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A Good teacher -9362

We are a family of mum , dad , 3sisters and 2 brothers . Sex was on my mind continually and has been from an early age. The only way to find some relief was to musterbate at least 2 or 3 times a day. I had a few girly magazines and i'd fantasize what it would be like to slip my cock in to the cunts of those women, or play with their boobs, specially the ones with real big ones. On one of such an occasion, a picture in my mind appeared of my sister. She was getting ready to go out after having taken another one of her long bath and walked through the lounge room in her bra and panties to get something from another room.

I wished that it was possible to see her taking a bath. Then one day she came home and she told me that she was real stressed out due to the long hours and that she was going to soak herself in the bath. She picked up a book and off she went. I heard the water running and waited about five minutes. My cock had already gone hard as i was thinking that i might get to see her naked in the bathtub. I went outside and made my way to the bathroom window.

I saw her. Just as i had fantasized. Woww, look at those nice boobs and yes she has her cunt shaved to a bikini line, she didn't have much water in the tub and her cunt was clearly visible. Out came my rock hard cock and i began to masturbate perving on my sister. Then i saw her moving her other hand onto her cunt and she began to slowly rub it. Fuck, i'm seeing my sister masturbating. I don't think my cock has ever been as hard as this. She dropped the book and with that hand began to stroke her boobs. Feeling her now gone hard nipples.

With her other hand she was rubbing herself near the top of her slit with two fingers. I couldn't hold back any longer and let my spunk shoot out in a big arch, landing a couple of meters away on the ground. I thought i was never going to stop, as squirt after squirt shot out. I still watched my sister masturbating i saw her arching herself and she was rubbing her clitty a lot faster now. Her mouth was open, as if she was saying ahhhh's and ooooo's. Her arse was bucking as she made herself cum and i shot another load of spunk to the ground. I cleaned the floor with the floor mattress and i made my way back to the lounge room as soon as i saw her putting the towel around her. By the time she came back in the room, i was back watching tv.

Although she had a skirt and top on, in my mind i saw her as if she was naked. My eyes wandered from where her cunt is to her top. Woww, she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples were still hard and very visible. I looked at them for what must have been an eternity, feeling my cock stirring. I looked away and felt myself blushing.

"are you alright?" she asked giving me a smile. "irrr, errr yes sister."

She then sat down and i found myself looking at her nipples every so often. She again caught me out a few times and always just gave me a smile and each time i would blush even more. Why were her nipples still so hard? I had never noticed that on her before. Over the next week i didn't get a chance to perve on her, but something i noticed, sis was dressing a lot more casual around the house. Hardly ever wore a bra anymore and her skirts looked to be shorter as well.

Maybe i hadn't noticed it on her before. One evening during that rainy week, she was sitting opposite me watching tv. From where i was sitting, i could see a long way up her skirt and i didn't think she had any panties on. I kept on looking up her skirt. Just then she moved her legs a little more apart and with the light filtering through her cotton skirt, i could see that she really wasn't wearing any panties and i was looking straight at her cunt.

My cock did a summersault in my board shorts and it was now like a tent pole. Me thinking:-‘fuck sis, you're teasing the hell out of me, i want to come over and put my hand up her skirt and touch that cunt. I made a couple of feeble attempts to get my stiff cock out of the way, but it was no use. It was too late now anyway, she looked over and said, "you're very fidgety tonight, is everything ok?" i saw her looking at my stiff cock, as she was speaking to me. Naturally i blushed heaps. She was still looking at my cock."don't be embarrassed, i know that your hormones are easily stirred up at the slightest provocation. Don't forget that i've seen you heaps when you were growing up, mind you it wasn't as big as that then. You'll do some woman proud one day. "ohh sister, you are making me all embarrassed."

