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A Day With My Co-Worker -6019

HI readers this is Jeet from Gujarat a new writer, I always read stories on ISS, They r really good, so I to decide to share one of my experience with my co-worker Let me describe myself. I’m 5.11" not so handsome but a normal one. Having average body, unmarried, I am a network engineer but that time I was a guy working as a manager of hair salon. I have 4 co-workers 2 of them R good but another 2 r better so now without wasting your time let me start the story her name was Sunita.

I was impressed my her figure when I saw her 1st day she is a married girl n have 2 kids she’s owner of a sexy figure of 38-26-38 she’s fair too, it always attracted me towards her whenever I saw her a thought came in my mind just when I got a chance to fuck her. Alas one day I got a chance to fuck that sexy whore who was harassing me with her deadly boobs n stunning ass guys n girls it was a rainy day, due to heavy rainfall all roads were jam so I called all my co-workers to not to come at work, but due to some reason

Sunita's phone was not working so I tried but it was not possible to contact her. after 10 min's she came to the saloon oh guys what a scene it was she was totally wet her dress was wet n due to that her bra was clearly visible to me n some of her boobs too, it gave a shock in my whole body. I offered her a towel. she asked me why nobody has arrived till now, I told about the whole thing n told her to sit n have a tea with me, she sat on sofa n I gave her tea her red lips touching the cup were looking very hot. I told her "why don’t u change your wet cloths u will fall ill” she said she not having another cloths, I had a gown

I offered her n said just change it n let your cloths get dry she said ok n took the gown from my hands n went to the changing room she was wearing salwaar khamiz she went inside n started removing her wet cloths, she didn’t close the door it was shocking for me n exiting to the woman whom I want to fuck was removing her cloths in front of me her back was towards me she removed her khamiz n was trying take off her bra but the hook was not opening slowly I moved towards her n asked can

I help u Sunita without any hesitation she turned her face towards me n her nice boobs were in front of me but yet in wet brassiere, I told her let me take the pleasure of opening your hook. I was having an instant hard-on n it was visible through my pants. She looked down n told sir isn't that thing in your pants hurting u why don’t you just take it out he will feel free in such a good atmosphere, I was shock hearing such words from her mouth n happy too, I said I can't do it why don’t u do me a favor take that thing out for me with your own soft hands he will be more happy.

She sat down n slowly touched it over my pants, I told her to hurry its hurting me more now she slowly opened the hook n zip off my pants n pulled it down my legs I also stepped out of it n now I was in my underwear n my cock was facing her red hot lips. I said oh Sunita by baby don’t harass me more just pull it out n suck it come on. I can't stay any more without you, just suck it she was yet in her wet bra n salwaar she took of my cock n starter sucking it with full force. I was in 7th heaven n was moaning oh my dear Sunita your boobs n ass has harassed me so much today

I have got the chance please don’t leave me dissatisfied suck it harder baby ahhhhhh yes come on after few minutes of such hard sucking I came in her hot mouth she was not ready to leave my cock she was going on sucking it. I stopped her now we both sat on sofa n kissed hard for 10 min’s she then went in another room n came back in gown she has removed her all the cloths as I can see her hard nipples poking out in gown she sat beside me,

I told her that I was waiting for this day for months n I was attracted towards her from 1st day when she joined she told me that her husband is not a good fucker n she had noticed me looking at her ass n boobs many time while working her talks n hard nipples where arousing me n my cock was again in half standing position. I took one of her boobs in my hand n started pressing it softly n pinched her nipples over the gown she also started getting arose.

I told her to take her gown off before my sentence gets over she removed her gown n started kissing me passionately and hold my cock in one hand n was moving her hand on it slowly my cock was again hard. I grabbed her n pulled her on sofa n started sucking her firm boobs n light brown nipples which always attracted me. She was moaning aahhhh ....Jeet suck it harder or I will die. I put one of my hand on her pink pussy n played with her clitoris her moaning increased she spread her legs full to give me better access to her hot wet cunt.

Then I move down to her pussy n started to give it a hard lick she gone mad n cum on my face now she looked happy n relaxed that beauty was sleeping nude on sofa my cock was yet in same hard position as I had not cum yet. I sat near her n started playing with her nice boob’s n pretty ass. She again got arose n started moaning ohhhh Jeet fuck me please fuck me I want your cock in my pussy. Come on please fuck me.

I got up n came between her legs n started licking her wet pussy n then I slowly entered my cock in her cunt...it was so tight n pink, my cock smoothly entered her hole as it was already wet. I can feel the warmness of her cunt walls on my cock then I started moving it in n out slowly this made her mad like anything n she moaned ohhhhhh Jeet fuck me hard don't do it slowly fuck my cunt harder. I was enjoying her lust. I then started fucking her in full speed......ohh....ccccccc.....Jeet fuck me.....ahhaha.....harder. I was feeling something in her cunt tightening n she came for 2 times while fucking then also she was in her lust I was about to cum now.

I took my cock out of her cunt came all over her belly n boobs n fell beside her we kissed for some time n then she stood up n started wearing her cloths then I woke up n dressed she was looking at me n was blushing she told that it’s time to go. I told her that she was the best fuck in my life then we both kissed n separated with a promise of ass fuck. This was my story guys after that we fucked many time. Comments and suggestions are welcome at (JEET_SAM711@YAHOO.COM) appreciation is necessary so please. Write your comments about story so that I can share my other stories too you are also welcome to chat with me any time 

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