. It was so smooth. I ran my hands all over her cunt as well as her ass hole. She said,”I really enjoyed your service. I will call you

To wash my ass hole as well and laughed loudly. The models put on various types of bra & panty and shoot in various poses. By evening the ad shot was over and models went back. I reached home was Really tired. Next day Anjali asked me what I had done yesterday. I told her all that happened. She was extremely upset and told”You are supposed to do those things only to me not to other girls”.

I told “I know. Even I don’t like it. After all it’s my duty”. But I actually enjoyed it. Chandni told”You did a good job yesterday. The models really liked your service. One of them told that she wants you as her PS but I refused”. Then Chandni told day after tomorrow I’m going to Paris to attend the Lingerie Fashion show. Our products are also going to be displayed there. I want you to accompany me to Paris.

I told”I was ready”. Then the next day all the packing was done. In the evening I met Anjali.She asked,”how much long is the tour”. I told “One week”. She made a gloomy face. I told her”One week will pass away like seconds and I will be back”. Then I kissed her. She also embraced me and we parted. Chandni had made arrangements for the tour but I had to take care of her personal matters. I arranged everything as directed by her.

We got the flight and reached Paris in evening. Then we checked in to our hotel room. Surprisingly Chandni had booked only one room in the hotel. I asked,”Where will I stay”. Chandni said,”In my room”. She asked,”Do you have any problem?”. I replied”No”. Then I ordered for some wine and snacks. Chandni told she would have bath first and entered the bathroom. After bath she came out with a towel draped round her body. Then she told me”Get a pair of black bra & panty from my bag.

I took out the bra & panty. She turned her back towards me and removed the towel. First she put on the bra. I clearly saw her huge butts. It was big, fair and luscious pieces of flesh. My dick got erect. Then she put on the panty. She turned towards me and saw the erection. She just laughed at me & told me to apply some cream on her back, hands & thighs.  I slowly moved my hands on her soft body and applied the cream. Then I went to have a bath.

When I came out, the snacks had arrived. Chandni was dressed in a black satin gown. I was draped in towel. She came near me and suddenly removed the towel. I was totally nude. Chandni looked at my dick and said,”You really have a huge flesh. It can satisfy any woman.” Then she gave a gentle stroke on my dick. I got dressed up in black suit & trousers. We had light snack and moved out of the hotel room to have a view of the city.

After 2 hours of roaming here & there we came back to the hotel & went to sleep early. Next morning we got up early got ourselves ready for the fashion show. The show was really a glittering one. Our agent in Paris had arranged for the display of our products. For the first 2 days lingerie’s of other countries & designers were projected on the ramp. We were eagerly waiting for our turn. On the last day of the show beautiful models showcased our various range of bra & panty. Our ad shot was also shown on the screen.

At the end Chandni walked on the ramp with the models. We had worn a bra cum blouse and a thin transparent saree for the ramp walk. We were really exhausted after three days on hectic schedule. On the fourth day we went for some sightseeing. In the evening we went for a striptease show. A boy & a girl were doing the show. They discarded their clothes one by one & threw it on the crowd.

Men were fighting for the bra & panty of the girl & women were going mad over the underwear thrown by the boy. Some women wanted to touch the boy’s dick. They were moaning and screaming. Men went mad when they saw the girl nude. Chandni was engrossed in the show. She was  Staring at the boy’s thick dick. I was looking at the boobs of the girl and became hot. Then after the show we reached our hotel. Next day we went for some shopping & purchased some clothes, perfumes & Other accessories.

Chandni made all the purchase for me. On the sixth day we stayed in our hotel room. Chandni told she was having a light headache and at once I took out the balm and applied on her head. She was very happy by my gesture. Then she told me to give a massage to her whole body. She was lying on the bed wearing a transparent gown. I sat near her legs and slowly massaged her feet, shin and moved up to her thighs. She pulled her gown up and now her panty clad cunt was in front of me.

I could see her pubic hair peeping out on the sides of her yellow panty. I massaged the area near her cunt then I slowly pulled her panty down. By this time Chandni was fast asleep. I ran my hand over her bushy cunt. It was delightful sight to see my Director’s cute cunt. Then I put on her panty and massage her stomach and back. I tried to caress her boobs but was afraid that she may wake up.

When Chandni got up she told she was really feeling very nice. Then we reached back to our office on the seventh day after the trip. I met Anjali and told the trip was really nice. We had got few new orders also. Next day I told Chandni”Mam can I move to your house from tomorrow”. Chandni was pleased to hear this. She told”You can move in today itself”. I went to my place, met Mr. Mehta, the owner and said that the co.

Has provided me the house so I‘m going to vacate your house. He agreed and I moved to Chandni’s house with my luggage. Her’s was a big bungalow with 4 bed room & equal number of bathroom, toilet, one big kitchen, a garden with swimming pool. She told there are no servants so I myself will have to do all the work.

From now onwards I will have to take care of her service also. I was surprised by her words but now I can’t withdraw myself from the situation. Next morning Chandni said “You don’t have to come to office daily. I’ll call you when I will require your service. You can stay at home and take care of my jobs here. I want you to be at my call anytime”.

