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A Chilling Affair -4733

Hi I am Jimmy Cooper divorced Parsi Male 37 living in Mumbai. I was working at a small restaurant, when I was studying for my Film Editing Diploma in New York , just to make some extra cash I would work at the restaurant being a Diploma Holder of Hotel Management . A hectic place to work, busy as hell during the rush times and boringly routine in between them. It was out of this boredom that I had an affair with a co-worker, or at least the start of one anyway. Diana and I had worked together every day for about five months, she was married. We both worked in the close quarters of the small kitchen, me as the prep and lead cook, her as a salad prep and line cook. The job was hard, and it seemed that Diana and I got closer and closer as the days passed by. We often confided in each other as to the problems she was having at home, her husband of three years didn't understand her frustrations of never having had an orgasm during their weekly "routine" sex. Diana and I had flirted with the idea of being together, but still held off, until one day in the walk-in cooler.

It was freight day, and there were numerous boxes and cans of stuff to be put away, some in the shelves meant for dry goods storage, and many for the freezer and cooler. It was the day that our lives would be changed, our relationship would blossom into an affair to be remembered to this day, though many years have passed by. It usually took only a few minutes to put the frozen things away, and the refrigerated items didn't take long either, but this day there were an over abundance, and everything needed to be rotated, dates checked, and reorganized. So, Diana was assigned to help with the task for once, it was too much for one person to do by himself, and even with the extra help it would take hours. She and I started hauling the stuff into the walk-in cooler, took the frozen items into the next chamber and set them on the floor, to be put in place when we had our other tasks done. Everything was now in the right rooms, just had to do the reorganizing and such.

After a short break in the warm morning sun we went back inside to continue the task at hand, and would spend the next couple hours in the chill of the 38 degree cooler. All was going smoothly, we worked well as a team, moving things in an orderly fashion, though often bumping into each other in the confined space. We laughed and visited as we proceeded, and at some point she said "damn, my tits are about to freeze in here". I turned to see her smiling face and looked down to notice that her nipples were as hard as small stones under her t-shirt, braless, as was her usual manner of dress. I said "I can help with that" and laid my hands on her breasts to warm them. Her reaction was very surprising, she didn't make any wise comments, but instead got closer to me to capture some of the warmth of my body heat. Her next comment took me off guard when she said "my pussy is cold too, can you help with that as well?" My thoughts ran from excitement to fear as my dick started swelling with the idea of touching her pussy, and fear of being caught in this kind of action at work.

As my hands warmed her breasts I lowered one of them to cup her sweet snatch in my palm, her coo of pleasure from my touch prompting me to squeeze more tightly and rub her through her jeans. As I squeezed her mound and pussy she raised her hand to the back of my neck, pulled her short slender Figure up and kissed me on the lips. Her breathing let me know she was serious about taking our relationship to the next level. I moved my hand away from her other tit, and lowered it to the button on her jeans, quickly unbuttoning it and then unzipping her zipper to allow me access to touch her without the limits her jeans imposed. She pulled herself closer to me as I slid my hand into her panties and began to caress her fuzzy mound. She watched my eyes intently as my fingers parted her labia and started fingering her moist pussy. She again raised her petite figure up to kiss me hard, opened her mouth and our tongues found each other. My dick was getting harder by the moment, and she could feel the swell of it through my jeans as we held each other close. Her hand lowered to my thigh, and she found the prize she wanted, then started stroking my man tool from base to tip as it lay against my leg, hanging half way to my knee.

As I continued to penetrate her with my finger, her pussy got wetter and more sticky, I knew she was ready for more than what she was getting, she knew I could give it to her, and said "I want YOU to make me cum, please, you know I never have" My reply was simply "i'll try, but it's pretty fucking cold in here, you sure?" She squeezed her hand around my cock, still grasping at it through my jeans, looked up at my face and said "Now!" I loosened my grip on her snatch, pulled my hand from her panties, and turned her around facing away from me. I then put my hands around her waist, pushed her jeans and panties down to her knees. And prompted her to lean on the boxes in front of her. As she did I knelt behind her firm shapely ass, parted her cheeks and went to work at licking her pussy. All fear of being caught was forgotten as I sucked on her clit and made her really wet using my tongue as if it were a cock moving in and out of her sweetness. The taste and smell of her juices was overpowering, and my cock was swelling to a full thick 8 inch erection. I stood up, unzipped my jeans and pushed them down hurriedly. As I did so she leaned over even more exposing her wet glistening pussy, and making it accessible to my advances. She said, "be gentle, my husband only has 5 inches, and I may not be able to take all that meat you've got". As I gently rubbed the head of my cock between her labia, being sure to touch her clit with each pass, she moaned and pushed herself back to meet me, the head slid into her easily, her pussy was wet with the desire for a good fuck, and I was going to give one to her, no matter what.