" you don't have to get embarrassed with me; after all it's a woman that you have to please later in life. So who better than your sister to explain things to you." she had a valid point there. Then she asked me "were you thinking of one of the girls at school to get you all hard, or maybe of one of the girls in those magazines you keep in your room or maybe something else that got you all stirred up?" fuck, she knows about my magazines.

I was stunned had she seen me perving on her through the bathroom window as well? Does she know that i've seen her playing with her boobs and fuck herself with that rubber cock? I can't tell her that i got hard looking up her skirt and seeing that she had no panties on. I can't tell her that i wanted to come over and touch her cunt and fondle her boobs. As all this was going through my mind,

She leaned back in her lounge chair and her short skirt rose up with her. It stopped short just where her cunt began. With her legs now more apart then before. I could see her cuntlips clearly. They were glistening in the light filtering through her skirt. I tried once more to shift my stiff cock to one side, but it was way too stiff and it felt that i would break it by trying too hard. She must have seen me trying to move my cock. Still in her reclined position, she said "why don't you take your shorts off and be more comfortable. I told you that you don't have to feel embarrassed with me. See i haven't got much on myself and it feels real nice." with that she reached down and lifted her skirt up even higher. I now had her wet looking cunt in full view.

"come over here and let me do it for you” i did get up and as i walked the couple of meters to where she was, my cock was sticking straight out. I was being lured across a chasm. One that no close relative should ever cross. I don't remember taking that last step towards her, nor her slipping my shorts down exposing my raging cock. I had my eyes closed and felt a hand being placed on my cock as i stood naked in front of sister. She let her hand slide lightly along the full lengths of my throbbing cock and back again. "my, you sure have grown since the last time i saw you naked. Your already bigger and you still have more growing to do. You're going to make some woman very happy."

I opened my eyes just as my sister came towards my cock with her mouth open and i then felt her hot lips close over the head of my cock. She let it slide further into her moist, warm mouth till i saw she nearly had all my cock in her and felt it touching the back of her throat. She held me there, just lightly moving her tongue over the hard shaft.

She placed her hand on top of mine and guided me towards her wet cunt and showed me how she wanted me to stroke her. She placed it on her hard, swollen clitty and rubbed it with my hand. At last i could touch her, feel her wetness oozing out. Just as well she wasn't moving my cock too much in her mouth; otherwise i would have shot my load down her throat.

It felt soooo fucking good and the perversity of it made it even more exiting. I was in heaven. She was commanding the movements of my fingers on her clit. She was pushing my fingers harder on to it and was making them rub faster. I could now see her clitty protruding between her wet cuntlips and it felt real hard to touch. I didn't know until then that women have that. Sister was starting to move her mouth up and down my shaft. Ahhhh that felt soooo fucking good. Then she moved her hand away from mine and motioned for me to continue to rub her clitty. She pulled her top up and her boobs bounced out and she began to fondle them. I also took hold of one of her boobs and fondled her stiff nipple.

I knew i couldn't make it last much longer, what with one hand on her wet cunt, the other fondling her boobs, touching her hard nipples and having my cock buried deep in her hot mouth. That was just too much for me and i knew i was about to shoot my load. I began to move back so as not to fill her mouth with all that spunk that was about to erupt, but she took hold of my arse cheeks and pulled me even closer and took my cock all the way into her mouth. It again touched the back of her throat, as she pulled me further on to herself. Fuck, she wants me to spunk into her mouth and with that thought, my cock exploded.

I felt wave after wave of cum shooting into her mouth. I don't think she expected me to have so much cum in me and she had problems keeping up with it. I didn't think i was ever going to stop either. Just when i thought i had finished, another squirt would come out. There was an awkward silence for a while as we both came down from our euphoric state. I had put my shorts back on as a matter of shyness and had moved back to my lounge chair.