I nodded my head. I was really feeling very bad because now i’ll not be able to meet Anjali…my love. Chandni told “I have a heap of dirty clothes pending since last one week. Please wash those clothes. You can use the washing machine”. Then you clean my room and your room next to mine. Food you can either purchase from outside or cook for yourself. Chandni then left for her work. I cleaned her room and my room. I went to the heap pf dirty clothes.

There were half a dozen bra & panties along with gowns & sarees. I put all of them in the washing machine. But when I took out one of her sari got torn and hooks of some blouse & bra were missing. I was really afraid. Whern Chandni saw this she shouted at me & said “you will not use washing machine and will have to wash yourself.” Next day she gave her bra, panty blouse and a sari to wash on my own.

I picked her blouse & saw dried sweat on her armpit part. I brought my nose to that part & smelled it. Then I took her used panty & saw a dried spot in the middle. Again I smelled the panty. It smelled of her sweat & juice. The ass part on her panty was wet. I inhaled that part also. Suddenly Chandni entered & caught me smelling her panty and I was rubbing my dick also. She laughed at me and said,”So you are doing this.

Ok i’ll see you later on”. In the evening when Chandni came back from office she told,”Come & remove my panty. I was afraid. She shouted,”Come on. I went near her and pulled down her panty from inside the sari. Then she told”Rub your face with it”. I did do and it smelled of her sweat. She had worn a sanitary napkin and told me to  Remove that also. I removed that also. I saw it had some stains of her juices and little blood on it. She told”Lick it”. First I didn’t obey. Then I lick it. It tasted very filthy & disgusting.

Then she told me to lick Her vagina. It smelled sweaty. I licked her vagina. Then she got up, removed her sari, blouse and bra. She told me”Lick my boobs”. I licked her boobs. Then she told me to put my nose into her sweaty ass cracks. I did so. While doing all this my dick was growing erect. She noticed my erection. Then she held my dick and squeezed it. I licked her whole body. She went to the bathroom and called me inside. She told,”You will now have to bath me daily”. I agreed. We had food ordered from outside.

In the night also I massaged her whole body. My dick was having an erection and it wanted to enter her cunt but she never allowed that. I felt very angry being treated as a slave. Being a Sunday, she told that she has called some of her friends and I have to take care of all them. Her friends arrived around 11o’ clock. Among them one had came to exchange her bra & panties in our office. I recognized her.

Apart from her there were two other ladies who looked very beautiful but were a little busty on the bottom. Miss Komal (One of the lady) asked, “Mrs. Malhotra (Name of the lady who exchanged her bra & panties) is this the sex toy u told that Chandni had brought for herself?” Mrs. Malhotra,”Yes, this is her new St”. Now I understood why Chandni & Mrs. Malhotra had refereed to me as St that day. It meant that

I was here as a Sex Toy for Chandni. Another lady Mrs. Nisha told,”He looks like a nice toy. But I will have to see for myself.” Chandni told,”Today all of us will use this toy for enjoyment.” Then Chandni told me to arrange for some snacks & drinks.  After all the four had their drinks & snacks. Chandni called me near to her and told”Climb on that table’. Mrs. Malhotra asked”Chandni what you are making him to do?” Chandni told,”A striptease show exclusively for all of you”. Komal said,”Very nice, Chandni”.

Mrs. Nisha said,”My husband is abroad. So I haven’t got a nice fuck for the last one month. May be I can use this sex toy for that also”. Chandni said,”As you wish”. I was standing on the table. Chandni ordered,”Now remove your clothes one by one.” I first removed my shirt, then Bermuda, banian and atlast my underwear. Mrs. Nisha took my under wear and smelled it. Then she hid my underwear inside her skirt.

Chandni was sitting quietly. Others started moaning, screaming and shouting. Chandni told me to do a naked dance. She put an erotic music and I danced to the tune. In between Mrs. Malhotra came near to me and pulled my dick. I screamed in pain. Mrs. Nisha would pinch on my nipples and butts. All of them enjoyed continuously for one hour. I was really exhausted and fell on the table. Chandni poured some water on my face. I got up.

She told me to lie down on the floor. I did so. Then all of them got undressed. I saw four huge asses & boobs in front of me. I was taken aback because I did not know what was going to happen to me. Then Chandni came and stood near my face. Slowly she folded her knees and could see her cunt hole just above my nose. She slowly guided her cunt to my nose. Her cunt was giving out a murky smell.

She was kneading her boobs. Then I felt my legs being tied with some rope. I tried to move my kegs but it was tied tightly. Chandni was gyrating her cunt on my nose. Then she ejaculated her juices on my nose & eyes. It felt so hot. Miss Komal was squeezing my dick. Mrs. Malhotra took my hands to her boobs & told me to squeeze it. I started crushing & squeezing her boobs. She maoned in pleasure. Miss Komal brought her ass near my mouth and told me to insert my tongue in her ass hole. I put my tongue inside

And I felt something inside her ass hole. I was a remains of her shit, as she might not have washed properly. She was also moaning in ecstasy. Chandni then took my dick in her mouth and sucked it. She licked my balls. Mrs. Nisha took my hand & put it …Inside her cunt hole. I started finger fucking her. Miss Komal got up and Mrs. Malhotra came & brought her boobs to my face. She pushed her whole mound on to my mouth.