I started slowly stroking her snatch, giving her a bit more each time I thrust my penis into her willing hole. As I slid more and more of my man tool in and out of her I reached around and started rubbing roughly on her clit, she let out a whelp of pleasure, and I slid six inches in and out furiously to get her ready for the rest of me. I told her to lean farther over, which she did eagerly and I started to pound my cock, all eight inches into her firmly landing my balls against her mound with each stroke. The noise of her moans of delight, those of my scrotum slapping her mound, and my own gurgles of pleasure brought her to her first real orgasm and she gushed wetly around my shaft drenching our thighs with creamy wet cum, which ran down to the waistbands of both of our jeans. I continued to pound my cock in and out of her as she screamed loudly "Fuck me, ohhh my God Fuck me hard, I want to feel you cum inside me" I pounded on, my cock swelling, the veins bulging on it as I restrained the inevitable release. As I drew closer to climax, I slowed my pace, let her know I was ready, and brought my cock to rest with the head Inside her womb as I exploded my own juices into her. The shudder of her abdomen, and the clenching of her pussy muscles made me realize how much she liked the sensation of my orgasm. She stood up, pulled my cock from her snatch, turned and kneeled in front of me, immediately taking me into her mouth and licking our combined juices off of my shaft. I, of course returned the favor and licked her pussy clean of all outward evidence, which brought her to yet another orgasm, not as great as the first, but two in one day, not bad for a lady that had never had one before. We decided it was time to take a break from the cooler, and I really needed to go pee, as she did . So, we redressed, and walked out of the cooler, headed for the restrooms, and thanked our lucky stars we hadn't been caught. The restaurant was kind of small, only had two restrooms, one for the guys, and one for ladies, both one holers, as they say, so when we found that the lady's room was occupied, we both ducked into the men's room. I allowed her to go first, and watched as she wiped the glistening cum from her thighs that had seeped back out from our encounter, it rather aroused me to watch her do so, and my cock again began to swell. She said "you gotta pee, or are you wanting more?" "Both", I replied. She got up and I pushed my jeans down and sat on the seat to go. She knelt down in front of me, pushed my legs apart and lowered her lips to my penis, licking the head and bringing me to a full erection. Her tongue knew all the right spots to give me pleasure, and I wanted to give more to her too.
She stood up, pushed her jeans off, raised her t-shirt up above her wonderful breasts, and stood before me. I reached out to her, putting my hands on her waist I pulled her closer, she stepped to me, one leg on each side of my thighs, and when close enough, lowered herself onto my hardened shaft guided by her hand to be sure it found the mark. I slid farther down on the seat to allow her to easily raise and lower herself on and off of my cock, her coos and moans told me she was going ride me until she got off again, no matter who could hear our pleasures through the door and walls. She continued to raise and lower herself on and almost off of me, my hips in rythem with hers to get the most out of each penetration, our pace quickened and the minutes went by until she was allowing all her weight to drop onto my thickness with each thrust, her voice cracked as she moaned, my breathing was fast and labored as I neared ejaculation, her canal wet with the juices of her pleasure. She whispered, "I'm going to cum again, cum with me, please" She then put her all into it, pounding me hard, her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as she neared her third orgasm of the day, and of her life. I grasped at her breasts, squeezing her nipples til they were hard and reddened with my roughness and said, "it's time". Again my cock swelled, the head drawing up as I suppressed the climax until she could do so at the same moment.
I felt the gush of her cum flow around my shaft and filled her with my sticky white cum again. She collapsed, wrapping her arms around me, our lips met in a warm loving kiss as we embraced each other. Again, we cleaned up, and then went back to work, the job, though postponed, still had to be finished. Our affair would continue for many months, but i'll tell those encounters another time. This was only the first time we were together, we didn't get caught, and the sex was fantastic, especially in the cooler...we Would have to do that again, we thought...and we did.If you like my stories please write to me I have many hot true encounters to narrate .Any Ladies between 30-50 wanting a steamy sex session or just a Fuck Buddy please feel free to mail me at jimscooper@gmail.com... 

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