Sister was still in a state of undress. She had made a feeble attempt to cover herself up, but her boobs were still showing from under her top and her skirt didn't cover her glistening cunt. She had her face buried in her elbow and i saw her shaking her head a few times. I'm sure i could hear her making slight sobbing sounds.i went over to her and asked if she was alright. She didn't look up, just nodded her head. She raised her head and i saw there were tears in her eyes. She stretched her arms out and i let her hug me. "baby, what have i done? It's so wrong, pleeease forgive me. I should know better. I just felt so turned on when you've been watching me take a bath and see you wank yourself as you watch me."

What did she say? It turned her on? To hear her saying that, turn turned me on. Ohh no, not again!! I felt my cock getting hard again. "sister, its ok. What you did felt reeeal nice. I wanted it too and you do turn me on as well." "but you're my brother and we shouldn't …………." she didn't finish the sentence, just hugged me tighter. "sister, i find you very attractive and it's ok with me what we did. I won't be telling anyone. Maybe you can teach me to become a good lover." she hugged me tighter and her sobbing had stopped.

Her boobs were still only partially covered and as we were hugging each other, i placed my hand on her firm, voluptuous breast and started to explore the full roundness of them. I thought sister would brush my hand away at any moment, but she let me continue. I lifted her top up a bit further and they were now in full view. I fondled one of her nipples with one hand, whilst the other hand was kneading her other breast. My cock was back in the same stiff predicament as it was earlier. Oooohh fuck, it felt nice to play with her boobs. Sister leaned a little forward and to my surprise, took her top completely off and then leaned back in the armchair and watched me play with her boobs.

"you like my boobs, don't you baby." "oooohh yeees sister, they feel and look great."

"see how hard you made my nipples by doing that?" she took one of her nipples and pulled it upwards and then let it back down, repeating the action several times. It was now bigger and harder then the other one. " i lowered my face on to one and started to suck on it.she placed her hand on my head and ran her fingers through my hair, letting out little moans of contentment. "ooohh yeea baby, let your tongue roll over them. It feels sooo fucking nice."

She was getting herself really sexed up judging from the eagerness she was rubbing her clit. I let go of her nipple and knelt in front of her as she continued to masturbate. Ooohh baby, put your mouth over my wet clitty and lick it. Do it just like you did to my nipples. Take it in your mouth and suck on it. I gingerly placed my mouth over her clitty. It was as big and hard as her nipples. My tongue made contact with it and i felt siter give a shudder. It actually tasted quite sweet to my surprise and i enjoyed the feeling of it in my mouth.

"ooohh baby, that is sooo beautiful, aaahhhh yeees, lick and fuck your sooo naughty sister.
"baby, stand up. I want to see your cock shoot its load. Stand between my legs."

I was getting very close and felt my spunk surfacing. "yea baby, i want you to shoot your spunk all into me. So now cover me with your spunk." with that, she leaned back in her chair running her hands over her body. Pushing her boob's together, lifting her hard nipples into the air . I pushed my cock into her aaaahh baby, i feel that cock touching my womb.

I could no longer wait and started fucking faster and faster and sooner my cock erupted. It was just as powerful as that day when i was watching her in the bath and i was able to shoot it a long way and let it get soaked up on the dry ground. Now i watched it land into sister. Squirt after squirt of thick globules shot down on her. Yes, i was getting some perverse satisfaction out of it.." she was whimpering, "aaaahh my baby you've got soooo much spunk in you, you fill my cunt up with it, i wanted to plunge my cock into her and before i could, she pushed her dildo back up her.

"baby i'm shoving your spunk into me, oooohhh it's making me cum, ooohhh fuck yeees, your spunk is making me cum, oooohhh fuuuck, oooooh ........... Ooohh ............" her whole body shook fiercely. I knelt back in front of her and saw her cunt juices gushing out . I leaned forward and put my mouth over her cunt. Her swollen cuntlips in my mouth and letting her juices ooze into my mouth. She had calmed down a bit, but i still had my mouth over her cunt. I wanted to drink every bit of her sweet juices. "baby, you sure are something special. I love you soooo deeply, i want us to be together forever." 

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