I was feeling suffocated. All of them took turn to lick my dick. Some of them squeezed my balls also. I let out a cry of pain but they didn’t pay any heed to my cry. All of them let their ass holes and cunt licked by me. My tongue was paining by non-stop licking. Then Chandni tied my hands also. She spat on my face. She directed her cunt on my face and let out a thick gush of urine on to my mouth.

Mrs. Malhotra took her turn. She directed her ass hole to my nose and gave out a loud fart. I felt a strong smell entering my nostrils. All of them started laughing loudly. Komal put her fingers into her ass hole smeared her fingers with her shit and after opening my mouth put her fingers into my mouth. I was totally helpless. Mrs. Nisha turned me and came near my ass hole. Then she put one of her fingers in my ass hole and grilled it deep into my ass. I screamed aloud. They all laughed again. Chandni again peed into my ass hole. Mrs.

Nisha said she wants to go to loo. Chandni said “You can use him as the loo. They turned me again and Mrs. Nisha brought her anus over my mouth. All of them held my mouth open and the lady let out a long shit log into my mouth. I felt like vomitting. They closed my mouth till I swallowd it all. Mrs. Malhotra brought her cunt on my dick and slowly moved down to insert my dick into her cunt. This went on for a long time. I was really exhausted. But these ladies were not ready to leave me. Then they opened my hands & legs. Then Mrs. Nisha laid down on the floor and order me to get on top of her.

I placed my dick at the entrance of her vagina and penetrated it deep into her vagina. She was moaning with pleasure. All of them had a fuck by me except Chandni. I was totally tired but Chandni didn’t allow me to rest. She aksed me to bath all of them. I bathed all of them and made them clean. Chandni asked her friends,”How is my ST?” Miss Komal said,” It’s Fantastic. I would like to use more of him”.

Mrs. Malhotra said,”We can use him as long he is with Chandni” Chandni said”Yes” and all of them laughed”. Then before leaving all of them mercilessly squeezed my ball & dick. I cried out aloud and they enjoyed it very much. It became a routine for me every Sunday & other holidays. I was tired of this job. Chandni then slowly became more aggressive and demanding.She wouldn’t allow me to wear any dress and I had to be naked at home.

She would squeeze my dick whenever she liked. I had to lick her ass & cunt holes. Some time she would bury my face between her thighs for the whole night, or when watching a movie or reading a books. I had to lick her ass & cunt hole continuously. She would make me wear her dirty panty & bra. Now my office work became less & less day by day and I was used more as a ST. I thought of running away from her but since I had signed a bond for 2 years

I had to bear all this. Moreover, I had promised to Anjali to marry her. Once I had a chance to meet Anjali and I narrated all that was happening to me. She was shocked and felt sorry for me. She told me”We will go away from here, get married and settle somewhere else”. I told her to wait for some more time”. Chandni once came home and said “Today I want a good fuck and if u can satisfy me I will give u a good reward. It was for the first time Chandni had told me to fuck her. But my dick was feeling the pain because of the

Treatment Chandni had meted out to it. I tried my best to satisfy her but she told she was not satisfied. Then she pitched my dick and said to fuck her ass hole. I put in dick in her ass hole. I gave a thrust and it went deep inside her ass hole. Chandni gave out a loud cry. I didn’t stop. I Gave thrust after thrust in her ass hole.

She started moaning in pleasure. I took a French kiss and bit her lips in the process. I fingered her cunt and again put my dick into her cunt. This time it tore her cunt and went deep inside. I ejaculated into her cunt. We both lay exhausted. Chandni was satisfied. She gave me a cheque of Rs.70000=00 as reward. I kept the cheque securely, as it will be helpful in future when I get married to Anjali.

Then I had to satisfy her every time she asked for…may be in the morning, afternoon, night. I had to lick clean her sweat & cunt juices. Sometimes she made me lick her ass hole also after taking the shit. I had to wipe my face with her dirty panties and bra. I became sick of all these. But I was relaxed as my two-year bond was going to be over. At last my bond was over. Chandni said”Now you are free from bond but you can continue working for me”. I said “Yes, but didn’t let her know my plans”.

I said to her:”I have to go to meet my parents at my native place”. She allowed me to go. I took Anjali along with me. We went to my there and moved to another town. I didn’t go back to Chandni. Anjali & I got a Job and we are happy settled. After few months we came to know that Chandni died in a car accident. When I heard of the incident I felt very sad because even though she had treated me in the most inhuman way I had loved her in my heart of hearts if any aunty women girls want my services u can mail in Chennai only Send your opinion at:chennai.boy69@gmail.com 

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